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2019 ENRTF Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

2019 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Proposals Received

For the FY 2020 and FY 2021 biennium (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021), approximately $59 million* is available each year for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. As of April 11, 2018, the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) received 273 proposals requesting a total of approximately $191 million. This RFP process is for funding beginning July 1, 2019.

LCCMR reviews and evaluates all proposals against their 10 adopted evaluation criteria. On June 5, members selected a subset of 110 high-ranking proposals to invite for presentation before the LCCMR on June 19, 20, 21, 26 and 27 in order to receive further consideration. On July 17-18, LCCMR then makes final selection and funding allocation decisions. These selected projects are presented to the 2019 Minnesota Legislature as the official LCCMR recommendations for spending from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

*to be revised after June 30, 2018

Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information and important process dates.

Visit the 2019 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Click here for print-ready list of 2019 proposals received - listed by category with project summaries (20-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2019 proposals received - listed by category without project summaries (17-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2019 proposals presenting - listed by category with project summaries (12-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2019 proposals presenting - listed by category without project summaries (9-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the "ENRTF ID #" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Selected to Present ENRTF ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 27 Proposals / Subtotal - $20,279,405)
X 001-A Carlson Bruce Minnesota Biological Survey - Continuation MN DNR $2,987,000
X 002-A Lusardi Barbara Minnesota Geological Survey Geologic Atlases for Water Resource Management U of MN - MN Geological Survey $4,121,625
X 003-A Davis Mike Restoring Native Mussels in Streams and Lakes MN DNR $735,981
X 004-A Texler Hannah Minnesotas Ecological Monitoring Network - Continuation MN DNR $696,004
X 005-A Etterson Matthew Mercury and PFAS Risk to Minnesota Raptors Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory $282,093
X 006-A Johnson Lucinda Optimizing Minnesotas Forest Products and Ecosystem Services U of MN - Duluth $789,649
X 007-A Nordquist Gerda Wild Bee Surveys in Minnesotas Forest Habitats MN DNR $636,044
X 008-A Sindt Tony Phase-II: Enhancing Understanding of the Minnesota River Ecosystem MN DNR $598,241
  009-A Cornett Meredith An Integrated Statewide Forest Monitoring System for Minnesota The Nature Conservancy $371,000
X 010-A Kloiber Steve A Better System for Wetland Inventory Data Stewardship MN DNR $291,000
  011-A Rao Sujaya Conserving Monarch Butterflies: Habitat Assessment and Citizen Engagement U of MN $380,067
X 012-A Reavie Euan Conserving Lake Trout in Minnesota U of MN - Duluth $782,549
  013-A Stapleton Seth Conserving Minnesotas Nine Species of Freshwater Turtles Minnesota Zoo $333,000
X 014-A Andersen David Minnesota Trumpeter Swan Migration Ecology and Conservation U of MN $414,372
X 015-A Nordquist Gerda Minnesotas Imperiled Bats - Protecting the Survivors MN DNR $208,331
X 016-A Ponder Julia Spruce Grouse: Sentinels for Boreal Forest Connectivity U of MN $361,630
  017-A McClannahan Valerie Community Tree Canopy Assessment and Diversity Survey MN DNR $914,447
X 018-A Wolf Tiffany Next Step in Helping Minnesota's Moose: Understand Brainworm Transmission to Find Solutions U of MN $434,186
  019-A Dumke Josh Tagged Trout Explain if Beaver Dams Stop Fish U of MN - Duluth $389,874
  020-A Duncan Nancy Data Visualization Tool for Minnesota Riverbed Habitat National Park Service $509,231
X 021-A Roy Charlotte Grasslands, Grazing, and Greater Prairie-chickens: Testing Trade-offs MN DNR $392,065
  022-A Feng Xue Mapping Climate and Insect Threats for Minnesota Pines U of MN $339,474
  023-A Barker Keith Malaria in Migrant and Resident Birds of Minnesota U of MN $417,544
  024-A Kimball Jennifer Wild Rice Conservation: Building a Genetic Resource Database U of MN $296,000
X 025-A McCann Nicholas Mapping Habitat Use and Disease of Urban Carnivores U of MN $657,159
  026-A Fritz Charles RRB Seamless Foundational Geospatial Data Initiative International Water Institute $559,860
X 027-A Arends Heather Accelerated Aggregate Resource Mapping MN DNR $1,380,979
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 20 Proposals / Subtotal - $3,443,394)
X 028-AH Shaw Dan Minnesota Restoration Mapping and Pollinator Protection Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources $199,898
X 029-AH Smith Erik Protecting Minnesota's Cold-Water Fish into the Future USGS $168,760
X 030-AH Moen Ron City Bats and Country Bats - Whats the difference? U of MN - Duluth $200,000
X 031-AH Hansen Gretchen Walleye Habitat Status to Guide and Prioritize Management MN DNR $198,784
X 032-AH Moen Ron Artificial Den Boxes for Fishers U of MN - Duluth $190,000
  033-AH Wittkop Chad Influences of Glacial Sediment Chemistry on Water Quality Minnesota State University - Mankato $199,244
X 034-AH Andersen David Red-headed Woodpeckers: Indicators of Oak Savanna Health U of MN $171,000
X 035-AH Hall Kristin Implementing Conservation Plans for Avian Species of Concern Audubon Minnesota $124,500
  036-AH Windels Steve Use Existing Data on Beaver Populations to Improve Management Outcomes in Minnesota Voyageurs National Park $196,900
  037-AH Severud William Finding Fawns Based on GPS-Collared Deer Movement U of MN $138,540
X 038-AH Bump Joseph Aquatic Habitats for Moose and Enhanced Lake Foodwebs U of MN $199,600
X 039-AH Kipfmueller Kurt Foundational Ecological Information for Tribal Fire Management U of MN $182,860
  040-AH Reschke Carol Characterizing St. Louis River Estuary Aquatic Habitats U of MN - Duluth $198,000
  041-AH Mosiman Garrett Comprehensive Environmental Building Site Design Using GIS Mapping U of MN $195,000
  042-AH Schilling Jonathan Data Foundations to Enable Open Research at Itasca U of MN $140,000
  043-AH Sessoms Florence Assessing the Legacy of Minnesotan Urban Ecosystem Services U of MN $72,675
  044-AH Forbes DJ Understanding Recreational Access: Lower St. Croix Pilot The Trust for Public Land $141,000
  045-AH Swanson Jacob Aircraft Noise Pollution MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Minnesota State University - Mankato $192,544
X 046-AH Veraguth Patrick Improving Statewide GIS Data by Restoring the PLS Minnesota Association of County Surveyors $135,250
  047-AH Yang Zixuan Mapping and Mitigation of Strong Winds in Cities U of MN $198,839
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 52 Proposals / Subtotal - $25,281,282)
X 048-B Arnold William Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Occurrence And Influence on Algal Blooms U of MN $356,000
X 049-B Arnold William Benign Design: Environmental Studies Leading to Sustainable Pharmaceuticals U of MN $415,300
X 050-B Babcock Laura Wastewater Nutrient Reduction through Industrial Source Reduction Assistance U of MN $278,000
X 051-B Schreiner Kathryn Quantifying Microplastics in Minnesotas Inland Aquatic Ecosystems U of MN - Duluth $277,419
X 052-B Novak Paige Outstate Wastewater: Improving Nitrogen Removal in Treatment Ponds U of MN $402,033
X 053-B Novak Paige Stimulating Bacteria to Degrade Chlorinated Industrial Contaminants U of MN $252,884
X 054-B Hozalski Raymond Improving Drinking Water for Minnesotans through Pollution Prevention U of MN $345,778
X 055-B Simcik Matt Protecting Minnesota Waters by Removing Contaminants from Wastewater U of MN $345,877
  056-B Filstrup Christopher Satellite Tracking of Harmful Algal Blooms in Lakes U of MN - Duluth $466,987
X 057-B Elias Mikael Harnessing Minnesota's Biological Resources for Cleaner Waters U of MN $388,000
X 058-B Kyser Scott Reducing Municipal Wastewater Mercury Pollution to Lake Superior Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $297,000
  059-B Berg Jim Understanding Groundwater Flow, Central Arrowhead, County Geologic Atlas MN DNR $435,966
  060-B Carlson Erin Dangers of Nanoparticles on Aquatic Health U of MN $494,075
X 061-B Hillmyer Marc Membranes for Removing Toxic Metals from Mining Wastewater U of MN $449,203
X 062-B Hu Bo Phytoremediation for Extracting Deicing Salt from Roadside Soils U of MN $360,231
X 063-B Valentas Kenneth Removing Phosphorous from Draintile Water Discharge- Phase II U of MN $398,000
X 064-B Barney Brett Transformation of Plastic Waste into a Valued Resource U of MN $308,000
  065-B Ishii Satoshi Outstate Wastewater: Low-Cost and Efficient Nutrient Removal Technology U of MN $275,000
X 066-B Norris Doug Improving Wetland and Groundwater Management Through Hydrologic Monitoring MN DNR $573,661
X 067-B Gulliver John Eliminating Nitrate in Drain Tile Runoff U of MN $398,623
  068-B Pennington Derric Evaluating Public and Private Benefits of Ag-Water Certification World Wildlife Fund, Inc. $349,486
  069-B Barney Brett Harnessing What's Within: Minimizing Nitrogen Pollution through Localization U of MN $290,000
  070-B Downing John Forecasting Lake Superior Water Level and Community Security U of MN - Duluth $329,687
  071-B Bushley Kathryn Enriching Native Fungi to Control Aquatic Phosphorus Pollution U of MN $356,000
X 072-B Fuchs Dennis Accelerating Perennial Crop Production to Prevent Nitrate Leaching Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District $448,905
  073-B Trost Jared A Rapid, Mobile Vertical Groundwater Nitrate Sampling System USGS $297,900
  074-B Penn Lee Storing Sulfide Safely at MN Mining Sites U of MN $536,161
  075-B Donato Justin Combatting Antibiotic Resistance Through Bacterial Signal Manipulation University of St. Thomas $444,865
X 076-B Olander Keith Farm-Ready Cover Crops for Protecting Water Quality Central Lakes College - Ag and Energy Center $741,184
X 077-B Nieber John Setting Realistic Nitrate BMP Goals in Southeast Minnesota U of MN $444,000
  078-B Hondzo Miki Enhanced Nitrogen Removal in Minnesota's Watersheds U of MN $408,277
  079-B Ruan Roger Converting Concentrated Wastewaters to Fertilizers and Clean Water U of MN $842,000
  080-B Cui Tianhong Small Sensor Networks for Water Monitoring (Phase II) U of MN $980,758
  081-B Heger Sara Testing Filter Removal of Microfibers for Water Quality U of MN $320,936
X 082-B Smith Tim Evaluating Long-Term Success of Wetland Hydrology Restoration Board of Water and Soil Resources $294,662
  083-B Proctor Beth Assessment of Toxic-Algae/Phosphorus/E. coli Entering Minneopa State Park Minnesota State University - Mankato $327,253
  084-B Wilson Melissa Protecting Water Quality with Comprehensive, Integrated Nutrient Planning U of MN $1,721,159
X 085-B Almendinger James The Future of Groundwater Supply Science Museum of Minnesota $280,000
  086-B Hamilton Trinity Double Trouble: Blooms, Invasive Mussels and Lake Health U of MN $576,279
  087-B Twine Tracey Sustaining Fresh Water Resources while Producing Healthy Crops U of MN $496,988
  088-B Sterner Robert Pathways of Human Impact in Lake Superior U of MN - Duluth - Large Lakes Observatory $568,470
  089-B Ziegeweid Jeffrey Assessing Algal Toxins in Fish from Minnesota Lakes USGS $350,000
  090-B Current Dean Sustainable, Integrated Food Waste Treatment and Utilization U of MN $1,076,000
  091-B Kang Peter Quantifying Water Exchange Between Groundwater and Surface Water U of MN $478,276
  092-B Missaghi Shahram Mobilizing Minnesota Communities to Fight Proliferating Toxic Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) U of MN $513,179
  093-B Bramburger Andrew Rapid Detection of Algal Toxins in Minnesota Lakes U of MN - Duluth $599,051
  094-B Roberson Glen Southeast Minnesota Cover Crop and Soil Health Implementation SE SWCD Technical Support Joint Powers Board $806,540
  095-B Slesak Robert Maintaining Supply of Clean Water from Working Forests U of MN $288,000
  096-B Shannon Laura Protecting Ground Water from Nitrogen in Potato Production U of MN $798,070
X 097-B Goehring Julie Reducing Nitrate Harm in the Red River Basin Red River Basin Commission $225,749
  098-B Musser Kimberly Minnesota River Basin: Point-Nonpoint Water Quality Trading Minnesota State University - Mankato - Water Resources Center $399,634
  099-B Johnson David State Park Waste Water Systems Condition Assessments MN DNR $1,173,776
B. Water Resources
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 19 Proposals / Subtotal - $3,447,370)
X 100-BH Ulrich Jason Repurposing Unprofitable Cropland: Water and Wildlife's Silver Bullet? Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Croix Watershed Research Station $199,618
X 101-BH Chun Chanlan Evaluating Locally-Sourced Sanding Materials for Road Salt Reduction U of MN - Duluth $162,445
X 102-BH Putzier Paul Minnesota Spring Inventory Final Phase MN DNR $71,000
X 103-BH Cai Meijun Using Local Iron Byproducts to Remove Surface-water Phosphorus U of MN - Duluth $195,216
  104-BH Bramburger Andrew Fake Food: Man-made Materials in Aquatic Food Webs U of MN - Duluth $199,698
  105-BH Smanski Michael New Technology for Removing Mercury from Minnesota Waters U of MN $199,000
X 106-BH Dickhart Andrew Citizen-Aided Carp Management: Overcoming Roadblocks to Lake Restoration Carver County Water Mangement Organization (CCWMO) $106,151
  107-BH Gutknecht Jessica Identifying Grassland Plant Mixes to Reduce Nitrate Pollution U of MN $197,646
  108-BH Janke Benjamin Shallow Waters: Road Salt Impairment and Mitigation Potential U of MN $196,720
  109-BH Kozarek Jessica Assessing Chloride Hot spots near native mussel beds U of MN $200,000
  110-BH Lee Sungyon Plastic Debris Remediation in the Great Lakes U of MN $199,979
  111-BH Knoll Lesley Warmer Winter Effects on Water Quality and Fish U of MN $177,911
  112-BH Jones Perry Are Metal Concentrations in Kawishiwi Waters Above Standards? USGS $174,268
  113-BH Guala Michele Simulating and Exploring Drought Scenarios at Reduced Scale U of MN $199,640
  114-BH Ebtehaj Ardeshir Minnesota Weather Smart Irrigation System for Water Conservation U of MN $198,766
  115-BH Shen Lian Map and Monitor Turbidity in Minnesota Water Bodies U of MN $197,012
X 116-BH Nemmers Troy Spring Biological Nitrate Removal to Protect Drinking Water City of Fairmont $175,000
  117-BH Trappe Jon Reducing Nitrogen Inputs and Loss in Minnesota Lawns U of MN $197,376
  118-BH Hu Bo Electrochemical Process to Protect Sewer System from Sulfide U of MN $199,924
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 17 Proposals / Subtotal - $8,771,388)
X 119-C Hamilton Patrick Water Lab: Engaging Minnesotans in Water Quality Challenges Science Museum of Minnesota $830,000
X 120-C Mercer-Taylor Beth GreenStep Schools: Statewide Program, 20 School District Pilot U of MN $992,959
X 121-C Grilley Dorian Environmental Learning by Bicycle for Ages 8-80 Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota $393,000
X 122-C Jones Isiah Camp Sunrise: Respect Self, Others and the Environment YouthCARE MN $237,000
X 123-C Legato Denise Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers: Fellowships, Internships, Mentorships MN DNR $250,000
X 124-C Knopf Chris Connecting Over 11,000 Students to the Boundary Waters Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness $783,135
  125-C Fleischman Forrest Plugging Knowledge Gaps for Sustainable Forest Management U of MN $300,000
  126-C Finlay Jacques Enhancing Water Quality Education with Inquiry and Research U of MN $279,684
  127-C Carlson Stephan 1000 Citizen Scientists Collect Phenological Data Statewide U of MN Extension $224,000
  128-C Blair Robert Driven to Discover: Implementing Citizen Science in Classrooms U of MN $262,314
  129-C Blair Robert Incubating Citizen Science at the University of Minnesota U of MN $1,706,203
  130-C Simer Kurt YMCA BOLD & GOLD Youth Leadership Environmental Education YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities $507,990
  131-C Briscoe Runquist Ryan Connecting All Minnesotans with Science and Scientists U of MN $277,800
  132-C Pachuta Emma Neighborhoods Sustained: Multimodal Education in Metro Suburbs Transit for Livable Communities and St. Paul Smart Trips $756,793
  133-C Onufer Judy Race 2 Reduce: A Minnesota Water Resource Education Curriculum H2O for Life $205,670
  134-C Henke Bill Northwest Minnesota Partners Unite to Grow Eco-system Stewards Friends of Tamarac NWR $214,840
  135-C Hartman Jay Green Sustainability Walk - St. Anthony Village City of St. Anthony Village $550,000
C. Environmental Education
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 24 Proposals / Subtotal - $3,272,656)
  136-CH Lutsky Karen A North Shore Community-Engaged Forest Landscape Laboratory U of MN $199,000
  137-CH Liu Donald Teaching Sustainability through an Economics Lens Minnesota Council on Economic Education $138,552
  138-CH Zanko Lawrence The Natural Resources Literacy Initiative U of MN - Duluth $194,485
  139-CH Potter Caitlin Water-Focused Education Across Rural and Urban Communities U of MN - Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve $190,000
  140-CH Woods David Youth Conservation and Stewardship Training Lab Urban Roots $198,478
  141-CH Blair Robert Minnesota Master Naturalist at the Bell Museum U of MN $173,422
  142-CH Kraus Alan A Farm Laboratory for Environmental Studies Cannon River Watershed Partnership $199,900
X 143-CH Hammes Mary Mississippi National River & Recreation Area Forest Restoration Mississippi Park Connection $199,500
  144-CH Daniels Lisa 4-H and Renewable Energy: Growing Young Leaders Windustry $199,950
  145-CH Musser Kimberly Slow the Flow in the Minnesota River Basin Minnesota State University - Mankato - Water Resources Center $160,318
  146-CH Scholl Laura Citizen-Based Boulevard Bioswales Installation during Ash Tree Replacement Metro Blooms $198,600
  147-CH Pedelty Mark Watershed: Arts-Based Education in Minnesota's State Parks U of MN $84,926
  148-CH Moen Sharon Inventing Tools and Technologies to Improve Water Quality U of MN - Duluth $136,433
  149-CH Johnson Margaret Middle Fork Crow River: Appreciate, Clean, Learn, Connect Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District $12,968
  150-CH Mohan Ned Converting UMNs Sustainable-Electricity Course for Two-Year Community Colleges U of MN $96,956
  151-CH Ohmans Patricia 1,000 Trees for Frogtown: Restoring Inner City Canopy Frogtown Green $88,350
  152-CH Meagher Thomas Owatonna ESTEM Middle School: Makoce Ohoda Outdoor Classroom Owatonna Public Schools $26,475
  153-CH Allen Gregg Environmental Education Through the Generations Ages 5-105 Mesabi East Schools ISD 2711 $199,908
  154-CH Doll Phil Discover the Prairie Outreach Campaign Becker SWCD $190,100
  155-CH Cadieux Valentine Urban Food Habitat Signs and Curriculum Delivery Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust $53,175
  156-CH Aukema Brian Introducing Minnesotas Resource Professionals to Global Pest Experts U of MN $19,400
  157-CH Berg Christa Establish an Environmental Education Activity Center in Coleraine ISD 316 $81,800
  158-CH Chapman Rick Expanding Minnesota Clean Marina Initiative to Protect Waters Minnesota Clean Marina $200,000
  159-CH Swanson Jacob 'Solarize your House' Modeling Activities for K12 Minnesota State University - Mankato $29,960
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 8 Proposals / Subtotal - $17,805,123)
X 160-D Phelps Nicholas Building Knowledge and Capacity to Solve AIS Problems U of MN $5,000,000
X 161-D Chandler Monika Elimination of Target Invasive Plant Species Transition Phase Minnesota Department of Agriculture $772,871
X 162-D Frohnauer Nick Invasive Carp Acoustic Deterrence Field Trial at Lock19 MN DNR $300,000
  163-D McClannahan Valerie Communities and Citizens Manage Ash for EAB MN DNR $3,246,610
  164-D Huinker Dane Boat Cleaning Stations and Education Prevent AIS Spread Wildlife Forever $7,378,575
  165-D McCartney Michael Genetic Analysis of Spiny Water Flea Invasion Sources U of MN $337,942
  166-D Elias Mikael Ecological Coatings to Mitigate Proliferation and Spread of Invasive Species U of MN $401,000
  167-D McCartney Michael Zebra Mussel Genetic Biocontrol: Methods and Public Engagement U of MN $368,125
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 6 Proposals / Subtotal - $960,072)
X 168-DH Ambourn Angie Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Phase2: Monitoring & Biocontrol Minnesota Department of Agriculture $188,707
X 169-DH Montgomery Rebecca Suppressing Reed Canary Grass with Native Plants U of MN $191,000
  170-DH Dunning Robert Using Artificial Intelligence for Noxious Weed Detection Stearns County $89,005
  171-DH Hansel Ilena Cook County Invasive Species Project Cook SWCD $200,000
  172-DH Kramar David Mitigating Non-Native Plant Encroachment in Minnesota's Prairie Grasslands Minnesota State University - Moorhead $191,360
X 173-DH McLennan Helen Oak Wilt Suppression at Northern Edge Morrison Soil & Water Conservation District $100,000
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 16 Proposals / Subtotal - $11,944,279)
X 174-E Edlund Mark When the Dust Settles: Pristine Lakes are Changing Science Museum of Minnesota $696,667
  175-E Cui Tianhong Cheap Efficient Reactor to Remove Toxic Organic Compounds U of MN $728,365
X 176-E Northrop Will Development of Clean Energy Storage Systems for Farms U of MN - WROC $994,224
  177-E Sarkanen Simo Plastics from Unused Lignin in Plants and Trees U of MN $998,000
  178-E Randolph Jimmy Grid-Scale Geologic Energy Storage in MN: Earth Battery TerraCOH, Inc $315,250
  179-E Anderson Ellen Community-Scale Energy Storage Guide for Renewable Energy U of MN $637,305
  180-E Holmes Russell Practical, Inexpensive, and Non-Toxic Solar Cells U of MN $479,409
  181-E Monson Geerts Stephen Fugitive Mineral Dust Baseline Air Quality Project U of MN - Duluth $600,000
X 182-E Heins Bradley Optimization of a Net-Zero Dairy System U of MN - WROC $876,706
  183-E Ruan Roger Instant On-Demand Nitrogen Fixation (iONF) from Air U of MN $1,352,000
  184-E Goodnough Troy Harvesting Hidden Clean Energy from Wastewater Systems U of MN - Morris $408,694
  185-E Chan Gabriel Support Tools for Facilitating Renewable Energy Choice U of MN $243,232
X 186-E O'Day Vicki White Earth Nation Community Solar for Community Action Rural Renewable Energy Alliance $572,702
  187-E Brown Karl Using Solar Resources to Create Student Scholarship Funds Minnesota Coalition of Residential Environmental Learning Centers/Mounds View Public Schools $1,800,000
  188-E Sleezer Robert Self-Cleaning Solar Cell Coatings in Minnesota Minnesota State University - Mankato $381,205
  189-E Soholt Beth Advancing Renewable Energy through Education and Community Engagement Wind on the Wires $860,520
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 9 Proposals / Subtotal - $1,459,944)
X 190-EH Pappenfus Ted Sustainable Solar Energy from Agricultural Plant Byproducts U of MN - Morris $185,018
  191-EH Randolph Jimmy Novel Combined Solar Thermal-Geothermal Heat Pump System Juneberry $168,000
  192-EH Mohan Ned Showcasing Carbon-Neutral, Energy-Positive Transformation of an Occupied House U of MN $66,532
  193-EH Berman Jesse Associations Between Extreme Weather and Harmful Vector Populations U of MN $199,531
  194-EH Mohan Ned Enhancing Renewables Utilizing Generators of Retiring Coal Powerplants U of MN $183,301
  195-EH Park Sung Goon Wind Plants Interaction with Local Climate in Minnesota U of MN $199,584
X 196-EH Hill Blaine Modeling Energy and Environmental Roadmaps for Minnesota Communities City of Morris $199,995
  197-EH Rog April Diverting Prepared Food from Landfills, Reducing Greenhouse Gases Second Harvest Heartland $65,000
  198-EH Droessler Bill Clean Air Assistance Project (CAAP) Environmental Initiative $192,983
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 32 Proposals / Subtotal - $31,905,432)
X 199-F Aukema Brian Eastern Larch Beetle is Decimating Minnesotas Tamarack Forests U of MN $382,000
X 200-F Reinikainen Mike Evaluating Forestry Tools for Conserving Minnesotas Tamarack Forest MN DNR $864,436
  201-F Montgomery Rebecca Sustaining One Million Acres of Minnesota Pine Forest U of MN $420,000
X 202-F Runquist Erik Saving Endangered Pollinators through Data-Driven Prairie Restoration Minnesota Zoo $977,813
  203-F Petersen Jessica Evaluating Ecological Benefits of Prairie Plan Restorations MN DNR $534,468
X 204-F Galatowitsch Susan Ensuring High-Quality Restoration Outcomes in Minnesota U of MN $529,102
X 205-F Main Rylee Restoring the Upper Mississippi River at Lake Pepin Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance $525,000
  206-F Taylor Carrie Minnesota Rare Plant Salvage Anoka Sand Plain Pilot Anoka Conservation District $357,788
X 207-F Hernandezs Daniel Comparison of Burning and Haying for Prairie Restoration Carleton College $338,111
  208-F Patelke Marsha Minnesota By-products Recycled to Sustainable Designed Soil U of MN - Duluth $448,964
  209-F Buck Wiley Restoration, Engagement, Soil Health: St Cloud, Twin Cities Great River Greening $2,180,000
X 210-F Etterson Julie Forest Regeneration: Right Seed in the Right Place? U of MN - Duluth $476,336
  211-F Haines Dustin Does Native Seed Farming Reduce Prairie Restoration Sucess? U of MN - Duluth $449,962
X 212-F Feeken Neal Conserving Minnesota's Best Prairie Habitats and Rarest Species The Nature Conservancy $1,261,500
X 213-F Zamora Diomy Promoting and Restoring Oak Savanna Using Silvopasture U of MN $1,270,910
  214-F Lenhart Christian Innovative Strategies to Re-Introduce Wood into Driftless Area Streams The Nature Conservancy $317,300
  215-F Shen Lian Evaluation and Improvement of Aeration in Lakes U of MN $312,228
  216-F Huckett Steven Protecting Drinking Water Sources: 2,000ac in Mississippi Headwaters Great River Greening $1,396,950
  217-F Salomon Christine Protecting Minnesota Birch by Sustainable Chaga Cultivation U of MN $385,232
  218-F Peterson Daryl Piping Plovers and Common Terns: Critical Habitat Restoration Minnesota Land Trust $1,243,500
  219-F Shen Lian Use Floating Mini-Islands for Wetland Restoration U of MN $312,228
  220-F Albright Bruce Stony Creek Stream and Habitat Restoration Project Buffalo-Red River Watershed District $1,750,000
X 221-F Tuominen Todd Elm Creek Stream Restoration Phase IV Final City of Champlin $858,650
  222-F Sykora Justin Woodland Restoration Project The Belwin Conservancy $227,000
  223-F Christenson Scott Restoring 430 acres of the Panicum Prairie WMA Shell Rock River Watershed District $650,000
  224-F Kaproth Matthew State of the Prairies: Assessing Public-Private Land Management Minnesota State University - Mankato $337,055
X 225-F Brethorst Michael Sauk River Dam Removal and Rock Rapids Replacement City of Melrose $2,768,000
  226-F McClannahan Valerie Serving Community Forests by Assisting Low-Income Homeowners MN DNR $415,024
  227-F Dorothy Olivia Mississippi Gorge Restoration Study American Rivers $503,295
  228-F Kinney Mike Using Economic Analysis to Repair the Sunrise River Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District $575,000
  229-F Drown Bryan Restoration of Norway Brook Connectivity to the Pine River by Removal of Norway Lake Dam City of Pine River $2,200,000
  230-F McCarty Michael Water Quality Mitigation Project City of Mankato $7,104,000
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 16 Proposals / Subtotal - $2,511,544)
X 231-FH Jordan Nicholas Supporting Pollinators and Prairie Restorations with Beneficial Fungi U of MN $187,362
X 232-FH Zlonis Katharine Conservation and Monitoring of Minnesota's Rare Arctic Plants U of MN - Duluth $135,541
  233-FH Lynch Michael Develop Forest Management Methods that Enhance Bird Habitat Forest Stewards Guild $197,337
  234-FH Noe Ryan Cost-Effective Environmental Protection by Predicting Land Use Change U of MN $199,420
  235-FH Dee Laura Cooperatively Improving Minnesotas Remnant Prairies through Adaptive Management U of MN $199,038
  236-FH Daub Betsy Integrated Research and Restoration in Prairie and Forest Friends of the Mississippi River $150,583
X 237-FH Merkord Christopher Combating Woody Encroachment with Grazing after Mechanical Clearing Minnesota State University - Moorhead $199,704
  238-FH Johnson Margaret Farming for Water Quality: Implementation, Education, & Documentation Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District $97,321
  239-FH Thompson Ann Improving Stream Restoration Designs to Prevent Project Failures South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District $140,000
  240-FH LaBarre Tom Friends of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge Wetland Restorations Friends of Tamarac $80,500
  241-FH Yang Zixuan Shoreline Erosion Control Using Aquatic Plants U of MN $199,019
  242-FH Cadieux Valentine Promoting Environmental Urban Agriculture Hamline University $59,280
  243-FH Bendorf Doug City of Staples Street Sweeper Mitigate Wetlands Contamination City of Staples $191,775
  244-FH Wiegrefe Susan Restoring Tree Cover and Diversity to Houston Streets City of Houston $83,080
  245-FH Deng Bingqing Prediction of Ice Shove in Lakes in Minnesota U of MN $199,584
  246-FH O'Keefe Pete Keep Usable Building Materials Out of Minnesota Landfills Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Inc. $192,000
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 25 Proposals / Subtotal - $59,448,660)
X 247-G Schulte Judy DNR Scientific and Natural Areas MN DNR $5,758,000
X 248-G Mularie Audrey Grants for Local Parks, Trails and Natural Areas MN DNR $3,000,000
X 249-G Christie Jennifer Minnesota State Parks and State Trails In-Holdings MN DNR $5,000,000
X 250-G Schulte Judy Native Prairie Bank Conservation Easements and Landowner Assistance MN DNR $3,828,000
X 251-G Skaar Kent Minnesota State Trails Development MN DNR $8,750,000
X 252-G Heggerston Leah National Loon Center: State Bird Survival and Protection National Loon Center Foundation $4,000,000
X 253-G Stewart Nancy Accessible Fishing Piers MN DNR $320,000
X 254-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail Extensions St. Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $5,150,000
  255-G Perry Vanessa Reviving a Camp for North Minneapolis Youth Minnesota Land Trust $1,373,000
X 256-G Kennedy Tim Britton Peak to Lutsen Mountains Mountain Bike Trail Superior Cycling Association $350,000
X 257-G Geissler John Preserving the Avon Hills with Reverse-Bidding Easements Saint Johns University $2,410,500
X 258-G Forbes DJ Turning Back to Rivers: Creating Recreation Opportunities The Trust for Public Land $4,792,500
X 259-G Greedy Ross Restoration of Winona's Prairie Island City of Winona $352,201
  260-G Henderson Scott Sauk River Watershed Habitat Protection and Wetland Restoration Sauk River Watershed District $2,247,520
  261-G Lantry Tom Lake Vermilion Trail Phase 1: Tower Connection Lake Vermilion Trail Joint Powers Board $1,814,000
  262-G Gautreaux Sherril Rainy Lake Recreational Access and Boat Wash Station City of Ranier $511,710
  263-G Berg Anita Purchasing 316 acres for Conservation and Agriculture Education The Food Group $1,500,000
X 264-G Bissonette Cathy Birch Lake Recreation Area Campground City of Babbitt $700,000
X 265-G See-Benes Britt Bailey Lake Trail and Fishing Pier City of Virginia $681,000
X 266-G Lammers Julie Vergas Long Lake Trail City of Vergas $291,111
  267-G Roepke Scott Cannon Valley Trail Erosion Control/Water Quality Improvements Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board $1,586,200
  268-G Hasbargen Bruce Construct Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Near Pennington, MN Beltrami County & Lady Slipper Scenic Byway, Inc. $600,000
X 269-G Miller Ryan Glacial Edge Trail and Downtown Pedestrian Bridge City of Fergus Falls $602,918
X 270-G DeFrang Brian Winona's 1st Recreation Bridge over Highway 61 City of Winona $3,375,000
X 271-G Beste Bruce Crane Lake to Vermillion Falls Trail Voyageur Country ATV $455,000
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 1 Proposal / Subtotal - $191,000)
X 272-GH Caneff Denny Making the SHTs Big Bad Five Beautiful Again Superior Hiking Trail Association $191,000
I. Other
(RECEIVED: 1 Proposal / Subtotal - $135,000)
X 273-I Sherman-Hoehn Katherine Contract Agreement Reimbursement MN DNR $135,000
J. Other
(RECEIVED: 2 Proposals / Subtotal - $1,699,000)
X 274-J Mattson Nicole Unlocking the Science of Minnesota's Moose Decline Minnesota Zoo Conservation $199,000
X 275-J Putzier Paul County Geologic Atlases - Part B MN DNR $2,400,000

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