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2018 ENRTF Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

2018 Environment and Natural Resouces Trust Fund Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

For the FY 2018 and FY 2019 biennium (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2019), approximately $50.8 million is available each year (total = $101,656,000) for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. As of July 15, 2017, the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) received 217 proposals requesting a total of approximately $183 million. This RFP process is for funding beginning July 1, 2018. Approximately $45.7 million is remaining from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to be available to recommend for project funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). NOTE: $5,089,000 of FY19 ENRTF funds were expended by the 2017 Legislature.

The LCCMR reviewed, evaluated, and ranked all proposals received. On September 13, the LCCMR selected 101 proposals requesting a total of approximately $120.4 million to invite in for a presentation before the Commission for further consideration.

Proposal presentations are scheduled for September 26, 27, and 28 and October 3, 4, and 5. The proposal presentations will be used by the LCCMR to determine on October 17-18 which projects the LCCMR will recommend for funding to the 2018 Minnesota Legislature. Check the LCCMR scheduled for the most up-to-date information on important process dates.

Visit the 2018 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Click here for print-ready list of 2018 proposals received - listed by category with project summaries (21-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2018 proposals received - listed by category without project summaries (14-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2018 proposals presenting - listed by category with project summaries (14-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2018 proposals presenting - listed by category without project summaries (8-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the "ENRTF ID #" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Selected to Present ENRTF ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 33 proposals/subtotal = $21,011,461; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 20 proposals/subtotal = $15,738,794)
X 001-A Setterholm Dale Minnesota Geological Survey Geologic Atlases for Water Resource Management Part-A U of MN - MN Geological Survey $4,121,625
X 002-A Putzier Paul County Geologic Atlas for Water Resource Sustainability Part-B MN DNR $2,400,000
X 003-A Peterson Jeffrey Providing Critical Water Quality Information for Lake Management U of MN $477,000
X 004-A Weiblen George Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas: Phase II Expansion U of MN $496,000
  005-A Norris Doug Building a Long-Term Wetland Hydrology Monitoring Network MN DNR $573,413
X 006-A Windmuller-Campione Marcella Maximizing Wildlife, Water, and Productivity in Peatland Forests U of MN $698,000
X 007-A Jennelle Chris Deer Movement Related to Potential CWD Prion Transmission MN DNR $552,456
X 008-A Montgomery Rebecca Safeguarding Red Pine Forest Health and Productivity U of MN $420,000
X 009-A Andersen David Minnesota Trumpeter Swan Migration Ecology and Conservation U of MN $389,988
  010-A Hines Nila Improving Watershed Management by Modernizing Hydrography Data MN DNR $1,277,727
X 011-A Stapleton Seth Conserving Minnesota's Turtles through Research and Education Minnesota Zoological Garden $364,000
X 012-A Etterson Julie Forest Regeneration - Validating Operational Seed Zones U of MN - Duluth $796,395
X 013-A Stanton Daniel Assessing Ecosystem Services Provided by Lichens and Mosses U of MN $213,000
X 014-A VanderWaal Kimberly An Early Warning System for Wildlife Health Threats: Using Wildlife Rehabilitation Data to Monitor Wildlife Health U of MN $280,000
X 015-A Hernandez Daniel Restoring Prairie Biodiversity and Pollinator Habitat with Haying Carleton College $458,362
X 016-A Grinde Alexis Conservation of Minnesota's Forest Birds of Management Concern U of MN - Duluth NRRI $613,998
X 017-A Kinkel Linda Minnesota Soil Microbiomes: Foundational Database for Environmental Health U of MN $924,000
X 018-A Niemi Gerald Mapping Avian Movement in Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $682,060
  019-A Karwan Diana Downstream Effects of Contemporary Forest Practices: Phase 2 U of MN $294,000
  020-A Knight Joseph Maintaining Minnesota's Natural Heritage by Monitoring Landscape Dynamics U of MN $272,000
  021-A Reschke Carol Smart Mapping St. Louis River Estuary Habitats U of MN - Duluth NRRI $301,000
X 022-A Ferrington Leonard Variable Winter Thermal Regimes and Managing Trout Streams U of MN $499,935
  023-A Kipfmueller Kurt Four Centuries of Wildfire in Red Pine Forests U of MN $257,316
  024-A Sadinski Walt Wetland-Biodiversity Vulnerabilities to Changes in Land-Use and Climate U.S. Geological Survey $481,705
  025-A Garono Ralph Safeguarding Our St. Louis River Restoration Investment U of MN - Duluth NRRI $378,949
  026-A Bump Joseph Statewide Wolf Survival Analysis to Build Management Capacity U of MN $333,179
X 027-A Jelinski Nicolas Foundational Assessment of Soil Health Metrics in Minnesota U of MN $695,477
X 028-A Bruse Tanner Cover Crops for Wildlife Phase I Pheasants Forever Inc $346,720
  029-A Kramar David Monitoring and Mapping of Mercury in Western Minnesota Minnesota State University - Moorhead $489,376
X 030-A Duncan Nancy Data Acquisition to Develop Native Mussel Habitat Suitability National Park Service $309,778
  031-A Horgan Brian Measuring the Impact of Perennial Urban Green Space Management on Soil Ecosystems U of MN $177,346
  032-A Sarnath Ramnath Automated Boulevard Tree Inventory and Urban Forest Management St. Cloud State University $154,656
  033-A Magner Joe Tracking and Communicating Ice Safety U of MN $282,000
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 65 proposals/subtotal = $32,197,134; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 18 proposals/subtotal = $10,765,545)
X 034-B Coletti Filippo Removing Plastic Particle Pollution from Minnesota Water Bodies U of MN $388,557
X 035-B Peck Joel Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization Pilot Program Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $779,058
X 036-B Bushley Kathryn Phosphorus Accumulating Fungi to Control Agricultural Runoff Pollution U of MN $361,000
X 037-B Gulliver John Investigation of Road Salt Alternatives and Pavement Innovations U of MN $521,999
X 038-B Behrens Sebastian Biological Sulfate Removal for Wastewater Treatment in Minnesota U of MN $494,000
X 039-B Singer Randall Defining Minnesota's Environmental Antibiotic and Antibiotic Resistance Footprint U of MN $921,584
  040-B Hondzo Miki Promoting Nitrogen Removal in Channels, Floodplains, and Riparian Areas U of MN $390,641
X 041-B Schoenfuss Heiko Contaminant Removal Efficiency of Urban Stormwater Treatment Ponds St. Cloud State University $377,588
X 042-B Bramburger Andrew Rapid Detection of Algal Toxins in Minnesota Lakes U of MN - Duluth NRRI $686,013
  043-B Groten Joel Hydroacoustic Monitoring to Understand Sediment Impacts - Phase 2 U.S. Geological Survey $328,640
  044-B Janke Benjamin Wetland Contribution to Methylmercury Pollution of Surface Waters U of MN $567,604
X 045-B Ng G.-H. Crystal Developing a Map of Arsenic Risk in Groundwater U of MN $550,000
  046-B Rosen Carl Improving Agricultural Sustainability on Irrigated Sandy Soils U of MN $470,000
  047-B Trost Jared Natural Denitrification: Helping and Hiding Drinking Water Problems U. S. Geological Survey $664,000
X 048-B Cui Tianhong Small Cheap Purification System for Cleaner Drinking Water U of MN $496,788
  049-B Gilkeson John Bounty and Outreach Program for Enhanced Recovery of Unwanted Mercury Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $467,000
  050-B Novak Paige Linking Food, Energy, and Water for Resource Recovery U of MN $941,600
  051-B Valentas Kenneth Hydrochars to Remove Nitrates from Agricultural Drainage U of MN $359,000
  052-B Guzina Bojan Characterizing Fractured Bedrock to Assess Pollution Risk to Groundwater U of MN $330,000
  053-B Downing John Rise and Fall of Superior: Water and Security U of MN $406,000
X 054-B LaPara Timothy Emerging Pathogens in Lakes, Rivers, and Tap Water U of MN $355,244
X 055-B Jordan Nicholas Working Farmlands: Targeting Alfalfa Production for Water Protection U of MN $752,913
  056-B Lewandowski Ann Water Quality through Capture/Use of Agricultural Runoff U of MN $600,000
X 057-B Peterson Heidi Preventing Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Using Perennial Grains Minnesota Department of Agriculture $759,312
  058-B Gulliver John Preventing Lake and Stream Pollution from Stormwater Ponds U of MN $535,740
  059-B Lin Hongjian Developing Nutrient Separation Systems for Livestock Environmental Sustainability U of MN $304,000
  060-B Santelli Cara Improving Water Quality by Capturing Sulfate in Wetlands U of MN $578,000
  061-B Barney Brett Natural Nitrogen Fertilizer Production with Low-Runoff Potential U of MN $727,000
  062-B Kozarek Jessica Re-Connecting Fish Habitat at Road-Stream Crossings U of MN $474,689
  063-B Larkin Daniel Benefits of Lake Plant Diversity for Water Quality U of MN $463,113
X 064-B Robertson Stephen Unregulated Contaminants: Addressing Gaps in Drinking Water Protection Minnesota Department of Health $2,107,920
  065-B Hansen Amy Lake Restoration: Benefits and Duration in Agricultural Landscapes U of MN $459,356
  066-B Lee Sungyon Predicting Impact of Oil Spill in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $394,948
  067-B Sivaprakasam Kannan Innovative Technology to Remove Nitrate from Surface Water St. Cloud State University $173,847
  068-B Zamalloa Carlos Rural Wastewater Treatment: Water Reuse and Energy Production U of MN $297,000
  069-B Barney Brett Microbial Transformation of Plastics in Minnesota Waters U of MN $506,000
  070-B Ishii Satoshi Nutrient Removal and Recovery Technology for Agricultural Drainage U of MN $880,000
  071-B Jones Daniel Sulfide Mineral-Eating Microbes to Improve Water Quality U of MN $339,667
X 072-B Kohno Satomi Increasing Contaminants and Temperature Eliminate Minnesota Turtles St. Cloud State University $248,632
  073-B Nieber John How Rapidly can Groundwater Quality be Improved? U of MN $716,000
X 074-B Reavie Euan Minnesota's Coldwater Fish Decline: Causes and Solutions U of MN - Duluth NRRI $789,021
  075-B Strack Otto Water Saving Subsurface Irrigation to Reduce Contamination U of MN $93,391
  076-B Strack Otto Protecting Fish Habitat in Streams From Groundwater Withdrawal U of MN $93,391
  077-B Edlund Mark Establishing Priorities for Restoring Minnesota's Nutrient-Impaired Lakes Science Museum of Minnesota $375,000
  078-B Johnson Nathan How does Iron Protect Wild Rice from Sulfate? U of MN - Duluth $401,142
  079-B Heger Sara Determining the Impact of Microfibers on Septic System Performance U of MN $367,000
  080-B Bezada Maximiliano Non-Invasive, Cost-Effective Investigation of Groundwater Resources U of MN $93,783
  081-B Ebtehaj Ardeshir Web-GIS for Satellite Monitoring of all Minnesota Lakes U of MN $393,506
  082-B Ostlund Aaron Water Quality Benefits of Red River Basin Impoundments Red River Basin Commission $495,042
  083-B Wells M. Scott Incentivizing Oilseed Cash Covercrops for Water Quality Improvement U of MN $1,320,000
  084-B Zimmer Kyle Reducing Water Nitrogen to Restore Minnesota Lakes University of St. Thomas $362,000
  085-B Knoll Lesley Assessing Water Quality in Mississippi Headwaters Region Lakes U of MN $406,200
X 086-B Ebtehaj Ardeshir Optimal Configuration of Windbreaks for Agricultural Water Conservation U of MN $368,614
  087-B Karwan Diana Sediment Impairments in Northern Minnesota Non-Agricultural Streams U of MN $335,000
  088-B Khodursky Arkady Maximizing Water Safety against Antibiotic Resistance U of MN $350,000
  089-B Ruan Roger Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Abatement using Non-Thermal Plasma Technology U of MN $820,000
  090-B Feinberg Joshua Determining which Iron Minerals Remove Phosphorous from Stormwater U of MN $384,591
  091-B Yang Ce Better Fertilizer Management to Prevent Further Water Contamination U of MN $392,000
  092-B Bergee Anton Geospatial Airborne Sensor Survey to Manage Water Resources Northland Community and Technical College $999,768
  093-B Peterson Daryl A Landscape Conservation Design for the Lower St. Louis River Minnesota Land Trust $397,000
X 094-B Christensen Courtney ShellRock River Watershed Stormwater Quality Trading Pilot Program Shell Rock River Watershed District $350,000
  095-B Current Dean Guidelines for Sustainable Biomass Production for Multiple Benefits U of MN $192,000
  096-B Julius Matthew Creating a Algal Toxin Alert Network for Central and Upper Minnesota St. Cloud State University $154,630
  097-B Trappe Jon A Multi-Faceted Approach Towards Reducing Nitrogen Inputs and Loss in Urban Landscapes U of MN $284,300
  098-B Current Dean Farmer Generated Water Quality Solutions U of MN $348,000
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 33 proposals/subtotal = $12,581,000; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 17 proposals/subtotal = $7,495,311)
X 099-C Legato Denise Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers: Fellowships, Internships, Mentorships Minnesota Department of Natural Resources $1,000,000
  100-C Potter Caitlin Providing Enduring Ecology Experiences for all Minnesota Middle-Schoolers U of MN - Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve $308,000
X 101-C Lenczewski John Connecting Students with Watersheds through Hands-on Learning Minnesota Trout Unlimited $581,270
X 102-C Evans Elaine Pollinator Ambassadors for Urban Gardens U of MN $421,431
X 103-C Raber Carrie Online Modules Build Local Capacity to Protect Groundwater Minnesota Department of Health $335,000
  104-C Heitkamp Barbara The SAFL Summer Experience U of MN $158,069
  105-C Buck Wiley Engaging a Diverse Public in Ecological Restoration Great River Greening $383,600
X 106-C Foster Shelli-Kae YES! Students Take on Minnesota Water Quality Challenge Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center $213,700
  107-C Scholl Laura Blue Thumb Pollinator Plantings Connecting Regional Population Centers Metro Blooms $321,034
X 108-C Thomas Steve Preserve Resources by Expanding the State's Reuse Sectors ReUSE Minnesota $363,910
X 109-C Bakken Timothy Phase 2 Prairie Sportsman Statewide Environmental Education Project Pioneer Public Televison $300,000
X 110-C Mattson Nicole Unlocking the Science of Minnesotas Moose Decline Minnesota Zoological Garden $300,000
X 111-C Poppleton Kristen Youth Convening Minnesota Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy $300,000
X 112-C Holger Sara Get Outdoors After School! Project Get Outdoors Inc $30,000
  113-C Musser Kimberly Minnesota River Education Model: Connecting Students to Watersheds Minnesota State University - Mankato, Water Resources Ctr $248,582
X 114-C Yakub Mohamed Integrating Environmental Science Research in High School Education U of MN $445,000
X 115-C Carlson Stephan Students Using Local Phenology Contributes to Citizen Science U of MN $224,000
X 116-C Knight Joseph Strengthening Natural Resources Management with Drone Training U of MN $132,000
  117-C Liu Zengqiang Digital Watershed Simulator for K-12 Education and Outreach St. Cloud State University $314,489
X 118-C Poppe Steven Morris Prairie Pollinator Demonstration and Education U of MN $681,000
  119-C Ceurvorst Robyn Minnesota River Water Quality Education Minnesota State University - Mankato $65,000
X 120-C Pulscher MaryLynn Expanding Nature Knowledge and Experience in North Minneapolis Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board $865,000
X 121-C Suss Ted River Watch on the Minnesota River Friends of the Minnesota Valley $103,000
  122-C Arlt Timothy Online Training for Front Line Water Quality Protectors U of MN $322,175
  123-C Tonko Jennifer Customized Water Education Combining Stories, Histories, and Science Minnesota Humanities Center $427,215
  124-C Tiffin Peter Market Science: Connecting Minnesotans with Environmental Research U of MN $236,165
  125-C Wackett Lawrence RAPID: Google for the Environment U of MN $228,000
  126-C Justen Emilie Dangerous Plant Guides: How to Recognize and React Minnesota Department of Agriculture $138,380
X 127-C Kline David Preparing Minnesotans for Changes in Wolf Management International Wolf Center $1,200,000
  128-C Kraus Alan Farm Based Environmental Education: Studies Measuring Altered Hydrology Cannon River Watershed Partnership $206,199
  129-C Meschke Linda Managing Soil Quality for Ecosystem Services & Productivity Rural Advantage $1,451,404
  130-C Waters Amy Aquatic Education & Outreach Programs: Engaging 6,000 Students Aquatic Research & Conservation Society, Inc $52,477
  131-C WhiteEagle Ann Native Plant Education/Implementation Benefitting Pollinators and Water Ramsey Conservation District $224,900
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 25 proposals/subtotal = $31,581,850; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 9 proposals/subtotal = $24,709,051)
X 132-D Venette Robert Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center 4 U of MN $7,000,000
X 133-D Merkes Christopher Developing RNA Interference Genetic Controls for Zebra Mussels U.S. Geological Survey $716,207
X 134-D Sorensen Peter An Effective and Pratical Invasive Carp Deterrent U of MN $998,000
X 135-D Abrahamson Mark Slow the Spread of the Emerald Ash Borer Minnesota Department of Agriculture $14,689,500
  136-D Mensinger Allen Sound Gradient for Acoustic Deterrence of Bigheaded Carp U of MN - Duluth $396,310
  137-D Sadowsky Michael Fish on a Chip: An AIS Detection Platform U of MN $399,000
X 138-D Ambourn Angie Monitoring and Biocontrol of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Minnesota Department of Agriculture $199,224
X 139-D Heathcote Adam Determining Minnesota's Risk of a Toxic Algal Invader Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station $243,000
  140-D Tiffin Peter Stopping Invasive Species by Attacking from Below U of MN $491,515
X 141-D Chandler Monika Palmer Amaranth Detection and Eradication Minnesota Department of Agriculture $540,700
  142-D Cotner James Using CO2 to Kill Undesirable Fish including Carp U of MN $470,000
  143-D Elias Mikael Innovative and Ecological Coatings to Mitigate Invasive Species U of MN $321,500
  144-D Karschnia Maggie Accelerated Watershed Approach to Invasive Carp Management Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District $342,796
  145-D Dieterman Doug River Food Webs with and without Invasive Carp MN DNR $495,000
  146-D Amberg Jon New Tools for Fight Against Zebra Mussels U. S. Geological Survey $539,323
X 147-D Burks Susan Terrestrial Invasive Plant Detection Methods for Forest Lands MN DNR $300,000
  148-D Waller Diane Integrating Control of Zebra Mussels and Aquatic Vegetation U. S. Geological Survey $251,310
  149-D Russell Matthew Testing a New Method for Eradicating Dwarf Mistletoe U of MN $352,000
  150-D Marko Michelle Development of Predictive Tools for AIS Management Concordia College $331,644
  151-D Burks Susan Boot Brush Use to Prevent Spreading Invasive Species MN DNR $267,208
X 152-D Windels Steve Evaluate Control Methods for Invasive Hybrid Cattails Voyageurs National Park $131,920
  153-D Pahs Steven Circle Lake Wild Rice Restoration and Carp Management Rice SWCD $594,985
  154-D Peterson Jason Invasive Species Wash Site Innovation, Improvements, and Standards MN DNR $908,023
  155-D McEwen Daniel Controlling Densities of Zebra Mussels in Infested Lakes Limnopro Aquatic Science, Inc $428,864
  156-D Terrill Tim Minnesota Traditions Newspaper AIS Awareness Campaign Mississippi Headwaters Board $230,000
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 20 proposals/subtotal = $13,974,044; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 7 proposals/subtotal = $6,637,374)
X 157-E Reese Michael Agricultural Weed Control Using Robots U of MN - Morris $600,000
X 158-E Kortshagen Uwe Clean Electricity from Solar Windows U of MN $458,494
X 159-E Anderson Ellen Community-Scale Energy Storage Guide for Renewable Energy U of MN $625,478
X 160-E Cui Tianhong Cheap Solar Energy from Simple Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing U of MN $388,852
  161-E Cui Tianhong Cheap Efficient Air Filter to Remove Organic Compounds U of MN $386,187
  162-E Marr Jeffrey Lowering Costs of Solar Energy in Minnesota U of MN $410,692
  163-E Hu Bo A Solar-Powered Electrochemical System for Sulfide Removal U of MN $435,000
X 164-E Swaggert Nick Phase II- Reduce Solid Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions The NetWork for Better Futures (D/B/A) Better Futures Minnesota $1,151,931
  165-E Randolph Jimmy Field Testing/Demonstration of Novel Groundsource Heat Pump U of MN $174,757
X 166-E Walsh Kayla Life Cycle Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion and Organics Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $250,000
  167-E Wang Ping Electrically Switchable Adsorption of PAHs on Renewable Cellulosic Nano Carbon Materials for Mitigation of Airborne Pollutants U of MN $202,000
  168-E Baker Lawrence Optimizing Food Waste Reduction throughout Minnesota U of MN $999,000
X 169-E Randolph Jimmy Bringing Geothermal Power to MN: CO2 Power-System Test TerraCOH Inc. $315,250
  170-E Sinko John Color-Change Solar Coating for Residential Energy Savings St. Cloud State University $151,306
  171-E Claussen Anna Capacity Building for Rural Resource Management Implementation Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $655,424
  172-E Myers Sandra Developing Innovative Mercury Capture Technology for Crematoria Emissions U of MN $435,984
  173-E Chatmas Bob Diverting Prepared Food from Landfills, Reducing Greenhouse Gases Second Harvest Heartland $478,000
X 174-E Weber Mark Production and Utilization of Biomass: St. Louis County St. Louis County Land & Minerals Dept $2,285,700
  175-E Droessler William Stove Swap: Improving Air and Health; Avoiding Violations Environmental Initiative $1,008,389
  176-E Chatmas Bob Keeping Groceries from Landfills to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Second Harvest Heartland $848,000
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 22 proposals/subtotal = $30,965,697; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 16 proposals/subtotal = $23,354,030)
  177-F Lonsdorf Eric Identifying Pollinator Conservation Areas in Minnesota Prairie Parklands U of MN $552,100
X 178-F Henderson Carrol Nongame Wildlife Program Acceleration MN DNR $2,000,000
X 179-F Remucal David Preserving and Restoring Minnesota's Native Orchids - Phase 2 U of MN $468,000
X 180-F Schottler Shawn Show Me the Money: 10 Markets for Perennials Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station $347,500
  181-F Walker Michele Restoration Strategies for Ditched Peatland SNA - Phase II MN DNR $460,294
X 182-F Quinn Edward Restoring Minnesota's Forests in State Parks MN DNR $432,240
X 183-F Wickert Andrew Sediment Hazards to Trout in Southeast Minnesota Streams U of MN $337,000
X 184-F Ulrich Jason Repurposing Unprofitable Cropland: Water and Wildlife's Silver Bullet? Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station $319,063
X 185-F Guala Michele Advancing Streambank Protection Systems U of MN $286,426
X 186-F Larson Danelle Restoring Wetland Invertebrates to Revive Wildlife Habitat MN DNR $417,895
X 187-F Huckett Steven Implementing Novel Market-based Methods for Urban Habitat Restoration Great River Greening $499,900
X 188-F Pagliari Paulo Converting Agricultural Wastes into Energy, Polymers, and Fertilizers U of MN $949,000
X 189-F Slesak Robert Increasing Timber Availability and Habitat with Soil Management U of MN $396,000
X 190-F Rhees Suzanne Working Conservation Lands for Grazing, Harvest, and Habitat Board of Water and Soil Resources $315,000
X 191-F Haines Dustin Are We Turning Wild Prairie Plants into Crops? U of MN - Duluth $555,441
  192-F Shen Lian Floating Mini-Gardens for Shoreline Protection and Wetland Restoration U of MN $310,753
  193-F Warren Natalie Preserving Natural Shoreline on the St. Croix River St.Croix River Association $128,520
X 194-F Rickert Dave MN CREP for Water Quality and Habitat Board of Water and Soil Resources $15,000,000
X 195-F Pagliari Paulo Replacing Plastic Cover in Vegetable Production with BioMulch U of MN $310,000
X 196-F Voit Jan Okabena Creek Water Quality and Flood Protection Demonstration Heron Lake Watershed District $720,565
  197-F Marchetto Peter Hearing the Cry of the Loon U of MN $580,000
  198-F Marchetto Peter Saving Our Mosquito-Eaters: Management of White-nose Syndrome U of MN $580,000
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 18 proposals/subtotal = $40,157,964; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 13 proposals/subtotal = $31,597,630)
X 199-G Booth Peggy SNA Habitat Restoration, Public Engagement, and Strategic Acquisition MN DNR $6,760,265
X 200-G Christie Jennifer Minnesota State Parks and State Trails Land Acquisition MN DNR $5,000,000
X 201-G Mularie Audrey Local Parks, Trails and Natural Area Grants MN DNR $3,000,000
X 202-G Skaar Kent Minnesota State Trails - Development and Enhancement MN DNR $5,000,000
X 203-G Schulte Judy Private Native Prairie Conservation through Native Prairie Bank MN DNR $2,477,000
  204-G Kill Karen Browns Creek 40 Acre Acquisition Browns Creek Watershed District $350,000
X 205-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail, County Road 88 to Ely Segment St. Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $600,000
  206-G Smith Stacy State Park and Trail Integrated Public Information System MN DNR $3,984,142
X 207-G Illg Jerome Harmony State Trail Extension Land Acquisition City of Harmony $235,000
X 208-G Owens Jay Mississippi Blufflands State Trail - Red Wing Riverfront City of Red Wing $920,000
X 209-G Caneff Denny Superior Hiking Trail Enhancement Plan Superior Hiking Trail Association $100,200
  210-G Taylor Sara Bayport St. Croix Conservation Initiative City of Bayport $550,000
  211-G West Lisa Improving Hydrologic Resilience in Rural Dakota County Dakota County $1,960,000
X 212-G Mork Laird Swedish Immigrant Trail Segment within Interstate State Park Chisago County Environmental Services $2,254,665
X 213-G Doty Josh A Local-State-Federal Partnership Protects multiple public benefits on the Mississippi River City of Baxter $700,000
X 214-G Thoreen Jim Mississippi Riverfront Redevelopment Project City of Brainerd $1,000,000
X 215-G Barrick Melissa Prioritize and Target North-Central Minnesota Lakes for Protection Crow Wing SWCD $1,492,500
  216-G Forstner Michael East Fork Des Moines River Wetland Restoration Martin County Drainage Authority $1,716,192
H. Other
(RECEIVED: 1 proposal/subtotal = $135,000; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 1 proposals/subtotal = $135,000)
X 217-H Sherman-Hoehn Katherine Contract Agreement Reimbursement MN DNR $135,000

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