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Members List

LCCMR Members

Member Term Expires* Appointing Authority
Rep. Patty Acomb 12/31/24 House of Representatives
Rita Albrecht 12/31/24 Governor
Rep. Jeff Backer (Co-Vice Chair) 12/31/24 House of Representatives
Sen. Kari Dziedzic 12/31/24 Senate
William Faber (Co-Vice Chair) 12/31/25 Governor
Nancy Gibson (Co-Chair) 12/31/23 Governor
Sen. Steve Green (Co-Vice Chair) 12/31/24 Senate
Rep. Rick Hansen (Co-Chair) 12/31/24 House of Representativs
Sen. Foung Hawj (Co-Chair) 12/31/24 Senate
Rep. Josh Heintzeman 12/31/24 House of Representatives
Rep. Athena Hollins 12/31/24 House of Representatives
Shona Langseth 12/31/25 House of Representatives
Seth Moore 12/31/25 Governor
Sen. Kelly Morrison 12/31/24 Senate
Jeremy Peichel 12/31/24 Governor
Michael Reese 12/31/25 Senate
Sen. Torrey Westrom 12/31/24 Senate

List of Members (pdf file) (updated: 7/10/2023)

* Members continue to serve until replaced or reappointed.

Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR)

The Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) consists of 17 members who are appointed per M.S. 116P.05. Membership consists of:

  • 5 members of the Senate
  • 5 members of the House of Representatives
  • 5 public members appointed by the Governor
  • 1 public member appointed by the Senate
  • 1 public member appointed by the House of Representatives

The Executive Committee consists of the three co-chairs and three co-vice chairs.

There are currently no member vacancies. Further information is available on the LCCMR Member Vacancy Info page on the LCCMR website.

Those interested in serving on the Commission should visit the Secretary of State's Open Appointments web page.