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Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund - 2014 Proposals Received and Selected to Present - By Funding Priority Topic Areas

Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund - 2014 Proposals Received and Selected to Present - By Funding Priority Topic Areas

Below proposals are listed within funding priority topic areas in rank order based on preliminary staff evaluation.

In response to the 2014 Request for Proposal (RFP), due June 7, 2013, 192 proposals requesting a total of approximately $111.5 million were received. This RFP process is for funding available beginning July 1, 2014. For that period, approximately $29.6 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund is currently expected to be available to recommend for project funding.

The LCCMR reviewed, evaluated, and ranked all proposals received. On September 18, the LCCMR selected 94 proposals requesting a total of approximately $58.7 million to invite in for a presentation before the Commission for further consideration. Proposal presentations are scheduled for October 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, and 17.

This selection represents the first phase in narrowing the proposals received in response to the 2014 RFP into what will be recommended for funding to the 2014 Minnesota Legislature. Proposal presentations facilitate the LCCMR's next phase of consideration for reaching a decision on October 23 and 24 about which projects will be recommended.

Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information on important process dates.

Visit the 2014 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Note About Proposal Listings
All proposals received in response to the 2014 RFP are listed below. Proposals that were selected on 09/18/13 to present before the Commission and receive further consideration are indicated with an "X" in the left-most "Selected to Present" column.

Click here for print-ready list of 2014 Proposals received and selected to present to the LCCMR - listed by category and proposer last name with project summaries (24-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the proposal "ID #" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Selected to Present ENRTF ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 29 Proposals - $13,246,433 / PRESENTING: 17 Proposals - $8,977,667)
X 001-A Knight Joseph Mapping Landscapes for Better Land and Water Management U of MN $378,718
X 002-A DAmato Anthony Assess and Improve Ecological Health of Trust Lands U of MN $514,395
X 003-A Barker Keith Online Access to Minnesota's Biodiversity for Environmental Management U of MN $342,428
X 004-A Kozarek Jessica Conserving Minnesotas Freshwater Mussel Legacy: Quantifying Habitat Interactions U of MN $356,843
X 005-A Henderson Carrol Contaminants in Minnesotas Loons and Pelicans: Phase 2 MN DNR $259,936
X 006-A Nordquist Gerda Wild Bee Surveys in Prairie-Grassland Habitats MN DNR $370,736
  007-A Polasky Steve Clean Water Benefits Tool for Smarter Resource Investments U of MN $347,253
X 008-A Martell Mark Analyzing and sharing the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Audubon Minnesota $386,831
X 009-A Falteisek Jan State Spring Inventory for Resource Management and Protection MN DNR $875,746
X 010-A Kean Allan Drainage Records Modernization and Statewide GIS Database BWSR $730,000
X 011-A Larson Diane Impact of Grazing on Native Plants and Pollinators U.S. Geological Survey $465,457
  012-A Nielsen Kirsten Emerging Threats to Minnesotas Wildlife U of MN $874,447
X 013-A Nelson Jon Redesigned Updating of State and County Forest Inventories MN DNR $1,794,640
X 014-A Forester James Impacts of Forest Quality on Declining Minnesota Moose U of MN $394,496
  015-A Moen Ron Improving Stream Trout Habitat by Beaver Management U of MN - NRRI $219,755
X 016-A Larson Mike Moose Decline and Air Temperatures in Northeastern Minnesota MN DNR $743,648
X 017-A Runquist Erik Prairie Butterfly Conservation, Research and Breeding Program Minnesota Zoological Garden $638,439
  018-A Venturelli Paul A Smartphone Application to Benefit Anglers and Fish U of MN $138,229
X 019-A Andersen David Sandhill Crane Populations and Management in Minnesota U of MN $306,904
X 020-A Chayka Katy Expand the Minnesota Wildflowers Online Botanical Reference MN Wildflowers Information $222,450
  021-A Wilson Bruce Evaluating Clean Water Legacy: Has the Water Improved? U of MN $388,500
  022-A Moen Ron Improving Wildlife Habitat Analysis with Value-Added LiDAR U of MN - NRRI $230,428
X 023-A Ek Alan Restoring Long-Lost Forest Data and Extending Ecological Monitoring U of MN $196,000
  024-A Huseby Jay Wolf Research Red Lake Reservation (5,500 square miles) Red Lake Department of Natural Resources $404,535
  025-A Lehman Clarence New Data Directions for Understanding Our Natural Systems U of MN $253,000
  026-A D'Angelo Gino Movements and Seasonal Habitat Use of Minnesota Elk MN DNR $257,473
  027-A Enzler Sherry The Human Dimensions of Wolf Management U of MN $144,099
  028-A Hills Cheryal Region Five Development Commissions Sustainable Communities Initiative Region Five Development Commission $971,080
  029-A Wilmot Neil Economic Impact of Frac Sand Mining on Minnesota Labovitz School of Business and Economics $39,967
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 36 Proposals - $16,093,519 / PRESENTING: 18 Proposals - $8,742,492)
X 030-B Arnold William Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $338,000
X 031-B Novak Paige Wastewater Estrogen: Removal Options, Fish Abundance, and Cost U of MN $516,000
X 032-B LaPara Timothy Does Triclosan Create Super Bugs During Wastewater Treatment U of MN $382,000
X 033-B Novak Paige Protecting Bacteria from Contaminants to Preserve Water Quality U of MN $279,000
X 034-B Lorenz David Watershed Water Budgets for Managing Minnesota's Water U.S. Geological Survey $129,300
X 035-B Stark James Protecting the State's Confined Drinking-Water Aquifers U. S. Geological Survey $394,000
X 036-B Arnold William Water: Solar Driven Destruction of Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Contaminants U of MN $291,000
X 037-B Valentas Kenneth Removing Phosphorous and Endocrine Disruptors from our Waterways U of MN $493,000
X 038-B Alexander Scott Rain Water Reuse and Valuation Investigation U of MN $310,000
  039-B Martinovic Dalma Pharmaceuticals and Nitrogen Interact to Harm MN Fish/Ecosystems? St. Thomas University $269,000
X 040-B Cowdery Tim Measuring Hydrologic Benefits from Glacial Ridge habitat restoration Red Lake Watershed District $168,500
  041-B Sadowsky Michael Sources of Microbial Pollution in the Upper Mississippi River U of MN $690,972
  042-B Finlay Jacques Remote Sensing Characterization to Improve Water Quality Monitoring U of MN $207,000
  043-B Garono Ralph Will Superior Sediment Plumes Produce Harmful Algal Blooms? U of MN Duluth - Large Lakes Observatory $413,443
  044-B Hanson Mark Shallow Lakes: Assessing Quality and Predicting Future Change MN DNR $433,223
X 045-B Monson Bruce Identifying Causes of Exceptionally High Mercury in Fish MN Pollution Control Agency $2,700,869
X 046-B Engstrom Daniel Sedimental Journey: Watershed-Scale Monitoring of BMP Effectiveness Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Watershed Research Station $972,000
X 047-B Meschke Linda Demonstrating Farmer Led Conservation in Elm Creek Watershed Rural Advantage $460,360
X 048-B Illig Kurt Estrogen exposure analyses in Minnesotas Shallow Lake Wildlife St. Thomas Univesity $136,000
  049-B Pereira Donald Structured Decision Making for Mille Lacs Fisheries Management MN DNR $299,000
X 050-B Maciej Gerry Restoring Groundwater and Trout Habitat Through Irrigation Efficiencies Benton County Soil and Water Conservation District $490,649
X 051-B Strack Otto Small-scale Groundwater Sustainability Assessment U of MN $118,214
  052-B Baker Lawrence Enhanced Street Sweeping to Restore Nutrient-Impaired Lakes U of MN $474,536
  053-B Shen Lian Simulating Surface Flows to Inform Water Resources Management U of MN - St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $336,000
  054-B Enzler Sherry Achieving Clarity: Impacts of Agricultural Tiling and BMPs U of MN $849,877
  055-B McGuire Jennifer Does Water Contaminated with Oil Affect Your Hormones? St. Thomas University $233,089
  056-B Timm Anne Chemical Removal from Minnesota Lakes by Aquatic Plants USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station $346,334
  057-B Lewandowski Ann Protecting Water Quality in Northeast Minnesota Mining Areas U of MN $406,000
X 058-B Lewis Jeff Nutrient Capture Through Water Management and Biomass Harvesting Red River Basin Commission $478,500
  059-B Ryun Deb St. Croix Priorities and Conservation Action Plans St. Croix River Associaion $230,000
  060-B Fritz Charles WQExPertApp International Water Institute $882,500
  061-B Schoff Patrick Predicting Smallmouth Bass Exposure to Endocrine Active Compounds U of MN - NRRI $241,073
X 062-B Sparlin Scott Minnesota River Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality Friends of the Minnesota Valley $85,100
  063-B Gantzer Charles Quantifying Acrylamide Detoxification in Frac Sand Washwater Barr Engineering Company $174,560
  064-B Bartell Stephen Triclosan Occurrence and Bacterial Resistance in Minnesota Wastewater Normandale Community College $51,992
  065-B Wackett Lawrence Environmentally-Friendly Frac Sand Water Cleanup U of MN $812,428
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 31 Proposals - $11,906,429/ PRESENTING: 12 Proposals - $5,487,834)
X 066-C Gieseke Jenny Minnesota Conservation Apprenticeship Academy BWSR $392,000
  067-C Hamilton Patrick River Lab: Engaging Minnesotans in Water Quality Issues Science Museum of Minnesota $730,747
X 068-C Sierks William GreenStep Schools Program: School-based Environmental Education and Stewardship MN Pollution Control Agency $900,000
X 069-C Poppleton Kristen Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate Will Steger Foundation $413,860
  070-C Winkelman Jenny Reducing Salt Pollution Through Winter Maintenance Training Mississippi Watershed Management Organization $415,900
X 071-C Pederson Dave Youth-led Sustainability Initiatives in 40 Greater MN Communities Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center $397,000
X 072-C Holland Matt Minnesota Pollinator Partnership Pheasants Forever $104,600
X 073-C Moe Peter Bee Discovery Center at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum U of MN, Landscape Arboretum $615,279
X 074-C Lais Gregory Urban Environmental Education Engaging Students in Local Resources Wilderness Inquiry $1,093,000
  075-C Stevenson Anne Engaging Youth With Nature Through Mobile Technology U of MN $362,000
X 076-C Ponder Julia Raptor Lab: Online and Outdoors! U of MN $186,676
X 077-C Hanson Michele Building Bridges to a Diverse Natural Resources Community MN DNR $1,100,000
  078-C Corney Jeffrey Making a Splash in Water Resources Education U of MN $160,000
  079-C Liu Donald Integrating Environmental Education in Grade 3-12 Economics Curriculum Minnesota Council on Economic Education $96,816
X 080-C Henehan Brendan TV Documentary: The Great Mille Lacs Walleye Mystery Twin Cities Public Television $102,372
  081-C Griffin Elise Eco Educations Environmental Service-Learning Program Eco Education $90,000
  082-C Leguizamon Grant Zea Urban Youth-Led Ecological Regeneration Partnership Ce Tempoxcalli $208,200
X 083-C Gehrig Alex Reducing Lake Quality Impairments through Citizen Action Freshwater Society $59,375
  084-C Musser Kimberly Minnesota River Basin Water Quality Success Stories Minnesota State University, Mankato - Water Resources Center $135,871
  085-C Fredin Tracy Waters to the Sea: Rivers of Minnesota Hamline University - Center for Global Environmental Education $451,494
X 086-C Berus Darcy The Wolf At Our Door International Wolf Center $123,672
  087-C Moeller Megan Testing Triggers for Adopting Sustainable Water Practices City of Rochester $317,000
  088-C Backman Robert Red River "Living with a River" Interpretive Trail River Keepers $190,185
  089-C Svien Lawrence Demonstration Water Quality Protection Practices on Zumbro River Zumbro Watershed Partnership $413,934
  090-C Huelskamp Rich CREED - Energy Education Project CREED (Center for Renewable Energy Education and Demonstration) $148,500
  091-C Bozentko Kyle Citizen Input on Silica Sand Mining The Jefferson Center $99,672
  092-C Gibson James MN Agricultural Interpretive Center Energy Education Project MN Ag Interpretive Center - Farmamerica $160,000
  093-C Hanson Kipp Community Green Space Mapping Project Project Get Outdoors, Inc. $15,000
  094-C Sullivan Tom Wolf-Livestock Conflict Reduction Using Cost-Effective Non-Lethal Prevention Howling For Wolves $417,250
  095-C Kindem Cathy Trailblazers: District 196 Students Ensure Sustainable School Environments District 196 - Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan $1,876,026
  096-C Boysen Suzy Land Stewardship in Secondary Education River Bend Nature Center $130,000
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 14 Proposals - $12,797,634 / PRESENTING: 10 Proposals - $8,790,966)
X 097-D Sorensen Peter Blocking Asian Carp by Optimizing Lock and Dams U of MN $463,449
X 098-D Chandler Monika Biosurveillance and Biocontrol of EAB - Phase 2 MN Department of Agriculture $628,100
X 099-D Aukema Brian Mountain Pine Beetle: Invasive Threat to Minnesotas Pines U of MN $382,100
X 100-D Abrahamson Mark Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Monitoring and Biocontrol Evaluation MN Department of Agriculture $266,024
X 101-D Mensinger Allen Bioacoustics to Detect, Deter and Eliminate Flying Carp U of MN Duluth $262,907
X 102-D Hicks Randall Bacterial Biodiversity for Sustainable St. Louis River Estuary U of MN - Duluth $359,849
  103-D Delong Michael River Management Strategy Before Asian Carp Invasion Winona State University $279,868
X 104-D Robinson Stacie Minnesota Deers Risk of Invading Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease U of MN - College of Veterinary Medicine $135,847
  105-D Hibbard Calder Minnesotas Forest Invasives: Threats, Assessment and Recommendations Minnesota Forest Resources Council $308,000
X 106-D Pierce Ann Accelerated Effort to Understand and Control Zebra Mussels MN DNR $5,180,800
X 107-D Winter Brian Invasive Species Control in Grassland Habitats The Nature Conservancy $892,000
  108-D Lauer Jack Southwest Minnesota Asian Carp Watershed Deterrents MN DNR $3,268,800
X 109-D Courneya Joe Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Project Red River Basin Commission $219,890
  110-D Zastrow Russ Anoka Rum River Dam Asian Carp Barrier Improvements City of Anoka $150,000
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 35 Proposals - $16,771,904 / PRESENTING: 12 Proposals - $8,601,882)
X 111-E Montgomery Rebecca Assessing Species Vulnerability to Climate Change Using Phenology U of MN $189,845
X 112-E Penn Lee Solar Cell Materials from Sulfur and Common Metals U of MN $494,092
  113-E DAmato Anthony Mitigating Drought and Windstorm Impacts on Minnesota's Forests U of MN $270,000
  114-E Moss Paul Building Environmental and Community Resilience to Extreme Weather MN Pollution Control Agency $846,000
  115-E Reich Peter Forecasting Minnesotas Future Forests U of MN $642,764
X 116-E Saar Martin Innovative Groundwater-Enhanced Geothermal Heat Pump Study U of MN $196,000
  117-E DeWahl Karl Wastewater Facility Energy Conservation and Air Pollution Reduction U of MN - MnTAP $208,616
  118-E Johnson Lucinda Protecting North Shore Trout Steams for the Future U of MN - NRRI $361,758
  119-E Manolis Jim Building Habitat and Watershed Resilience to Climate Change MN DNR $510,000
  120-E Hudak George Silica/Frac Sand Mining Air/Water Quality Environmental Impacts U of MN - NRRI $607,924
X 121-E Ruan Roger Demonstrating Innovative Technologies to Fully Utilize Wastewater Resources U of MN $2,041,626
X 122-E Reese Michael Transitioning Minnesota Farms to Local Energy U of MN $1,049,992
  123-E Nater Edward Determining Climate Change Effects on Mercury in Peatlands U of MN $442,779
  124-E Tschirner Ulrike Greenhouse Gas Reduction through Forest Based Bio-Chemicals U of MN $199,280
X 125-E Zhu Jun Clean Water/Renewable Energy from Beet Waste/Manure U of MN $403,685
X 126-E Tallaksen Joel Life Cycle Energy of Renewably Produced Nitrogen Fertilizers U of MN $512,732
  127-E Zarling Darrick Biomass Gasification to Produce Electricity for CO2 Reduction U of MN $175,000
  128-E Cina Laura Creating a Statewide Solar Resource Inventory and Map Minnesota Renewable Energy Society $287,000
  129-E Fisher Hank Reducing Dioxin Emissions Grant Program MN Pollution Control Agency $620,000
  130-E Hemmingssen Richard Developing Minnesotas Clean Energy Carbon Neutral BioEconomy U of MN, Dept. of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering $195,950
  131-E Bergh Rob Minnesota EV Trail: Solar Chargers for Electric Vehicles MN DNR $261,000
  132-E Gupta Shalini Human Health, High Risk Populations and Climate Change Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy $225,000
X 133-E Hu Bo Next Generation Septic TankSystems U of MN $258,810
X 134-E Anderson Mark District Heating With Renewable Biomass at Camp Ripley Minnesota Department of Military Affairs/Minnesota National Guard $1,970,000
  135-E Davenport Mae Climate Readiness in Tourism-Dependent North Shore Communities U of MN $279,185
  136-E Millet Dylan Minnesotas Methane Emissions: Potential Energy and Climate Benefits U of MN $362,680
X 137-E Yerger Dale Solar PV at Minnesotas Residential Environmental Learning Centers Eagle Bluff, Wolf Ridge, Deep Portage, Long Lake, Audubon Center of the Northwoods, Laurentian ELC $150,000
  138-E Griffis Timothy Wind Energy from Gravity Waves and Nocturnal Jetstreams U of MN $191,779
X 139-E Hennessy Kevin Eliminating Sulfur from On-Farm Anaerobic Digester Emissions MN Department of Agriculture $300,000
X 140-E Johnson Bart Itasca Boiler/Woody Biomass Utilization Project Itasca Community College $1,035,100
  141-E Host George Quality of Life under Climate Change in Minnesota U of MN - NRRI $493,784
  142-E McAlpine Jake Reduction of Carbon Emissions in Residential Buildings Sustainable Resources Center, Inc. $500,000
  143-E Thomas Steve Developing Building Deconstruction into a Sustainable Enterprise Better Futures Minnesota $150,000
  144-E Matsumoto Katsumi Characterizing Urban Metabolism to Help Manage Carbon Emissions U of MN $189,523
  145-E Langowski Harold City of Ely Joint Biomass District Heating Project City of Ely $150,000
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 31 Proposals - $12,406,378 / PRESENTING: 16 Proposals - $7,151,694)
X 146-F Spivak Marla Achieving Pollinator Landscapes with the Greatest Multiple Benefits U of MN $1,714,040
X 147-F Shaw Ruth Healthy Prairies: Seed Storage, Beneficial Microbes, and Adaptation U of MN $695,000
  148-F Shaw Dan Increasing the Resiliency of Conservation Projects in Minnesota BWSR $166,710
X 149-F Wyse Donald Developing Forever Green Crops for Minnesotas Agricultural Landscapes U of MN $847,900
X 150-F Everett Leslie Restoring Aquatic Habitat by Reducing Sediment from Streambanks U of MN - Water Resources Center $276,000
X 151-F Krischik Vera Protecting Bees by Understanding Systemic Insecticides U of MN $326,869
X 152-F Krystosek Dale Northeast Minnesota White Cedar Restoration, Phase 2 BWSR $335,800
  153-F Lennon Megan Increasing Cover Crop Adoption on Working Lands BWSR $162,500
X 154-F Biske Richard Protecting the Best of the Best in Southeast The Nature Conservancy $258,500
  155-F Hoganson Howard Strategies For Restoring Pine in Minnesota's Forests U of MN $356,289
  156-F Tapp Brooke Duluth Post-Flood Trout Stream Riparian Habitat Restoration Community Action Duluth $250,000
X 157-F Buck Wiley Restoring our Lands and Waters Great River Greening $414,000
X 158-F Lewanski Tom Protect, Restore and Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat Friends of the Mississippi River $204,000
  159-F Venturelli Paul Better Trout Fishing Through Better Stream Restoration Planning U of MN $615,464
  160-F Cotner James Using CO2 and Drawdown to Manage Shallow Lakes U of MN $452,000
X 161-F Zamora Diomy Maintaining Expiring CRP Land Benefits Using Integrative Cropping U of MN $467,000
X 162-F Levar Tom Dredged Sediment for Forest Restoration on Unproductive Minelands U of MN - NRRI $495,585
X 163-F Svedarsky Daniel Cattail Management for Wetland Widlife and Bioenergy Potential U of MN $74,600
X 164-F Wyatt Gary Innovative Technology to Seed Plants on Streambanks U of MN $189,000
  165-F Kornack Ken Minnesota Zoo Site Restoration and Native Wildlife Study Minnesota Zoological Garden $477,200
  166-F Main Rylee Lake Pepin Preservation: Enhancing Local Water Management Capacity Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance $109,275
  167-F Slesak Robert Disseminating Sustainable Forest Management Guidelines for Resource Protection Minneosta Forest Resources Council $112,000
  168-F Sagor Eli Forest Wildlife and Climate Change Research and Outreach U of MN $308,000
  169-F Tenney Michael Achieve Conservation Objectives through Grazing - Monitor Response MN DNR $1,416,480
  170-F Mesko John Improving St. Croix River Basin Water Quality Sustainable Farming Association of MN $304,000
X 171-F Ringold Jennifer Ecological Management Plans - Mississippi River Watershed and Minneapolis Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $228,800
X 172-F Jacobson Kent Increasing Habitat and Ecosystem Benefits through Forest Management MN DNR - Div of Forestry $268,600
  173-F Beckwith John Creating Foundations for Farmer Led Conservation Planning Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, Inc. $61,736
X 174-F Fralich Lana Victus Farms: Expanding in New Directions City of Silver Bay $356,000
  175-F Hayes Lynn Minnesota Farmers' and Landowners' Guide to Frac Sand Mining Farmers' Legal Action Group $142,230
  176-F Johnson Margaret Middle Fork Crow River Sediment and Nutrient Reduction Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District $320,800
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 14 Proposals - $28,088,716 / PRESENTING: 7 Proposals - $10,855,070)
X 177-G Booth Peggy SNA Acquisition, Restoration, Improvement & Citizen Engagement MN DNR $3,951,870
X 178-G Stefferud Arne Metropolitan Regional Park System Acquisition--Phase 3 Metropolitan Council $2,250,000
  179-G Garms Jason Native Prairie Stewardship & Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition MN DNR $5,153,680
  180-G Kalahar Thomas Protection of Granite Rock Outcrop Ecosystem Renville County Soil & Water Conservation District $4,216,275
  181-G Vanderbosch Dana State Parks and Trails Land Acquisition MN DNR $2,200,000
X 182-G Perrine Rich VanderWert Scientific and Natural Area and County Park Fox Lake Conservation League, Inc. $455,000
X 183-G Harper Jane 3,500-Foot Shoreland Acquisition on St. Croix River Washington County $2,500,000
X 184-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail Development - Soudan to Ely Segment St. Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $1,000,000
  185-G Holdsworth Andy Precision Conservation Models - Applications to Working Forest Lands MN DNR $377,000
  186-G Rivers Patrick Accelerated Reinvest in Minnesota Critical Habitat Matching Program MN DNR $2,017,920
X 187-G Tomlinson Robert Strategic Land Acquisition, Accelerating Sales and Exchanges MN DNR $500,000
X 188-G Colwell Carl Connecting the Minnesota River Water Trail and Morton City of Morton $198,200
  189-G Damon Susan Long-Term Conservation Easement Stewardship Account MN DNR $1,186,667
  190-G Vande Linde Aaron Preserving Old Growth Forests on School Trust Lands MN DNR $2,082,104
H. Other
(RECEIVED: 2 proposals/subtotal = $144,000)
X 191-H Graeber Amanda Contract Management MN DNR $135,000
X 192-H Hubinger Greg LCC - Web LCC $9,000

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