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Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund

Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund

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Total Dollars
Ag Forestry Mining
Biological Diversity
Educational Outreach
Historical Preservation
Invasive Species
Natural Areas Habitat
Natural Resource
Information Planning
Renewable Energy
Water Resources
199913iImplement the Chisago and Washington Counties Green Corridor Project - Continuation 1000 Friends of Minnesota$400,000X
199709dNew Models for Land-Use Planning 1000 Friends of Minnesota$530,000XX
202108iReducing Plastic Pollution with Biodegradable Erosion Control ProductsAgricultural Utilization Research Institute$200,000xx
199113dAgricultural Energy Savings Information Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI)$150,000XX
199304eTree and Grass Production for Ethanol   Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI)$380,000X
200505iLand Exchange Revolving Fund for Aitkin, Cass, and Crow Wing Counties - - GOVERNOR VETOAitkin County$500,000XX
20068Land Exchange Revolving Fund for Aitkin, Cass, and Crow Wing CountiesAitkin County$290,000XXX
201804lLake Agnes TreatmentAlexandria Lake Area Sanitary District (ALASD)$600,000x
202108fRestoring Upland Forests for BirdsAmerican Bird Conservancy$193,000xx
199511dAvian Population Analysis for Wind Power Generation Regions - RESEARCH American Wind Energy Association$75,000XXX
200508dOpen Space Planning and Protection   Anoka Conservation District$250,000X
199907hCommercial Fertilizer Plant of Livestock Solid Waste Processing AquaCare International Inc$400,000X
200507mSouthwest Minnesota Floodwater Retention Projects Area II MN River Basin Projects Inc$500,000X
200506oArrowhead Regional Bike Trail Connections Plan Arrowhead Regional Development Commission$83,000XX
201008iFishing: A Cross Cultural Gateway to Environmental Education Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women in MN$155,000XX
199507fCompletion of Statewide Land Use Update - ContinuationAssociation of MN Counties$380,000X
201705gIncreasing Residential Environmental Learning Center OpportunitiesAudubon Center of the North Woods$130,000x
199911gTeacher Training in Interdisciplinary Environmental Education Audubon Center of the North Woods$60,000X
201705eLocal Planning and Implementation Efforts for Bird HabitatAudubon Minnesota$280,000x
201903kImplementing Conservation Plans for Avian Species of ConcernAudubon Minnesota$124,000xxx
200506rBirding Maps   Audubon Minnesota$100,000XXX
201706fMaximize Value of Water Impoundments to WildlifeAudubon Minnesota$195,000xxxx
201503fCreating a Statewide Wetland Bird Monitoring Program Audubon Minnesota$146,000XXX
201405fMinnesota Breeding Bird Atlas - Final PhaseAudubon Minnesota$300,000XX
202008gHabitat Associations of Mississippi Bottomland Forest Marsh BirdsAudubon Minnesota$275,000xx
201003dIntegrated, Operational Bird Conservation Plan for Minnesota Audubon Minnesota$151,000X
200805dThe Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Audubon Minnesota / U of MN - NRRI$270,000XX
201003cMinnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Audubon Minnesota / U of MN - NRRI$372,000XX
202105fRestoring Land and Reviving Heritage: Conservation Through Indigenous CultureBelwin Conservancy$420,000xx
199113gCellulose Rayons for Packaging Bemidji State University$150,000X
199507jMicrobial Deterioration of Asphalt Materials and its Prevention - RESEARCH Bemidji State University$60,000XX
200509fBioconversion of Potato Waste into Marketable Biopolymers - RESEARCH   Bemidji State University$350,000XX
201504hAssessment of Irrigation Efficiencies in Benton CountyBenton Soil and Water Conservation District$431,000XXXX
202107eCreate Jobs Statewide by Diverting Materials from LandfillsBetter Futures Minnesota$2,244,000xx
201005dAgricultural and Urban Runoff Water Quality Treatment AnalysisBlue Earth County Drainage Authority$485,000XXXXX
201604sAgricultural and Urban Runoff Water Quality Treatment Analysis - Phase IIBlue Earth County Drainage Authority$110,000xxx
202210eConservation Reserve Program State IncentivesBoard of Water and Soil Resources$750,000xx
201908fLawns to LegumesBoard of Water and Soil Resources$900,000xxx
200307aLocal Water Planning (LWP) Matching Challenge Grants Board of Water and Soil Resources$500,000XX
199104oErosion Control Cost-Share Grants Board of Water and Soil Resources$250,000X
201405cDrainage Records Modernization and Statewide Geographic Information System DatabaseBoard of Water and Soil Resources$230,000XXX
202208jWatershed and Forest Restoration: What a Match!Board of Water and Soil Resources$3,318,000xxx
199709aGrants to Local Governments to Assist Natural Resource Decision-Making Board of Water and Soil Resources$150,000X
200505a3eHCP III - RIM Reserve Program (3e)Board of Water and Soil Resources$200,000XX
201307aMinnesota Conservation Apprentice AcademyBoard of Water and Soil Resources$186,000X
200305a3eHCP II - RIM Reserve Program (3e)Board of Water and Soil Resources$238,330XXX
199710fStatewide Digital Soil Database - Phase 1 Board of Water and Soil Resources$145,000XXX
199710gFillmore County Soils Survey Update   Board of Water and Soil Resources$65,000XXX
199106dConservation Reserve Easements Board of Water and Soil Resources$600,000XX
202203oStrategic Framework to Guide Local Water Storage ImplementationBoard of Water and Soil Resources$200,000xx
201504eSoutheast Minnesota Cover Crop and Soil Health InitiativesBoard of Water and Soil Resources$253,000XXXX
201508dAcceleration of Minnesota Conservation Assistance - Final PhaseBoard of Water and Soil Resources$1,000,000XXXX
201304fConservation Program Technical AssistanceBoard of Water and Soil Resources$3,000,000XXXX
200507aLocal Water Management Matching Challenge Grants Board of Water and Soil Resources$1,000,000X
200107cUpdating Outmoded Soil Surveys-Continuation Board of Water and Soil Resources$500,000XXX
200106aAccelerated Implementation of Local Water Plans Board of Water and Soil Resources$1,365,000XX
200903cSoil Survey Board of Water and Soil Resources$400,000XXX
200508bSoil Survey Board of Water and Soil Resources$500,000XXX
201605aMinnesota Conservation Apprentice AcademyBoard of Water and Soil Resources$433,000x
201109dReinvest in Minnesota Wetlands Reserve Acquisition and Restoration Program PartnershipBoard of Water and Soil Resources$1,645,000XXX
201109aMinnesota Conservation Apprentice AcademyBoard of Water and Soil Resources$200,000X
201104rNortheast Minnesota White Cedar Plant Community RestorationBoard of Water and Soil Resources$250,000XXXX
201104lAcceleration of Minnesota Conservation AssistanceBoard of Water and Soil Resources$625,000XXXX
200805gConservation Easement Stewardship, Oversight and Maintenance Board of Water and Soil Resources$180,000X
200805bSoil Survey Board of Water and Soil Resources$400,000XXX
199104iCannon River Watershed Grants Board of Water and Soil Resources$60,000X
202108pLawns To Legumes Program - Phase IIBoard of Water and Soil Resources$993,000xxx
200904gStatewide Ecological Ranking of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Other Critical Lands Board of Water and Soil Resources$107,000XXXXX
201103mConservation-Based Approach for Assessing Public Drainage BenefitsBoard of Water and Soil Resources$150,000XXX
201703gDrainage Records Modernization Cost Share - Phase IIBoard of Water and Soil Resources$540,000xxx
200904iMN Farm Bill Assistance Project Board of Water and Soil Resources$1,000,000XXXX
201103lMeasuring Conservation Practice OutcomesBoard of Water and Soil Resources$340,000X
201103cCompletion of Statewide Digital Soil SurveyBoard of Water and Soil Resources$500,000XXX
199104pWell-Sealing Cost-Share Grants   Board of Water and Soil Resources$750,000X
199109hEasement Acquisition on Restored Wetlands Board of Water and Soil Resources$400,000XX
199910cUpdating Outmoded Soil Surveys - Continuation Board of Water and Soil Resources$500,000XXX
200705aLocal Water Management Matching Challenge Grants Board of Water and Soil Resources$350,000XXX
201008aMinnesota Conservation Apprenticeship Academy Board of Water and Soil Resources$368,000X
200706bSoil Surveys Board of Water and Soil Resources$400,000XXX
201708kConservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Outreach and ImplementationBoard of Water and Soil Resources$6,000,000xx
201406dNortheast Minnesota White Cedar Restoration – Phase 2Board of Water and Soil Resources$335,000XXX
200308bUpdating Outmoded Soil Survey Board of Water and Soil Resources$236,000XXX
201708lConservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)Board of Water and Soil Resources$13,500,000xx
199906cAccelerated State-Wide Local Water Plan Implementation Board of Water and Soil Resources$1,000,000XX
199303eRIM - Conservation Reserve Easements - Continuation Board of Water and Soil Resources$823,000XX
200803c3eHCP V - RIM Reserve (3e)Board of Water and Soil Resources$250,000XX
202208hMustinka River Fish and Wildlife Habitat Corridor RehabilitationBois de Sioux Watershed District$2,692,000xx
199907jWild Rice Management Planning - RESEARCH Bois Forte Band of Chippewa$200,000XXXX
199720cControl of Weeds in Native Wild Rice - RESEARCHBois Forte Band of Chippewa$100,000XXXX
199705fHistorical and Cultural Museum on Vermilion Lake Indian Reservation Bois Forte Reservation$100,000XXX
200706cField Guide for Evaluating Vegetation of Restored Wetlands Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik, & Assoc Inc$53,000XXX
202008mLawns to Legumes (combined with Subd. 20b +$880,000)BWSR$118,000xx
202020bLawns to Legumes (combined with Subd 08m +$118,000)*BWSR$880,000xx
201409aMinnesota Conservation Apprenticeship AcademyBWSR $392,000X
200110jResidential Environmental Education for Youth   Camp Courage$90,000X
199717bCannon River Watershed: Integrated Management Cannon River Watershed Partnership$350,000XX
199505bCannon River Watershed Strategic Plan: Integrated Management Cannon River Watershed Partnership$325,000XX
200506nCannon Valley Trail Belle Creek Bridge Replacement Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board$300,000X
199717fPoint Douglas Bluffland Acquisition - CANCELLEDCarpenter St Croix Valley Nature Center$125,000XX
201904qRestoring Impaired Lakes throught Citizen-Aided Carp ManagementCarver County Water Management Organization$106,000x
200305a2e2HCP II - Circle of Flight (2e2)Cass County Environmental Services Department$34,700XX
201004hConserving Sensitive and Priority Shorelands in Cass County Cass County Environmental Services Department$300,000XXX
200104e2e1HCP I - Circle of Flight (2e1)Cass County Environmental Services Department$123,924XXX
201007bSustainable Biofuels - RESEARCH Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve$221,000XXXX
201708cEvaluating the Use of Bison to Restore and Preserve Savanna HabitatCedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve$388,000xxx
199712bRenewable Energy Demonstration and Education in State Parks Center for Energy and Environment$230,000XX
199511e Energy Improvements in Public Ice Arenas  Center for Energy and Environment$470,000X
199909aIce Arena Design for Efficiency and Air Quality-Continuation Center for Energy and Environment$100,000X
200907cEnergy Efficient Cities   Center for Energy and Environment$2,000,000XX
201707eGeotargeted Distributed Clean Energy InitiativeCenter for Energy and Environment$800,000x
199304dThe Bus, Bike or Car Pool (B-BOP) Challenge Center for Energy and Environment$150,000X
199304aReducing Energy and CO2 Center for Energy and the Urban Environment$230,000X
200507kHydrology, Habitat, and Energy Potential of Mine Lakes Central Iron Range Initiative$500,000XXXXXX
201106cEvaluation of Switchgrass as Biofuel Crop - RESEARCH Central Lakes College$120,000XXXX
201503nDigitization of Historic Gullion Ruffed Grouse ResearchCentral Lakes College$75,000XXXX
202008dImplementing Hemp Crop Rotation to Improve Water QualityCentral Lakes College$700,000xx
201904lFarm-Ready Cover Crops for Protecting Water QualityCentral Lakes College - Ag and Energy Ctr$741,000x
202009tChippewa County Acquisition, Recreation and EducationChippewa County$160,000x
201003iEcosystem Services in Agricultural Watersheds Chippewa River Watershed Project$247,000XXXX
199504g1Local Share for ISTEA Federal Projects Chisago County$150,000X
201809eSwedish Immigrant Regional Trail Segment within Interstate State ParkChisago County Environmental Services$2,254,000x
199908fChisago Lakes Outlet Channel Project - CANCELLED Chisago County Public Works$40,000X
199911oAquaculture, Hydoponics, and Greenhouse Research Lab   Chisago Lakes High School$100,000XX
199310xPeninsula Point Two Rivers Historical Park   City of Anoka$435,000X
202104hSt. James Pit Water-Level Control StudyCity of Aurora$259,000xxx
202005eJay C. Hormel Nature Center Supplemental Teaching StaffCity of Austin$225,000x
202009vBirch Lake Recreation AreaCity of Babbit$350,000x
201909hBirch Lake Recreation Area CampgroundCity of Babbitt$350,000x
201809gProtecting Mississippi River Headwaters Lands through Local, State, and Federal PartnershipCity of Baxter$700,000x
199512bPond-Dakota Mission Restoration City of Bloomington$270,000XX
202109gCity Of Brainerd - Mississippi Landing TrailheadCity of Brainerd$2,850,000x
202209kBrookston Campground, Boat Launch, and Outdoor Recreational FacilityCity of Brookston$453,000x
202109oBrookston Campground, Boat Launch, and Outdoor Recreational Facility PlanningCity of Brookston$425,000x
1995Cannon Valley Trail RepairCity of Cannon Falls$175,000X
202108rElm Creek Habitat Restoration Final PhaseCity of Champlin$521,000xx
201608iChamplin Mill Pond Shoreland RestorationCity of Champlin$2,000,000xxx
202009jElm Creek Restoration - Phase IVCity of Champlin$500,000xx
202209dSt. Louis River Re-ConnectCity of Duluth$500,000x
201508iFlood Recovery on Sargent Creek Duluth Habitat RestorationCity of Duluth$300,000XXX
201904rSpring Biological Nitrate Removal to Protect Drinking WaterCity of Fairmont$175,000x
201909mGlacial Edge Trail and Downtown Pedestrian BridgeCity of Fergus Falls$600,000x
201609gOtter Tail River Recreational Trail AcquisitionCity of Fergus Falls$600,000x
202209mFloodwood Campground Improvement ProjectCity of Floodwood$816,000x
201809cHarmony State Trail Extension Land AcquisitionCity of Harmony$235,000x
199904fMississippi Riverfront Trail and Access City of Hastings$155,000X
202208dHastings Lake Rebecca Park AreaCity of Hastings, Parks & Recreation$1,000,000xx
202109pMoose and Seven Beaver Multiuse Trails UpgradeCity of Hoyt Lakes$900,000x
199508dMaplewood Innovative Storm Water Management Project City of Maplewood$100,000X
202208kRiver Habitat Restoration and Recreation in MelroseCity of Melrose$350,000xxxx
201908cSauk River Dam Removal and Rock Rapids ReplacementCity of Melrose$2,768,000x
199718bChippewa County Regional Trail   City of Montevideo$400,000X
202109iMoose Lake - Trunk Highway 73 TrailCity of Moose Lake$330,000x
202207bMorris GHG Emissions Inventory and Mitigation StrategiesCity of Morris$170,000xx
201907dMorris Energy and Environment Community Resilience PlanCity of Morris$150,000xx
201407fMinnesota River Water Trailhead and Landing in MortonCity of Morton$198,000XXX
202210bLeaded Gasoline Contamination AnalysisCity of Paynesville$200,000xx
200305b3.9MeCC I - Trott Brook (3.9)City of Ramsey$500,000XX
202009rRanier Safe Harbor and Transient Dock on Rainy LakeCity of Ranier$762,000x
202209nRanier Safe Harbor/Transient Dock - Phase 2City of Ranier$1,000,000x
201909pRainy Lake Recreational Access and Boat Wash StationCity of Ranier$200,000xx
201809dMississippi Blufflands State Trail - Red Wing Barn Bluff to Colvill Park SegmentCity of Red Wing$550,000x
199508ePhalen Wetland Restoration City of Saint Paul$115,000XX
199310iLilydale/Harriet Island Regional Park Trail City of Saint Paul$246,000X
199305bComo Park Replanting Program City of Saint Paul$93,000XX
199310jComo Park East Lakeshore Reclamation City of Saint Paul$163,000XX
199105iCrosby Farm Park Nature Program City of Saint Paul$85,000X
199719cOak Savannah Restoration in St. Paul Regional Parks * City of Saint Paul$200,000XXX
199904mComo Park Maintenance City of Saint Paul$500,000XX
199506oNonpoint Source Pollution Public Education Demonstration Project City of Saint Paul$100,000XX
199717ePhalen Area Wetland Restoration, Phase II City of Saint Paul$600,000XXX
201008eGet Outside - Urban Woodland for KidsCity of Saint Paul$218,000XXXX
199307mExpanded Crosby Farm Park Nature Program - Continuation City of Saint Paul$91,000XX
199713kSt. Paul & Mpls. Regional Park Urban Interpretation Program *   City of Saint Paul$200,000X
202109fSauk Rapids Lions Park Riverfront ImprovementsCity of Sauk Rapids$463,000x
200104jAcquisition and Restoration of Eagle Creek's Last Private Land City of Savage$910,000XXX
201504iShoreview Water Consumption and Groundwater Awareness ProjectCity of Shoreview$54,000XX
202209jSilver Bay Multimodal Trailhead ProjectCity of Silver Bay$1,000,000x
201406kExpansion of Greenhouse ProductionCity of Silver Bay$176,000XX
202109tHighbanks Ravine Bat Habernaculum ProjectCity of St. Cloud$825,000xxx
201609fTower Historic Harbor Trail ConnectionsCity of Tower$679,000x
201709hTower Trailhead Boat Landing and Habitat Improvement – Phase IICity of Tower$600,000x
201909lVergas Long Lake TrailCity of Vergas$290,000xx
201909kBailey Lake Trail and Fishing PierCity of Virginia$550,000x
202109rSilver Lake Trail Improvement ProjectCity of Virginia$1,071,000x
202209lSilver Lake Trail ConnectionCity of Virginia$727,000x
199310eBirch Lake Regional Bikeway/Walkway City of White Bear Lake$450,000X
199105gUpper Mississippi River Environmental Education Center - CANCELLED City of Winona$600,000X
199710eLand Use Development and Natural Resource Protection Model City of Winona$400,000X
202005cTeach Science: Schools as STEM Living LaboratoriesClimate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy$250,000x
200906fWITHDRAWN - Native Plant Biodiversity, Invasive Plant Species, and Invertebrates   Concordia College$47,000XX
202208bConservation Corps Veterans Service Corps ProgramConservation Corps Minnesota$1,339,000x
202108kWoodcrest Trail ExpansionCountry Manor Campus, LLC$16,000x
199512a Restore Historic Mississippi River Mill SiteCrown Hydro$120,000XX
202009oCrow Wing County Community Natural Area AcquisitionCrow Wing County$400,000xx
201809hProtecting North-Central Minnesota LakesCrow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District$750,000x
202108aCamp Ripley Sentinel Landscape Forest Restoration and EnhancementsCrow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District$731,000x
201608fForest Management for Mississippi River Drinking Water ProtectionCrow Wing SWCD$300,000xxx
199911iYouth Outdoor Environmental Education Program Dakota County$125,000X
199908cProtecting Dakota County Farmland and Natural Areas Dakota County$200,000XXXX
201104i2.7/3.7MeCC VI - Dakota County Riparian and Lakeshore Protection (2.7 / 3.7)Dakota County$1,035,000XXXX
200803bVermillion River Corridor Acquisition and Restoration in Dakota County Dakota County$400,000XXXX
201304d--2.6/3.7MeCC VII - 2.6 & 3.7: Dakota County Lakeshore and Riparian ProtectionDakota County$368,000XXX
202108qReintroducing Bison to Spring Lake Park ReserveDakota County$560,000xx
199912dDakota County Wetland Health Monitoring Program Dakota County Environmental Education Program$160,000XX
199311iOptical Brighteners: Indicators of Sewage Contamination of Groundwaters   Dakota County Environmental Mgmt Dept$157,000XX
199904eDakota County Bikeway Mapping Dakota County Physical Development Division$15,000XX
201605fStandards-Based Dakota Indian Land Stewardship EducationDakota Wicohan$197,000x
199511cMegawatt Hybrid Electrical Generation Simulation Project DanMar & Associates$50,000X
199307nMultiple-Use Forest Management Learning Kit Deep Portage Conservation Reserve$15,000X
201408hSolar Photovoltaic Installation at Residential Environmental Learning CentersDeep Portage, Eagle Bluff, Wolf Ridge, Long Lake, Audubon, Laurentian Environmental Learning Centers$150,000XX
202004fInnovative Solution for Protecting Minnesota from PFAS ContaminationDem-Con$250,000xx
201707dDistrict Heating with Renewable Biomass at Camp Ripley Training CenterDepartment of Military Affairs$1,000,000x
199311hSeptic System Replacement for Water Related Tourism Businesses Department of Trade and Economic Development$500,000X
200311aDodge Nature Center - Restoration Plan Dodge Nature Center$83,000XXXX
202109lLake Brophy Single-Track Trail ExpansionDouglas County$100,000x
20117Supporting Community-Driven Sustainable Bioenergy ProjectsDovetail Partners Inc$150,000XXXX
200803c3dHCP V - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$267,500XXXX
200505a3dHCP III - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$447,443XXXXX
200104e3dHCP I - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$350,000XXXXX
200505a2c3c4iHCP III - Living Lakes Enhancement/Easements/Acquisition (2c3c4i)Ducks Unlimited Inc$450,000XXX
200505a1bHCP III - Restorable Wetlands Inventory (1b)Ducks Unlimited Inc$50,000XX
200803c2c/3cHCP V - Living Lakes Enhancements and Easements (2c/3c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$330,000XXXX
201004f3cHCP VI - Shallow Lake Easements (3c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$75,000XXXX
201004f3dHCP VI - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$350,000XXXXX
200505b2.1MeCC II - Wetland Restoration and Enhancement (2.1)Ducks Unlimited Inc$200,000XXXX
200305b2.1MeCC I - Restoring Wetlands on Public Lands (2.1)Ducks Unlimited Inc$92,000XXXX
200305a3dHCP II - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$465,100XXXXX
200704b3dHCP IV - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$350,000XXXXX
200704b2c/3cHCP IV - Living Lakes Enhancements (2c/3c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$500,000XXXX
200305a2cHCP II - Wildlife Lakes Enhancement (2c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$475,500XXXX
200904e2c/3cHCP VI - Shallow Lake Enhancements and Easements (2c/3c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$475,000XXXX
200704b1bHCP IV - Restorable Wetlands Inventory (1b)Ducks Unlimited Inc$48,000XX
200903eRestorable Wetlands Inventory   Ducks Unlimited Inc$300,000XXX
201104j3cHCP VII - Shallow Lake Conservation Easements (3c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$500,000XXXX
200805eRestorable Wetlands Inventory Ducks Unlimited Inc$245,000XXX
201104j3dHCP VII - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$775,000XXXX
200104e2cHCP I - Red River Mediation Agreement (2c)Ducks Unlimited Inc$265,000XXXX
200104e2fHCP I - Wildlife Lakes Initiative (2f)Ducks Unlimited Inc$968,000XXXX
200904e3dHCP VI - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d)Ducks Unlimited Inc$420,000XXXXXX
200104fEngineering Support for Public Lands Waterfowl Projects Ducks Unlimited Inc$275,000XX
199904dMesabi Trail Connection East Range Powers Board$80,000X
199713dEnvironmental Service Learning Projects in Minneapolis Schools Eco Education$100,000X
200511cEnvironmental Problem-Solving Model for Twin Cities Schools - - GOVERNOR VETO Eco Education$75,000X
199911jTwin Cities Environmental Service Learning-Continuation Eco Education$40,000X
199512eRestoration of Historic Elba Fire Tower Elba Booster Club$73,000XXX
199709hTrout Habitat Preservation Using Alternative Watershed Management Practices *   Emmons and Olivier Resources$250,000XX
199506bEnvironmental Education Teacher Training Environmental Education Advisory Board$500,000X
199504iInteractive Multi-Media Computer Information System Explore Lake County Inc$45,000XX
202209iThe Missing Link: Gull Lake Trail, Fairview TownshipFairview Township$1,394,000x
199307oAn Outdoor Classroom to Improve Rural Environmental Education   Faribault County Environmental Learning Center$60,000X
201003jFarmland Conservation in Minnesota and the Green Acres Program Farmers Legal Action Group Inc (FLAG)$100,000XXX
199507gFillmore County Soil Survey Update Fillmore County$65,000XXX
200704b2e3HCP IV - Wild Rice Habitat Restoration (2e3)Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa Indians$21,000XXX
200803c2eHCP V - Fond du Lac - Wild Rice Habitat Restoration (2e)Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa Indians$27,000XXX
200305a2e3HCP II - Wild Rice Habitat Restoration (2e3)Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa Indians$40,850XXXX
200505a2e3HCP III - Wild Rice Habitat Restoration (2e3)Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa Indians$0XXXX
200104e2e3HCP I - Wild Rice Habitat Restoration (2e3)Fond du Lac Reservation$79,592XXXX
201407eMartin County Park and Natural Area Acquisition Fox Lake Conservation League, Inc.$435,000XXX
201403kReducing Lake Quality Impairments through Citizen ActionFreshwater Society$59,000XXX
201605hMaster Water Steward Program ExpansionFreshwater Society$116,000xx
201905bConnecting Students to the Boundary WatersFriends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness$450,000x
200904e2oHCP VI - Prairie Landscape Restoration: Oak Savanna, Grasslands, and Wetlands (2o)Friends of the Detroit Lakes Wetland Management$50,000XXX
201104j2oHCP VII - Prairie Pothole Restoration on Waterfowl Areas (2o)Friends of the Detroit Lakes Wetland Management$75,000XXX
201004f2oHCP VI - Working Lands PartnershipFriends of the Detroit Lakes Wetland Management$45,000XXX
200803c2oHCP V - Working Lands Partnership (2o)Friends of the Detroit Lakes Wetland Management$20,000XXX
202009lUpper St. Anthony Falls EnhancementsFriends of the Lock & Dam$2,800,000xxxx
201805eExpanding River Watch Program on the Minnesota River With High School TeamsFriends of the Minnesota Valley$100,000xx
200803a2.2MeCC IV - Lower MN River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement Project (2.2)Friends of the Minnesota Valley$107,000XXXX
200904f2.4MeCC V - Lower Minnesota River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement (2.4)Friends of the Minnesota Valley$90,000XXX
200505b2.4MeCC II - Lower Minnesota River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement Project (2.4)Friends of the Minnesota Valley$40,000XXX
200704c2.2MeCC III - Lower Minnesota River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement Project (2.2)Friends of the Minnesota Valley$34,000XXXX
201004g2.4MeCC V - Lower Minnesota River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement Project (2.4)Friends of the Minnesota Valley$50,000XXXX
200803a2.1MeCC IV - Restore/Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat (2.1)Friends of the Mississippi River$92,000XXXX
202008jPollinator Habitat Creation Along Urban Mississippi RiverFriends of the Mississippi River$129,000xxx
201304d-2.1/3.4MeCC VII - 2.1 & 3.4: Protect, Restore and Enhance Significant Watershed HabitatFriends of the Mississippi River$304,000XXXX
200904f2.3MeCC V - Restore & Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat (2.3)Friends of the Mississippi River$90,000XXX
202108lUrban Pollinator and Native American Cultural Site RestorationFriends of the Mississippi River$213,000xx
201508eMetro Conservation Corridors Phase VIII - Prairie, Forest, and Savanna RestorationFriends of the Mississippi River$276,000XX
201104i2.1MeCC VI - Restore and Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat (2.1)Friends of the Mississippi River$200,000XXXXX
200704c2.1MeCC III - Restore/Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat (2.1)Friends of the Mississippi River$53,000XXXX
201406gPrairie, Forest, and Savanna Restoration in Greater Metropolitan AreaFriends of the Mississippi River$200,000XX
200505b2.3MeCC II - Restore and Enhance Significant Habitat (2.3)Friends of the Mississippi River$90,000XXXX
200305b2.2MeCC I - Friends of the Mississippi (2.2)Friends of the Mississippi River$92,000XXX
201708hMississippi and Vermillion River Restoration of Prairie, Savanna, and Forest Habitat - Phase TenFriends of the Mississippi River$213,000xxx
199914eRestoring Ecological Health to St. Paul's Mississippi River Bluffs   Friends of the Parks and Trails of St Paul and Ramsey County$200,000XXX
199312iEstablishing Goose Nesting Sites in Northern Minnesota & Relocation of Giant Canada Goslings - CANCELLED Geese International Inc$21,000X
199910aGoodhue County Natural Resources Inventory and Management Plan Goodhue County Land Use Management$75,000X
201704gIdentification of Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Minnesota FishGrand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa$400,000xx
199705gNative American Perspective of the Historic North Shore Grand Portage Reservation Tribal Council$60,000XX
201406fUpland and Shoreline Restoration in Greater Metropolitan AreaGreat River Greening$300,000XXX
200505b2.5MeCC II - Restore and Enhance Significant Habitat (2.5)Great River Greening$100,000XXX
201304d-2.3MeCC VII - 2.3: Restoring Our Lands and WatersGreat River Greening$208,000XXXX
201104i2.3MeCC VI - Restoring Our Lands and Waters (2.3)Great River Greening$400,000XXX
200704c2.3MeCC III - Restore/Enhance Significant Habitat (2.3)Great River Greening$60,000XXX
200803a2.3MeCC IV - Restore/Enhance Significant Habitat (2.3)Great River Greening$111,000XXX
202008aPollinator Central: Habitat Improvement with Citizen MonitoringGreat River Greening$750,000xxx
202205dEngaging a Diverse Public in Environmental StewardshipGreat River Greening$300,000xxx
200904f2.5MeCC V - Restore & Enhance Significant Habitat (2.5)Great River Greening$155,000XXX
201708iCommunity Stewardship to Restore Urban Natural Resources - Phase TenGreat River Greening$524,000xxx
199913cGreening the Metro Mississippi-Minnesota River Valleys Great River Greening$800,000XX
201608gUpland, Wetland, and Shoreline Restoration in Greater Metropolitan AreaGreat River Greening$509,000xxxx
202108cPollinator Central II: Habitat Improvement With Community MonitoringGreat River Greening$631,000xxx
200104iBig Rivers Partnership: Helping Communities to Restore Habitat Great River Greening$910,000XX
201508fMetro Conservation Corridors Phase VIII - Enhancing Restoration Techniques for Improved Climate Resilience and Pollinator ConservationGreat River Greening$400,000XXXX
200305b2.3MeCC I - Great River Greening (2.3)Great River Greening$124,000XXX
200311bBucks and Buckthorn: Engaging Young Hunters in Restoration Great River Greening$255,000XXXXX
202205aTeacher Field School: Stewardship through Nature-Based EducationHamline University$500,000x
199713cMinnesota Frog Watch Hamline University$300,000XX
201903cQuantifying Exposure of Minnesota's Raptors to Mercury and PFASHawk Ridge Bird Observatory$250,000xx
201705fDeveloping Youth Watershed Stewardship in Northwest MinnesotaHeadwaters Science Center$121,000x
200507lHennepin County Beach Water Quality Monitoring Project Hennepin County$100,000XX
20065Land Cover Mapping for Natural Resource ProtectionHennepin County - Environmental Services$250,000X
201108cExperiential Environmental Education for Urban YouthHennepin County - Environmental Services$200,000X
200508cLand Cover Mapping for Natural Resource Protection - - GOVERNOR VETOHennepin County - Environmental Services$250,000X
199307cK-12 Prairie Wetland Field Study Program - Ecology Bus Heron Lake Environmental Learning Ctr$270,000X
201305cHeron Lake Sediment and Phosphorus Reduction Implementation ProjectsHeron Lake Watershed District$122,000XX
201306gControlling Terrestrial Invasive Plants with Grazing AnimalsHiawatha Valley Resource Conservation & Development , Inc.$52,000XXX
199308bRural County use of NAPP Flight Houston County Surveyors Office$90,000X
199505jShoreland Septic Inventory and Education - RESEARCH Hubbard County Environmental Services$145,000XXX
202209bEnvironmental Learning Classroom with TrailsIndependent School District #712, Mountain Iron Buhl Public Schools$82,000xx
200507pRestoration of Indian Lake   Indian Lake Improvement District$200,000XX
199907aGreen Forest Certification Project Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy$150,000XX
199711bPublic Access to Archaeological Knowledge   Institute for MN Archaeology$200,000XXX
199910eMinnesota Environmentally Preferable Chemicals Project Institute for Self-Reliance$150,000X
199110eLocal Geographic Information System Project International Coalition for Land and Water$143,000XX
199110dStatewide Land Use Update of MN International Coalition for Land and Water$338,000X
199911cMinnesota Wolf Public Education International Wolf Center$100,000X
201409iWolf Management Education International Wolf Center$120,000X
201605gWolf Management Education in the Classroom – Phase IIInternational Wolf Center$240,000x
199713gState Wolf Management: Electronically Moderating the Public Discussion International Wolf Center$100,000X
199506eDevelopment, Assimilation and Distribution of Wolf Educational Materials International Wolf Center$100,000X
201008jMinnesota WolfLink International Wolf Center$193,000X
201805iUpdate International Wolf Center ExhibitsInternational Wolf Center$1,000,000x
201408iItasca Community College Woody Biomass Utilization Project Design Itasca Community College$112,000XX
200105nRegional Trailhead Building Itasca County Land Department$135,000X
201105aItasca County Sensitive Lakeshore IdentificationItasca County Soil and Water Conservation District$160,000XXXX
199911lSustainability Forums Izaak Walton League of America$200,000XX
202109cSouthwest Minnesota Single-Track TrailJackson County$190,000x
199911mMinnesota River Watershed Ecology and History Exhibit Joseph R Brown Heritage Society$90,000X
199904cKabetogama to Ash River Community Trail System Kabetogama Lake Association$100,000X
199312gDeer Critical Habitat Survey - Koochiching County Koochiching County$75,000XX
199107gAspen Decay Models for Mature Aspen Stands Koochiching County$85,000X
200107bGIS Management in Koochiching County Koochiching County$70,000X
199906fLake Minnetonka Citizens Monitoring and Education Network Lake Minnetonka Association$40,000XX
199110fGIS Control Point InventoryLand Management Information Center$175,000X
199308aBase Maps for 1990's - Continuation Land Management Information Center$710,000X
199110aBase Maps for the 1990's Land Management Information Center$1,900,000X
199507eBase Maps for 1990's - Final Phase - Continuation Land Management Information Center$600,000X
199907nEconomic Analysis of Agriculture for Multiple Benefits Land Stewardship Project$200,000XX
199506sLawndale Environmental Center *   Lawndale Environmental Foundation$400,000X
202110dLegislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) AdministrationLCC $2,000x
201410cEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) Project Records System UpgradeLCCMR$100,000X
201811aWastewater Treatment System GrantsLCCMR$0x
201810Emerging Issues AccountLCCMR$439,000x
202110cEmerging Issues AccountLCCMR$233,000x
201811bWastewater Treatment System LoansLCCMR$0x
202020cEmerging Issues Account* LCCMR$284,000x
201510Emerging Issues AccountLCCMR$1,000,000XXXX
201511aLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR)LCCMR$1,072,000x
202110bLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) AdministrationLCCMR$1,750,000x
202010Wastewater Renewable Energy Demonstration GrantsLCCMR/PFA$1,095,000xx
201509jMulti-benefit Watershed Scale Conservation on North Central LakesLeech Lake Area Watershed Foundation / BWSR$950,000XX
200803c2fHCP V - Shallow Lake and Impoundment Mgmt (2f)Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe$30,000XXXX
201104j2eHCP VII - Wild Rice/Waterfowl Habitat: Enhancement & Long-term Monitoring (2e)Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe$50,000XXXX
200704b2e2HCP IV - Shallow Lake and Impoundment Management (2e2)Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe$30,000XXXX
200505a2e2HCP III - Circle of Flight (2e2)Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe$28,000XX
201004f2fHCP VI - Shallow Lake Habitat Enhancement and Wild Rice Enhancement and Monitoring (2f)Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe$50,000XXXX
201503sHabitat Mitigation for Goblin Fern ConservationLeech Lake Band of Ojibwe$61,000XXX
201709fLeech Lake AcquisitionLeech Lake Division of Resource Management$1,500,000xxx
199907iPreservation of Native Wild Rice Resource - RESEARCH - CANCELLED Leech Lake Reservation$200,000XXX
199108aPilot Fish Pond Complex for Fisheries development and Education Leech Lake Reservation$250,000XX
19932LCMR AdministrationLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$695,000X
201610bGrants Management SystemLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$75,000x
201110aLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR)Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$946,000X
201710bLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) AdministrationLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$1,200,000x
200703aLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$1,278,000X
2006 Sec. 19Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota ResourcesLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$550,000X
200610Statewide Conservation and Preservation PlanLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$300,000X
201910dGrants Management SystemLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$330,000x
19912LCMR AdministrationLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$850,000X
201910bLCCMR AdministrationLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$1,400,000x
200908bLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$1,254,000X
20087Establishment of an Emerging Issues AccountLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$155,000XXXX
200707   Establishment of an Emerging Issues AccountLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$160,000X
201308aLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources AdministrationLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$990,000X
202220bEmerging Issues AccountLegislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources$202,000x
19973LCMR AdministrationLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$776,000X
199903aLCMR AdministrationLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$867,000X
200503aLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources - - PARTIAL VETOLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$449,000X
200103aLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$1,065,000X
20054Citizen Advisory Committee   Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$20,000X
2003Subd 04  Advisory Committee   Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$45,000X
2002 Citizen Advisory Committee   Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$62,000X
200303aLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$672,000X
200303bLCMR Study Commission on the Park System Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$26,000XX
19953LCMR AdministrationLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources$702,000X
201410bLegislative Coordinating Commission Legacy Web SiteLegislative Coordinating Commission$9,000X
201910cLCC AdministrationLegislative Coordinating Commission$3,000x
201110cLCC Web SiteLegislative Coordinating Commission$3,000XX
201710cLegislative Coordinating Commission Legacy WebsiteLegislative Coordinating Commission$5,000x
199506rNey Environmental Center * Le Sueur County$100,000X
201305dSouthern Minnesota Lakes RestorationLeSueur County$463,000XX
201609dLincoln Pipestone Rural Water System Acquisition for Wellhead ProtectionLincoln Pipestone Rural Water System$1,500,000xxxx
199104aStream and Watershed Information SystemLMIC/Dept of Administration$200,000XX
199915bFreshwater Mussel Resources in the St. Croix River - RESEARCH   Macalester College$58,000XXX
202106bLong-Term Efficacy of Invasive Removal in Floodplain ForestsMacalester College$25,000x
200705eImproved River Quality Monitoring Using Airborne Remote Sensing - RESEARCH Mankato State University$159,000XX
199104bSouth Central MN Surface Water Resources Atlases and Data Base Mankato State University$300,000XX
199311eSouth Central Minnesota Groundwater Contamination Susceptibility - Continuation Mankato State University$290,000XX
200307fMaintaining Zooplankton (Daphnia) for Water Quality: Square Lake - RESEARCH   Marine-on-St Croix Water Mgmt Organization$32,000XXX
201508bPropagating Native Plants and Restoring Diverse HabitatsMartin County Soil and Water Conservation District$495,000XXXX
200803nPrairie Ecosystem RestorationMartin County Soil and Water Conservation District$80,000XX
201104nRecovery of At-Risk Native Prairie SpeciesMartin County Soil and Water Conservation District$147,000XXXXX
200905eCitizen-Based Stormwater Management Metro Blooms$279,000XXX
199310cTrail Linkages, Metropolitan Regional Network Metropolitan Council$2,327,000X
200704fMetropolitan Regional Park System Land Acquisition Metropolitan Council$2,500,000XXX
202109eMetropolitan Regional Parks System Land Acquisition- Phase VIIMetropolitan Council$2,250,000xx
199504a Metropolitan Regional Park SystemMetropolitan Council$3,950,000XXX
200507dRecycling Treated Municipal Wastewater for Industrial Water Use Metropolitan Council$300,000XX
199520bMetropolitan Regional Park Acquisition,Metropolitan Council$1,120,000XXX
199704bMetropolitan Regional Park System Metropolitan Council$3,500,000XXX
200803iMetropolitan Regional Park System Land Acquisition Metropolitan Council$1,500,000XXX
1999Sec. 03FY 99 ML 1997 Subd. 4(b) Metropolitan Regional Park SystemMetropolitan Council$0XXX
201709aMetropolitan Regional Parks System Land AcquisitionMetropolitan Council$1,500,000x
200506eMetropolitan Regional Parks Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Development Metropolitan Council$2,000,000XXX
201104cMetropolitan Regional Park System AcquisitionMetropolitan Council$2,250,000XXX
199904lMetropolitan Regional Parks Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Development Metropolitan Council$2,000,000XXX
200306dMetropolitan Regional Parks Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Metropolitan Council$3,339,000XXX
202009hMetropolitan Regional Parks System Land Acquisition - Phase VIMetropolitan Council$1,000,000xx
199310bAmericans with Disabilities Act: Retrofitting Regional Parks Metropolitan Council$220,000X
200904cMetropolitan Regional Park System Acquisition Metropolitan Council$1,290,000XXX
200105aMetropolitan Regional Parks Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Development Metropolitan Council$5,645,000XXX
201509bMetropolitan Regional Park System Land Acquisition - Phase IVMetropolitan Council $1,000,000XXX
201407bMetropolitan Regional Park System AcquisitionMetropolitan Council $1,500,000XXX
199708aToxic Emissions from Fire Training Metropolitan State University$65,000X
199304cOperational Implications of Alternate Transit Bus FuelsMetropolitan Transit Commission$78,000X
199307eEnvironmental Education Outreach Program - CANCELLED Metropolitan Waste Control Commission$215,000X
199506iInteractive Computer Exhibit on Minnesota Renewable Energy Sources Midwest Office of the Izaak Walton League of America$150,000X
199709gMiller Creek Watershed Management Miller Creek Joint Powers Board$100,000X
199112aRemediation of Soils Contaminated with Semi-Volatiles by Composting with Leaves Minneapolis Community Development Agency$135,000X
200507oBassett Creek Valley Channel Restoration Minneapolis - Dept. of Community Planning and Economic Development$175,000XX
202009eMississippi River Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Mussel ReintroductionMinneapolis Park and Recreation Board$1,800,000xxxx
199310kAcquisition of Palace Restaurant Site on Mississippi River Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$325,000X
199105hUrban Rangers Program Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$100,000X
199310fCedar Lake Trail Development Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$610,000X
199310hShingle Creek Trail Improvements Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$130,000X
199706gLakeshore Restoration - Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$300,000XX
199906hCity of the Lakes Flood Mitigation and and Flow Stream Protection   Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$500,000X
201805hExpanding Nature Knowledge and Experience with New Interactive Exhibits at North Mississippi Regional ParkMinneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$500,000x
202208iBohemian Flats Savanna RestorationMinneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$286,000x
199504fMinneapolis Park and Trail Connections Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$141,000X
199904nLuce Line Trail Connection through Wirth Park   Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$300,000X
199504kGrain Belt Mississippi Riverfront Development * Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$500,000X
199109nRestore Thomas Sadler Bird Sanctuary Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$50,000XXX
199307bDeveloping Multi-Use Urban Green Space Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$220,000XXX
199312jPrairie Ecosystem Restoration in the Minneapolis Park System Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$60,000XXX
201606gInvasive Carp Management Research in Lake Nokomis SubwatershedMinneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$189,000xxxx
199709eNorth Minneapolis Upper River Master Plan Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$300,000XX
199307iMinnehaha Park Environmental Interpretive Center Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$300,000X
202109qAbove the Falls Regional Park AcquisitionMinneapolis Parks and Recreation Board$950,000x
201503pAssessing Ecological Impact of St. Anthony Falls Lock ClosureMinneapolis Riverfront Corporation $125,000XXXXX
200305b3.3MeCC I - Trust for Public Land Critical Lands Protection Program (3.3)Minneapolis Riverfront Corporation - A Great River for a Great City$391,000XXX
199303dDemonstration of Production Scale Waste Collection in Aquaculture Minnesota Aquafarms Inc$100,000X
201903mImproving Statewide GIS Data by Restoring the Public Land SurveyMinnesota Association of County Surveyors$135,000x
200110gProject Green Start: Environmental Education Minnesota Children's Museum$340,000X
199113iOil Overcharge Program Administration Minnesota Department of Administration$200,000X
20166.00E+01Elimination of Target Invasive Plant Species - Phase IIMinnesota Department of Agriculture$511,000xxx
199505hFeedlot and Manure Management Practices Assistance - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$200,000XXX
199712hSoy-Based Diesel Fuel Study *   Minnesota Department of Agriculture$83,000X
199707eReducing Minnesota River Pollution from Lacustrine Soils - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$250,000XXX
201804jUsing Perennial Grain Crops in Wellhead Protection Areas to Protect GroundwaterMinnesota Department of Agriculture$250,000xx
201706eTactical Invasive Plant Management Plan DevelopmentMinnesota Department of Agriculture$296,000xxxxxx
199707fMercury Manometers *   Minnesota Department of Agriculture$250,000XX
200512aChildren's Environmental HealthMinnesota Department of Agriculture$200,000X
199106bReview and Evaluation of Degradation and Bioremediation of Elevated Levels of Pesticides at Spill Sites Minnesota Department of Agriculture$300,000XX
199303lDeveloping Soil Specific Nitrogen Management as a BMP   Minnesota Department of Agriculture$294,000XX
200108bAgricultural Land Preservation Minnesota Department of Agriculture$205,000XX
199303gMinnesota Aquaculture Development Program Minnesota Department of Agriculture$230,000X
201306dElimination of Target Invasive Plant SpeciesMinnesota Department of Agriculture$350,000XXX
199907lSustainable Aquaculture Development in Minnesota Minnesota Department of Agriculture$185,000X
199507kAnalysis of Lands Enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program *   Minnesota Department of Agriculture$200,000XX
201706bEmerald Ash Borer Biocontrol - Phase IIIMinnesota Department of Agriculture$729,000xxx
201906cNoxious Weed Detection and EradicationMinnesota Department of Agriculture$1,000,000xx
199303cIncreasing Utilization of Federal Cost Share Feedlot Funds Minnesota Department of Agriculture$480,000XX
200804cTesting Pesticides and Degradates in Public Drinking Water Minnesota Department of Agriculture$368,000XX
200507jImproving Impaired Watersheds: Conservation Drainage Research - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$300,000XXX
199106eNative Grass and Wildflower Seed Minnesota Department of Agriculture$130,000XXX
199312nIntegrated Control of Purple Loosestrife Minnesota Department of Agriculture$90,000XX
199513bBiological Control of Overland Spread of Oak Wilt - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$90,000XXXX
199709cReinventing the Agricultural Land Preservation Program Minnesota Department of Agriculture$100,000XXX
199106aBiological Control of Pests Minnesota Department of Agriculture$650,000XXX
201306cImproving Emerald Ash Borer Detection Efficacy for ControlMinnesota Department of Agriculture$600,000XXX
199303fAlternative Aquaculture Methods Minnesota Department of Agriculture$230,000X
201806bPalmer Amaranth Detection and Eradication ContinuationMinnesota Department of Agriculture$431,000xx
199303aBiological Control of Plant and Animal Pests - Continuation Minnesota Department of Agriculture$880,000XXX
199706bNitrate Education and Testing Minnesota Department of Agriculture$150,000XX
199907eImproved Agricultural Systems Overlying Sensitive Aquifers in Southwestern Minnesota - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$200,000XXX
199916bEvaluate establishment, impact of leafy spurge biocontrol agents Minnesota Department of Agriculture$140,000XXXX
200305i2Biological Control of European Buckthorn and Spotted Knapweed - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$89,000XXXX
200310bAdvancing Utilization of Manure Methane Digester Electrical   Minnesota Department of Agriculture$221,000XXX
201106bEmerald Ash Borer Biocontrol Research and Implementation - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Agriculture$500,000XXXX
202210kDeveloping Markets for Continuous Living Cover CropsMinnesota Department of Agriculture$500,000x
200510cManure Methane Digester Compatible Wastes and Electrical Generation Minnesota Department of Agriculture$100,000XXX
200110dIntegrated Pest Management in Schools Minnesota Department of Agriculture$180,000X
200310aCommunity Energy Development Program Minnesota Department of Commerce$519,000XX
200510aClean Energy Resource Teams and Community Wind Energy Rebate Program Minnesota Department of Commerce$700,000XX
201008gIntegrating Environmental and Outdoor Education in Grades 7-12 Minnesota Department of Education$300,000XX
199710aComparative Risks of Multiple Chemical Exposures Minnesota Department of Health$150,000XX
200312aHealthy Schools: Indoor Air Quality and Asthma Management Minnesota Department of Health$168,000X
199912fPotential for Infant Risk from Nitrate Contamination - RESEARCH Minnesota Department of Health$200,000XX
201804gCharacterize Unregulated Contaminants in Source Water and Drinking WaterMinnesota Department of Health$1,000,000xx
200312bEconomic-based Analysis of Children's Environmental Health Risks Minnesota Department of Health$95,000X
201708fPrescribed Fire Management for Roadside PrairiesMinnesota Department of Transportation$345,000xx
199113bWaste Crumb Rubber in Roadways Minnesota Department of Transportation$100,000X
199913bNational Prairie Passage-Linking Isolated Prairie Preserves Minnesota Department of Transportation$150,000X
202210cLiving Snow Fence ProgramMinnesota Department of Transportation$200,000x
202108ePrescribed-Fire Management for Roadside Prairies - Phase IIMinnesota Department of Transportation$217,000xx
199113aTraffic Signal Timing and Optimization Program Minnesota Department of Transportation$1,175,000X
199908aResources for Redevelopment: A Community Property Investigation Program Minnesota Environmental Initiative$100,000X
200305jResources for Redevelopment of Brownfields to Greenspace   Minnesota Environmental Initiative$150,000XXX
199712gEconomics for Lasting Progress Minnesota Environmental Quality Board$250,000X
199909bPromoting High Efficiency Cogeneration Minnesota Environmental Quality Board$100,000X
199505lPathways to Sustainable Development Minnesota Environmental Quality Board$200,000X
199907rOrganic Farming Training Project Minnesota Food Association$350,000X
199717aSustainable Woodlands on Private Lands Minnesota Forestry Association$875,000XXX
202009uSportsmen's Training and Developmental Learning CenterMinnesota Forest Zone Trappers Association$85,000xx
201603kEvaluate Temperature, Streamflow, and Hydrogeology Impact on Brook Trout HabitatMinnesota Geological Survey$115,000xxx
200306jFt. Ridgely Historic Site Interpretive Trail Minnesota Historical Society$150,000XXX
199103hPreservation of Historic Shipwrecks in Lake Superior Minnesota Historical Society$100,000X
199512dHeritage Trails Minnesota Historical Society$200,000XX
199310wHistorical Research and Planning for Traverse des Sioux Minnesota Historical Society$68,000X
199310vNational Register Grants Program Minnesota Historical Society$165,000X
199512fManaging Minnesota Shipwrecks Minnesota Historical Society$100,000XXX
199905aUsing National Register Properties to Interpret Minnesota History Minnesota Historical Society$90,000XX
199705dDevelopment of Birch Coulee State Historic Site Minnesota Historical Society$253,000XX
199103kFur Trade Research and Planning Minnesota Historical Society$250,000XX
199512gLac Qui Parle Mission Historic Trail *   Minnesota Historical Society$181,000XX
199905bHistoric Site Land Acquisition Minnesota Historical Society$175,000XXXX
199705bProtecting Rural Historic Landscapes in High Development Areas Minnesota Historical Society$80,000XX
199103jHistoric Records Database Minnesota Historical Society$180,000XX
199307fSummer Youth History Program Minnesota Historical Society$100,000XX
199705cJeffers Petroglyphs Environmental Assessment and Prairie Restoration Minnesota Historical Society$125,000XXXX
200105lForest History Center Interpretive Trail Minnesota Historical Society$90,000XX
199905dTraverse des Sioux Site Development Minnesota Historical Society$250,000XXXX
199910fGIS Utilization of Historic Timberland Survey Records Minnesota Historical Society$120,000XX
202106gStop Starry Invasion with Community Invasive Species ContainmentMinnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates$1,000,000xxx
201004f3aHCP VI - Shoreland Protection Project (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$102,000XXX
200904f3.2MeCC V - Protect Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements (3.2)Minnesota Land Trust$250,000XX
200803a3.2MeCC IV - Protecting Significant Habitat: Conservation Easements Acquisition (3.2)Minnesota Land Trust$225,000XX
200803a1.1MeCC IV - Coordination and Administration of MeCC Partnership (1.1)Minnesota Land Trust$470X
200803aMetro Conservation Corridors (MeCC) - Phase IV Minnesota Land Trust$3,150,000XXXXX
200904f1.1MeCC V - Mapping and Coordination (1.1)Minnesota Land Trust$100,000X
201004gMetropolitan Conservation Corridors Supplemental Minnesota Land Trust$1,750,000XXXX
199908eConservation-Based Development Program Minnesota Land Trust$150,000X
201004g3.2MeCC V - Protect Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements (3.2)Minnesota Land Trust$485,000XX
200904fMetro Conservation Corridors (MeCC) - Phase V Minnesota Land Trust$3,375,000XXXXX
200704c3.2MeCC III - Protecting Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements (3.2)Minnesota Land Trust$134,000XX
200704b3aHCP IV - Shorelands Protection Program (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$300,000XXX
200904e3aHCP VI - Shoreland Protection Project - Conservation Easements (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$210,000XXX
201104iMetropolitan Conservation Corridors (MeCC) - Phase VIMinnesota Land Trust$3,475,000XXXXXX
201104i1.1/1.2MeCC VI - Coord., Mapping & Outreach & Mapping & Database Work (1.1/1.2)Minnesota Land Trust$40,000X
201104i3.2MeCC VI - Protect Significant Habitat by Acquiring Cons. Easements (3.2)Minnesota Land Trust$400,000XX
201104j3aHCP VII - Shoreland Protection Program (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$450,000XXX
200104e3aHCP I - Shorelands Protection Program (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$900,000XXX
201304d-1.1/1.2MeCC VII - 1.1/1.2: Coordination and MappingMinnesota Land Trust$20,000X
201304d-3.2MeCC VII - 3.2: Protect Signifcant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation EasementsMinnesota Land Trust$300,000XXX
201509eMetro Conservation Corridors Phase VIII - Coordination and Mapping and Conservation EasementsMinnesota Land Trust$515,000XXX
200305a3aHCP II - Shorelands Protection Program (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$279,100XXX
200505b3.2MeCC II - Protecting Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements (3.2)Minnesota Land Trust$230,000XX
200305b3.1MeCC I - Protecting Significant Habitat by Acquiring Donated Conservation Easements (3.1)Minnesota Land Trust$230,000XX
200505a3aHCP III - Shorelands Protection Program (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$230,000XXX
200803c3aHCP V - Shorelands Protection Program (3a)Minnesota Land Trust$210,000XXX
200108cEnvironmental Practices on Dairy Farms Minnesota Milk Producers Association$245,000X
199712aSustainable Development Assistance for Municipalities through Electric Utilities Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association$240,000X
199709bEvaluation of Urban Growth Economic and Environmental Costs and Benefits - RESEARCH Minnesotans for Energy-Efficient Economy$275,000X
199506cSharing Environmental Education Knowledge Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance$200,000X
199908bTools and Training for Community-Based Planning Minnesota Planning$450,000XX
202020a2Wastewater Pond OptimizationMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$700,000x
201604mAnalyzing Alternative for Muncipal Wastewater TreatmentMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$180,000xx
200107eLake Superior Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP)   Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$87,000X
199505kAlternative Individual Sewage Treatment Systems Development and Demonstration - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$425,000XXX
199505iWater Quality Impacts of Feedlot Pollution Control Systems - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$300,000XXX
199505fAtmospheric Mercury Emissions, Deposition, and Environmental Cost Evaluation - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$575,000XX
20037.00E+02Wastewater Phosphorus Control and Reduction Initiative - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$244,000XX
201904hReducing Municipal Wastewater Mercury Pollution to Lake SuperiorMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$250,000x
199109fAquatic Invertebrate Assessment Archive Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$130,000XXX
199104hClean Water Partnership Grants to Local Units of Government Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$700,000X
202210hReplacing Failing Septic Systems to Protect GroundwaterMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$2,000,000x
199104jMitigating Mercury in Minnesota Lakes and Streams Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$300,000X
202210jPig's Eye Landfill Task ForceMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$800,000x
199104dWaterwatch - Citizen Monitoring and Protection Program Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$272,000XX
202004dDeveloping Strategies to Manage PFAS in Land-Applied BiosolidsMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$1,404,000xx
201703hGroundwater Contamination MappingMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$400,000xx
199714cWater Quality Indicators of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$250,000XX
199104cMN River Basin Water Quality Monitoring Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$700,000XX
199311aMinnesota River Implementation - Continuation Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$1,100,000XX
199508gMetropolitan Area Groundwater Model to Predict Contaminant Movement Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$250,000XX
202103fGroundwater Contamination Mapping Project - Phase IIMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$800,000xxx
200806bGlobal Warming - Reducing Carbon Footprint of Minnesota Schools   Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$750,000XX
201707bAssessment of Urban Air PollutionMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$700,000x
200805cUpdating Precipitation Intensities for Runoff Estimation and Infrastructure Designs Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$100,000X
199706aOn-Site Sewage Treatment Alternatives and Technology Transfer - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$500,000XX
199706hAtmospheric and Nonpoint Pollution Trends in Minnesota Lakes - RESEARCH   Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$325,000XX
199706eRed River Valley Planning and Management Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$375,000X
200307bAccelerating & Enhancing Surface Water Monitoring for Lakes & Streams Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$740,000XX
199906aOn-site Sewage Treatment Alternatives- Performance, Outreach and Demonstration-Continuation - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$550,000XXX
201804aPilot Program to Optimize Local Mechanical and Pond Wastewater-Treatment PlantsMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$700,000xxx
199507hMinnesota River Tile System Research - Continuation - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$150,000XXX
200906aBallast Water Sampling Method Development and Treatment Technology - RESEARCH Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$366,000XXXX
201911bOptimizing Local Mechanical and Pond Wastewater-Treatment PlantsMinnesota Pollution Control Agency$500,000x
199710bMetropolitan Area Groundwater Model Minnesota Pollution Control Agency$300,000XX
200507bAccelerating and Enhancing Surface Water Monitoring for Lakes and Streams Minnesota Pollution Control Agency / Minnesota Waters$600,000XX
199511aInter-city Electric Vehicle Transportation Demonstration - WITHDRAWN Minnesota Power$150,000X
200506dBest Management Practices for Parks and Outdoor Recreation Minnesota Recreation and Park Association$200,000XXXX
200803oBest Practices for Native Prairie Management Minnesota Recreation and Park Association$45,000XXX
199710dMinnesota River Basin Natural Resource Data Minnesota River Basin Joint Powers Board$250,000XX
199907gMinnesota River Basin Initiative: Local Leadership Minnesota River Basis Joint Powers Board$300,000XXX
202205fESTEP: Earth Science Teacher Education ProjectMinnesota Science Teachers Association$495,000x
199717hSavannah Restoration for Sharptail Grouse Minnesota Sharp-Tailed Grouse Society$30,000XX
199909cEvaluate Biodiesel Made from Waste Fats and Oils   Minnesota Soybean Growers Association$125,000X
202106aStarch Allocation Patterns of Invasive Starry Stonewort Harvested from Lake KoronisMinnesota State Colleges and Universities, Minnesota State University Mankato$101,000x
202104fAssessing Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment EfficacyMinnesota State Colleges and Universities, St. Cloud State University$419,000x
201608eControlling Reed Canary Grass to Regenerate Floodplain ForestMinnesota State Office of National Audubon Society$218,000xxx
201603jImproving Brook Trout Stream Habitat through Beaver ManagementMinnesota State University - Bemidji$225,000xxxx
201008kOnline Field Trip of Minnesota RiverMinnesota State University - Mankato$124,000X
200704jNeutralization of Reed Canary Grass Rood Exudates - RESEARCH   Minnesota State University - Mankato$115,000XXXX
201604vIntegrating Targeted Watershed Planning Tools with Citizen InvolvementMinnesota State University, Mankato - Water Resources Center$169,000xxxx
201605iPromoting Water Quality Stewardship through Student Mentoring and River MonitoringMinnesota State University - Southwest$39,000xx
201505bConnecting Students with Watersheds through Hands-On LearningMinnesota Trout Unlimited$400,000XXX
201805dConnecting Students with Water Stewardship through Hands-on LearningMinnesota Trout Unlimited$400,000x
200803c4hHCP V - MN Valley Refuge Expansion (4h)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$50,000XXXX
200803a3.3MeCC IV - MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge: Fee Acquisition (3.3)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$225,000XXX
200305b3.2MeCC I - Minnesota Valley Trust (3.2)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$290,000XXX
201509gMetro Conservation Corridors Phase VIII - Priority Expansion of Minnesota Valley National Wildlife RefugeMinnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$500,000XX
200704c3.3MeCC III - Fee Acquisition for MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge (3.3)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$210,000XXX
200505b3.3MeCC II - Fee Acquisition for Significant Habitat in the Minnesota River Valley (3.3)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$230,000XXX
201304d-3.3MeCC VII - 3.3: Priority Expansion of Minnesota Valley National Wildlife RefugeMinnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$400,000XX
201104i2.6/3.3MeCC VI - Priority Expansion and Restoration MN Valley NW Refuge (2.6/3.3)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$600,000XXX
200904f3.3MeCC V - Fee Acquisition for Minnesota Valley NWR (3.3)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$225,000XXX
200904e4hHCP VI - Acquisition for Minnesota Valley Wetland Management District (4h)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$100,000XXXX
200505a4hHCP III - Minnesota Valley Refuge Expansion (4h)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$126,878XXXX
200704b4hHCP IV - MN Valley Refuge Expansion (4h)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$100,000XXXX
200305a4hHCP II - Wetland Protection (4h)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$98,300XXXX
201004g3.3MeCC V - Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Fee Title Acquisition (3.3)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$325,000XXX
201104j4hHCP VII - Priority Acquisition, MN Valley Wetland Management District (4h)Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust Inc$400,000XXXX
202005dMentoring Next Generation of Conservation ProfessionalsMinnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc.$500,000x
201405nExpansion of Minnesota Wildflowers Online Botanical ReferenceMinnesota Wildflowers Information$150,000XX
200110fConnecting with Wildlife at the Minnesota Zoo Minnesota Zoo$230,000X
201908aSaving Endangered Pollinators through Data-Driven Prairie RestorationMinnesota Zoo$800,000xx
202005iDriving Conservation Behavior for Native Mussels and Water QualityMinnesota Zoo$191,000xxx
201903pUnlocking the Science of Minnesota's Moose DeclineMinnesota Zoo$199,000xx
201605eWildlife and Habitat Conservation Education for Southwest Minnesota High SchoolsMinnesota Zoological Garden$147,000x
201803kConserving Minnesota’s Nine Species of Freshwater TurtlesMinnesota Zoological Garden$300,000xx
201704cRearing Native Mussels for Reintroduction and Expanding Water Quality AwarenessMinnesota Zoological Garden$591,000xxx
201603c1Prairie Butterfly Conservation, Research, and Breeding - Phase IIMinnesota Zoological Garden$421,000xxx
201405jImperiled Prairie Butterfly Conservation, Research, and Breeding ProgramMinnesota Zoological Garden MN DNR$625,000XXX
202103dImproving Resiliency and Conservation Outcomes For Minnesota TurtlesMinnesota Zoological Society$391,000xx
202003fExpanding Restoration and Promoting Awareness of Native MusselsMinnesota Zoological Society$489,000xxx
199505mUpper Mississippi River Protection Project Mississippi Headwaters Board$200,000XX
200106eMississippi Headwaters Board Environmental Economic Assessments   Mississippi Headwaters Board$100,000XX
202009mWhiskey Creek and Mississippi River Water Quality, Habitat, and RecreationMississippi Headwaters Board$500,000xx
201905cMississippi National River and Recreation Area Forest RestorationMississippi Park Connection$199,000xxx
199706dEvaluation of Watershed-Based Watershed District Management MN Association of Watershed Districts$150,000XX
202008bPollinator and Beneficial Insect Strategic Habitat ProgramMN Board of Water and Soil Resources$750,000xxx
199911kMinnesota Whitetail Deer Resource Center Exhibits - CANCELLED MN Deer Hunters Association$400,000X
200505a2aHCP III - Hides for Habitat-Restoration (2a)MN Deer Hunters Association$50,000XXX
200904e2aHCP VI - Melvin Slough Landscape Restoration (2a)MN Deer Hunters Association$50,000XXX
200803c2aHCP V - Hides-For-Habitat Restoration (2a)MN Deer Hunters Association$30,000XXX
200704b2aHCP IV - Hides for Habitat Restoration (2a)MN Deer Hunters Association$75,000XXX
200305a2a/4dHCP II - Hides for Habitat (2a4d)MN Deer Hunters Association$147,920XXX
200104e2aHCP I - Hides for Habitat (2a)MN Deer Hunters Association$40,540XXX
199506pWhitetail Deer Resource Center MN Deer Hunters Association$50,000X
200104e4dHCP I - Hides for Habitat (4d)MN Deer Hunters Association$210,000XXX
201404dBiosurveillance and Biocontrol of Emerald Ash Borer - Phase 2 MN Department of Agriculture$447,000XXXX
199105aState Environmental Education Program MN Dept. of Education$790,000X
201306bDetection and Monitoring of Asian Carp PopulationsMN DNR$540,000XXXX
199103aOff-Highway Vehicle Recreation AreasMN DNR$75,000X
199103bSuperior Hiking Trail MN DNR$400,000X
199103cLocal River Planning MN DNR$400,000XX
199103dAccess to Lakes and RiversMN DNR$1,000,000X
199103fMississippi River Valley Blufflands Initiative MN DNR$150,000XXX
199103iLand and Water Conservation Fund Administration MN DNR$84,000XX
199103lMystery Cave Resource EvaluationMN DNR$150,000XXX
199103mRails-to-Trails Acquisition and Development MN DNR$1,000,000X
199104mLake Mille Lacs Public Land Use - CANCELLED MN DNR$20,000XX
199104nEcological Evaluation of Year-Round Aeration MN DNR$100,000X
199105dIntegrated Resource Management Education and Training Program MN DNR$300,000X
199105jYouth in Natural Resources MN DNR$250,000X
199107aMN Old-Growth Forests: Characterization & Identification MN DNR$150,000XXX
199107cState Forest Land Acquisition MN DNR$500,000XXXX
199108cUrban Aquatic Education Program MN DNR$340,000X
199108dCatch & Release Program MN DNR$35,000X
199108eMetropolitan Lakes Fishing Opportunities Study MN DNR$75,000X
199108fLake Minnetonka Bass Tracking MN DNR$85,000X
199108g Stocking Survey  MN DNR$35,000X
199109aInsecticide Impact on Wetland and Upland Wildlife MN DNR$650,000XX
199109bBiological Control of Ecologically Harmful Exotic Species: Eurasian Watermilfoil MN DNR$100,000XXX
199109dMN County Biological SurveyMN DNR$1,000,000XXX
199109gWetlands Forum - CANCELLED MN DNR$40,000XX
199109iSwan and Heron Lake Area Projects MN DNR$1,000,000XXX
199109kScientific and Natural Areas Acquisition and Betterment MN DNR$300,000XXX
199109mPartnership for Accelerated Wild Turkey Management MN DNR$50,000XX
199109oEffects of Change in the Forest Ecosystem on the Biodiversity of Minnesota's Northern Forest Birds MN DNR$300,000XX
199110cStatewide National Wetlands Inventory, Protected Water Inventory, and Watershed Map Digitization MN DNR$750,000XX
199113hTree and Shrub Planting for Energy MN DNR$1,250,000X
199305aDevelopment of Tree Seed Orchard Complex MN DNR$80,000X
199306aMinnesota County Biological Survey - Continuation MN DNR$900,000XXX
199306bMinnesota's Forest-Bird Diversity Initiative - Continuation MN DNR$500,000XX
199306cDescription and Evaluation of Minnesota Old Growth Forests - Continuation MN DNR$250,000XXX
199306dMississippi Headwaters River Inquiry and Education Project MN DNR$75,000XX
199306eAnadromous Fish MonitoringMN DNR$137,000XX
199306fLand and Water Conservation Fund Administration - Continuation   MN DNR$80,000XX
199310aState Park Betterment MN DNR$3,000,000X
199310dInitiate Gateway Segment of the Willard Munger State Trail Into Downtown St. Paul MN DNR$254,000X
199310gState Trail Development - Continuation MN DNR$2,327,000X
199310lAccess to Lakes and Rivers - Continuation MN DNR$1,000,000X
199310mSaint Louis River Land Acquisition MN DNR$1,000,000XX
199310nLake Minnetonka Water Access Acquisition MN DNR$944,000X
199310oLake Superior Safe Harbors - Continuation MN DNR$1,000,000X
199310pCooperative Trails Grant Program MN DNR$800,000X
199310tEnhanced Recreational Opportunities for Southeast Asian Ethnic Communities MN DNR$300,000XX
199311bLocal River Planning - Continuation MN DNR$480,000XX
199311dStream Flow Protection MN DNR$280,000XXX
199311fLake/Ground Water Interaction Study at White Bear Lake MN DNR$228,000XX
199312aRIM - Critical Habitat Match, Scientific & Natural Areas, Wildlife & Prairie Acquisition - Continuation MN DNR$4,000,000XX
199312bRIM - Wildlife Habitat Stewardship and Property Development MN DNR$900,000XX
199312cRIM - Statewide Fisheries Habitat Development MN DNR$687,000XX
199312fNiemackl Watershed Restoration MN DNR$500,000XXXX
199312hRIM - Fisheries Acquisition for Angler Access and Habitat Development MN DNR$300,000XX
199312lBiological Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil and Purple Loosestrife - Continuation MN DNR$400,000XXX
199504bState Park and Recreation Area Acquisition, Development, Betterment and Rehabilitation MN DNR$3,150,000XXX
199504cState Trail Rehabilitation and Acquisition MN DNR$250,000X
199504dWater Access MN DNR$600,000X
199504eLocal Natural Resource Grants MN DNR$1,800,000X
199504jUpper Sioux Agency State Park * MN DNR$200,000X
199504lWildcat Regional Park *   MN DNR$40,000X
199505aLocal River Planning - Continuation MN DNR$140,000XX
199505cTri-County Leach Lake Watershed Project MN DNR$300,000XX
199505dBlufflands Landscape MN DNR$630,000XX
199505eGlacial Lake Agassiz Beach Ridges: Mining and Protection MN DNR$85,000XXX
199505nForest Management to Maintain Structural and Species Diversity - RESEARCH MN DNR$160,000XXX
199505oAccelerated Native Grass and Forbs on Road Rights-of-Way MN DNR$150,000XX
199505pAccelerate Landscape Management Activities in Whitewater Watershed MN DNR$60,000XX
199505qSustainable Grassland Conservation and Utilization MN DNR$125,000X
199506mEnhanced Natural Resource Opportunities for Asian-Pacific Minnesotans MN DNR$150,000X
199506nDeliver Ecological Information and Technical Assistance to Local Governments MN DNR$100,000X
199507aEnvironmental Indicators Initiative MN DNR$350,000X
199507cCounty Biological Survey - Continuation MN DNR$900,000XXX
199507dForest Bird Diversity Initiative - Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$400,000XX
199508cReleaf: Planting for Energy Conservation in Communities MN DNR$400,000X
199509aStatewide Experimental Fishing RegulationsMN DNR$650,000XX
199509bRIM - Accelerate Fisheries Acquisition for Angler Access MN DNR$300,000XX
199509cRIM - Accelerate Fisheries Habitat Development, Hatchery Rehabilitation and Streamflow Protection   MN DNR$1,000,000XXX
199510aRIM - Accelerate Wildlife Acquisition MN DNR$650,000XX
199510b RIM - Accelerate Critical Habitat Match ProgramMN DNR$250,000XX
199510cRIM - Accelerate Wildlife Habitat Stewardship MN DNR$450,000XX
199513aBiological Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil and Purple Loosestrife - Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$300,000XXXXX
199520aState Park and Recreation Area Acquisition MN DNR$1,120,000XXX
199704aState Park & Recreation Area Acquisition, Development, Betterment & Rehabilitation MN DNR$3,500,000XXX
199704cLocal Initiatives Grants Program MN DNR$2,900,000XXX
199704dBorder to Border Trail Study *   MN DNR$100,000XX
199705aFt. Snelling State Park - Upper Bluff Utilization and AYH Hostel MN DNR$250,000XX
199707dPrairie-Grassland Landscapes MN DNR$125,000XXXX
199710cWolf Management Plan MN DNR$100,000XX
199711aFoundations to Integrated Access to Environmental Information MN DNR$650,000XX
199714aEnvironmental Indicators Initiative - Continuation MN DNR$250,000X
199714bMinnesota's Forest Bird Diversity Initiative- Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$350,000XX
199714dStream Habitat Protection: Continuation MN DNR$225,000XXX
199716aSand Dunes State Forest Acquisition MN DNR$400,000XXX
199717iRIM - Critical Habitat Acquisition and Enhancement MN DNR$630,000XX
199717jRIM - Wildlife Habitat Stewardship MN DNR$400,000XX
199717kRIM - Scientific and Natural Area Acquisition MN DNR$200,000XX
199717lRIM - Wildlife Habitat Acquisition MN DNR$500,000XX
199717mRIM - Accelerate Fisheries Acquisition MN DNR$567,000XX
199717nMinnesota County Biological Survey - Continuation MN DNR$1,200,000XXX
199717oFishing Pier and Public Shore Access MN DNR$355,000X
199717pPublic Boat Access MN DNR$350,000X
199717qRIM - Fisheries Statewide Hatchery Rehabilitation   MN DNR$400,000XX
199719aMinnesota Releaf Tree Planting and Preservation Grant Program MN DNR$300,000XXXX
199720aBallast Water Technology Demonstration for Exotic Species Control - RESEARCH MN DNR$250,000XXXX
199720bBiological Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil & Purple Loosestrife - Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$150,000XXXXX
199904aLocal Initiatives Grants Program MN DNR$5,117,000XXX
199904gManagement and Restoration of Natural Plant Communities on State Trails MN DNR$150,000XXX
199904hGitchi-Gami State Trail MN DNR$550,000X
199904jFt. Snelling State Park-Upper Bluff Implementation-Continuation MN DNR$100,000XX
199907cMinnesota Wildlife Tourism Initiative MN DNR$250,000XX
199910bPublic Access to Mineral Knowledge MN DNR$100,000XXX
199910hWinter Severity Index for Deer - RESEARCH   MN DNR$60,000XX
199911dBear Center MN DNR$20,000X
199911hDevelopment and Rehabilitation of Recreational Shooting Ranges MN DNR$350,000X
199912bMinnesota County Biological Survey - Continuation MN DNR$1,600,000XXX
199912cEnvironmental Indicators Initiative - Continuation MN DNR$400,000X
199912hMinnesota's Forest Bird Diversity Initiative - Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$350,000XX
199913aSustainable Woodlands and Prairies on Private Lands - Continuation MN DNR$450,000XXXX
199913fPublic Boat Access and Fishing Piers MN DNR$1,310,000X
199913hNative Prairie Prescribed Burns MN DNR$400,000XX
199913jRIM Shoreland Stabilization MN DNR$350,000XXX
199913kEnhancing Canada Goose Hunting Opportunities for Recreation and Management Purposes MN DNR$340,000X
199913lNongame Wildlife Match Account MN DNR$470,000X
199913m  Wildlife Habitat Acquisition and Development - Chub Lake MN DNR$300,000XX
199914aMinnesota ReLeaf Matching Grant Program - Continuation MN DNR$850,000X
199914cLakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality Initiative MN DNR$140,000XXXX
199915aMussel Resource Survey MN DNR$400,000XX
199916aBiological Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil and Purple Loosestrife - Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$150,000XXXXX
200103bPass Through Administration MN DNR$150,000X
200103cLAWCON administration   MN DNR$320,000X
200104aForest and Prairie Stewardship of Private Lands MN DNR$545,000XXXX
200104bState Fish Hatchery Rehabilitation MN DNR$145,000X
200104cEnhancing Canada Goose Hunting and Management MN DNR$340,000X
200104dBiological Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil and Purple Loosestrife-Continuation - RESEARCH MN DNR$90,000XXXXX
200104e2dHCP I - Shallow Lakes Management (2d)MN DNR$350,000XXXX
200104e2gHCP I - Wildlife Areas Management (2g)MN DNR$609,000XXX
200104e2hHCP I - Fisheries Habitat Improvement and Restorations (2h)MN DNR$250,000XXXX
200104e2jHCP I - Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality Phase I (2j)MN DNR$331,000XXXX
200104e2kHCP I - Prairie Restoration (2k)MN DNR$36,250XX
200104e2l/3fHCP I - Conservation Reserve Program (2l/3f)MN DNR$120,000XX
200104e3bHCP I - Big Woods Heritage Forest (3b)MN DNR$500,000XXX
200104e3cHCP I - Fisheries Conservation Easements (3c)MN DNR$500,000XXXX
200104e3gHCP I - Native Priaire Bank (3g)MN DNR$300,000XX
200104e4bHCP I - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$1,500,000XXXX
200104gMetro Greenways MN DNR$2,730,000XXXX
200104hAcquisition of Lands as Scientific and Natural Areas MN DNR$455,000XXX
200104kNeighborhood Wilds Program   MN DNR$135,000XX
200105bLocal Grants Initiative Program Outdoor Recreation Grants MN DNR$5,080,000XXX
200105cRegional and Local Trail Grants (Part of Local Grants Initiative) MN DNR$1,000,000XX
200105eWater Recreation:Boat Access, Fishing Piers and Shorefishing MN DNR$910,000X
200105fGrays Bay, Lake Minnetonka Public Water Access MN DNR$2,850,000X
200105gMcQuade Small Craft Harbor MN DNR$500,000X
200105iGateway Trail Bridge MN DNR$530,000X
200105jState Trail Projects MN DNR$910,000X
200105kGitchi Gami State Trail MN DNR$1,000,000X
200105oDevelopment and Rehabilitation of Recreational Shooting Ranges MN DNR$910,000X
200105pState Park & Recreation Area Land Acquisition MN DNR$1,726,000XXX
200105qLAWCON   MN DNR$744,000XX
200107aHydraulic Impacts of Quarries and Gravel Pits - RESEARCH MN DNR$320,000XXX
200107dCounty Biological Survey-Continuation MN DNR$800,000XXX
200303cContract Administration   MN DNR$120,000X
200305a2dHCP II - Shallow Lakes Management (2d)MN DNR$98,300XXXX
200305a2gHCP II - Wildlife Areas Mangement (2g)MN DNR$95,350XXX
200305a2jHCP II - Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality (2j)MN DNR$223,100XXXX
200305a3bHCP II - Forest Legacy (3b)MN DNR$145,500XXXX
200305a3gHCP II - Native Prairie Bank (3g)MN DNR$191,600XXX
200305a4bHCP II - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$600,000XXXX
200305a4iHCP II - Professional Services (4i)MN DNR$28,000XX
200305bMetropolitan Area Wildlife Corridors MN DNR$4,850,000XXXXXX
200305b1.1MeCC I - Develop and Coordinate MAWC program (1.1)MN DNR$128,000XXXXX
200305b2.5/3.7MeCC I - Metro Greenways - Restore/Acquire Significant Habitat (2.5/3.7)MN DNR$1,089,000XXX
200305b3.4MeCC I - Scientific and Natural Areas Acquisition (3.4)MN DNR$264,000XXX
200305b3.5MeCC I - Fisheries Land Acquisition (3.5)MN DNR$384,000XXXX
200305b3.6MeCC I - Forest Legacy (3.6)MN DNR$197,000XXXX
200305b3.8MeCC I - Wildlife Management Area Acquisition (3.8)MN DNR$269,000XXX
200305cRestoring RIM Match MN DNR$400,000XX
200305dAcquisition & Development of Scientific and Natural Areas MN DNR$480,000XXX
200305eForest and Prairie Stewardship of Public & Private Lands MN DNR$392,000XXXX
200305fLocal Initiative Grants (Conservation Partners & Env. Partnerships) MN DNR$512,000XXX
200305gMinnesota ReLeaf Community Forest Development and Protection MN DNR$514,000XXXX
200305i1Biological Control of European Buckthorn and Spotted Knapweed - RESEARCH MN DNR$109,000XXXX
200306aState Park and Recreation Area Land Acquisition MN DNR$1,500,000XXX
200306bLAWCON Federal Reimbursements MN DNR$2,000,000XXX
200306cLocal Initiative Grants (Parks and Natural Areas) MN DNR$2,579,000XXX
200306eLocal and Regional Trail Grant Initiative Program MN DNR$320,000X
200306fGitchi-Gami State Trail MN DNR$1,300,000X
200306gWater Recreation: Boat Access, Fishing Piers & Shorefishing MN DNR$1,150,000X
200306kDevelopment and Rehabilitation of Minnesota Shooting Ranges MN DNR$240,000X
200308aMinnesota County Biological Survey MN DNR$900,000XXX
200308c1Mesabi Iron Range Geologic & Hydrologic Maps & Data Bases MN DNR$115,000XXX
200503bContract Administration   MN DNR$150,000X
200505a2dHCP III - Shallow Lakes Management (2d)MN DNR$98,000XXX
200505a2gHCP III - Wildlife Areas Management (2g)MN DNR$125,000XXX
200505a2jHCP III - Lakescaping (2j)MN DNR$205,000XXXX
200505a2kHCP III - Prairie Management (2k)MN DNR$133,000XX
200505a3bHCP III - Forest Legacy (3b)MN DNR$80,000XXXX
200505a4bHCP III - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$280,000XXXX
200505a4jHCP III - Professional Services (4j)MN DNR$27,350XX
200505bMetropolitan Area Wildlife Corridors - Phase II MN DNR$3,530,000XXXXXX
200505b1.1MeCC II - Development and Coordination (1.1)MN DNR$160,000X
200505b2.6/3.4MeCC II - Habitat Restoration/Enhancement/Acquisition Grants (2.6/3.4)MN DNR$1,200,000XXX
200505b2.7/3.6MeCC II - SNA Restoration/Enhancement/Acquisition (2.7/3.6)MN DNR$300,000XXX
200505b3.5MeCC II - DNR Fish and Wildlife Acquisition & Development (3.5)MN DNR$290,000XXX
200505b3.7MeCC II - Forest Legacy Conservation Easement Acquisition (3.7)MN DNR$20,000XXXX
200505cDevelopment of Scientific and Natural Areas MN DNR$134,000XXX
200505dPrairie Stewardship of Private Lands MN DNR$100,000XXXXX
200505eLocal Initiative Grants - Conservation Partners and Environmental Partnerships MN DNR$500,000XXXX
200505fMinnesota Releaf Community Forest Development & Protection MN DNR$500,000XXXX
200505hBiological Control of European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard - RESEARCH MN DNR$200,000XXX
200506aState Park and Recreation Area Land Acquisition MN DNR$2,000,000XXX
200506bLAWCON Federal Reimbursements MN DNR$1,600,000XXX
200506cState Park and Recreation Area Revenue-Enhancing Development - - GOVERNOR VETO MN DNR$200,000
200506fGitchi-Gami State Trail MN DNR$500,000X
200506gCasey Jones State Trail MN DNR$1,200,000X
200506hPaul Bunyan State Trail Connection MN DNR$400,000X
200506jLocal Initiative Grants-Parks and Natural Areas MN DNR$1,200,000XXX
200506lLocal and Regional Trail Grant Initiative Program MN DNR$700,000X
200506qDevelopment and Rehabilitation of Minnesota Shooting Ranges MN DNR$300,000X
200508aMinnesota Biological Survey MN DNR$1,000,000XXX
200509aCompleting Third-Party Certification of DNR Forest Lands MN DNR$250,000XX
200509cSustainable Management of Private Forest Lands MN DNR$874,000XXXXX
20069Riparian Land AcquisitionMN DNR$640,000XXX
200611Forest LegacyMN DNR$500,000XXX
200703bContract Administration   MN DNR$40,000X
200704aForest Legacy Conservation Easements MN DNR$2,000,000XX
200704b2dHCP IV - Shallow Lakes Assessment and Management (2d)MN DNR$98,000XXXX
200704b2gHCP IV - Wildlife Areas Management (2g)MN DNR$50,000XXX
200704b2hHCP IV - Fish Habitat Restoration (2h)MN DNR$280,000XXXX
200704b2jHCP IV - Lakescaping (2j)MN DNR$100,000XXXX
200704b2kHCP IV - Prairie Management (2k)MN DNR$100,000XX
200704b4bHCP IV - Fisheries Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$500,000XXXX
200704b4iHCP IV - Habitat Acquisition - Professional Services (4i)MN DNR$50,000XX
200704cMetro Conservation Corridors (MeCC) - Phase III MN DNR$2,500,000XXXXX
200704c1.1MeCC III - Coordination of MeCC program (1.1)MN DNR$165,000X
200704c2.4/3.4/4.1MeCC III - Habitat Restoration/Enhance Grants and Acquisition (2.4/3.4)MN DNR$944,000XXX
200704c2.5/3.6MeCC III - Scientific & Natural Area (SNA) Restoration & Enhancement & Acquisition(2.5/3.6)MN DNR$243,000XXX
200704c3.5MeCC III - DNR Fish & Wildlife Acquisition (3.5)MN DNR$172,000XXX
200704dPrairie Stewardship Assistance for Private Landowners MN DNR$220,000XXXXX
200704eState Parks and Trails Land Acquisition MN DNR$1,500,000XXX
200704gNon-Metropolitan Regional Parks and Natural Scenic Area Acquisition MN DNR$1,000,000XXX
200704hLAWCON Federal Reimbursement MN DNR$500,000XX
200704iBiological Control of European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard - RESEARCH MN DNR$300,000XXXXX
200705hIntra-Lake Zoning to Protect Sensitive Lakeshore Areas MN DNR$110,000XXX
200706aMinnesota County Biological Survey MN DNR$1,500,000XXX
200803a2.4/3.4/4.1MeCC IV - Grants: Habitat Restoration/Enhancements (2.4/3.4/4.1)MN DNR$950,000XXX
200803a2.5/3.6MeCC IV - Scientific & Natural Areas Restoration and Enhancements and Fee Title Acquisition (2.5/3.6)MN DNR$515,000XXX
200803a3.5MeCC IV - DNR Fish & Wildlife: Fee Title and Conservation Easement Acquisition (3.5)MN DNR$400,000XXXX
200803c2dHCP V - Shallow Lakes Management (2d)MN DNR$73,500XXXX
200803c2gHCP V - Wildlife Areas Management (2g)MN DNR$30,000XXX
200803c2hHCP V - Fisheries Habitat Restoration (2h)MN DNR$200,000XXXX
200803c2jHCP V - Lakescaping (2j)MN DNR$75,000XXXX
200803c2kHCP V - Prairie Management (2k)MN DNR$75,000XX
200803c4bHCP V - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$250,000XXXX
200803c4iHCP V - Professional Services (4i)MN DNR$30,000XX
200803fScientific and Natural Area Acquisition MN DNR$1,000,000XXX
200803gState Land Acquisition Consolidation MN DNR$500,000XXX
200803hState Park and Trail Land Acquisition MN DNR$1,500,000XXX
200803jLocal Initiative Grants - Regional Parks and Natural Areas MN DNR$1,000,000XXX
200803kConservation Partners/Environmental Partnerships Matching Grant Program MN DNR$150,000XXX
200803mAccelerated Prairie Management, Survey, Acquisition and Evaluation MN DNR$1,250,000XXXX
200804eIntra-Lake Zoning to Protect Sensitive Lakeshore Areas MN DNR$125,000XX
200804fNative Shoreland Buffer Incentives ProgramMN DNR$225,000XX
200805aUpdating the National Wetlands Inventory for Minnesota MN DNR$550,000XX
200805hConservation Easement Stewardship and Enforcement Program Plan   MN DNR$520,000X
200903aMinnesota County Biological Survey MN DNR$2,100,000XXX
200904aState Parks Acquisition MN DNR$590,000XXX
200904bState Trail Acquisition MN DNR$1,000,000X
200904dStatewide Scientific and Natural Area Acquisition and Restoration MN DNR$590,000XXX
200904e2dHCP VI - Shallow Lake Assessment & Management (2d)MN DNR$145,000XXXX
200904e2gHCP VI - Wildlife Areas Management (2g)MN DNR$50,000XXX
200904e2hHCP VI - Fisheries Habitat Restoration (2h)MN DNR$100,000XXXX
200904e2jHCP VI - Lakescaping for Wildlife & Water Quality (2j)MN DNR$75,000XXXX
200904e2kHCP VI - Prairie Management (2k)MN DNR$75,000XX
200904e4bHCP VI - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$300,000XXXX
200904e4iHCP VI - Professional Services (4i)MN DNR$25,000XX
200904f2.6/3.4/4.1MeCC V - Grants for Restoration, Acquisition, Easements, and Other Conservation Tools (2.6/3.4/4.1)MN DNR$1,175,000XXX
200904f2.7/3.6MeCC V - Metro SNA Acquisition, Restoration & Enhancement (2.7/3.6)MN DNR$410,000XXX
200904f2.9/3.5MeCC V - Stream Habitat Restoration and Land Acquisition (2.9/3.5)MN DNR$500,000XXXX
200904jLand and Water Conservation Account (LAWCON) Federal Reimbursement   MN DNR$400,000XX
200905cCooperative Habitat Research in Deep Lakes - RESEARCH MN DNR$825,000XXXX
200908aContract ManagementMN DNR$158,000X
201003bUpdating the Minnesota Wetlands Inventory: Phase 2 MN DNR$1,100,000XX
201004bScientific and Natural Areas and Native Prairie Restoration, Enhancement & Acquisition MN DNR$1,750,000XXXXX
201004cState Park ImprovementsMN DNR$814,000XX
201004dState Park Land Acquisition MN DNR$1,750,000XXX
201004f2dHCP VI - Shallow Lake Assessment & Management (2d)MN DNR$45,000XXXX
201004f2hHCP VI - Fisheries Habitat Restoration (2h)MN DNR$100,000XXXX
201004f2kHCP VI - Prairie Management (2k)MN DNR$63,000XX
201004f4bHCP VI - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b)MN DNR$100,000XXXX
201005bManaging Mineland Sulfate Release in the Saint Louis River Basin - RESEARCH MN DNR$270,000XXXX
201005gAssessment of Shallow Lake Management - RESEARCH MN DNR$262,000XXXX
201006aBiological Control of European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard - RESEARCH MN DNR$300,000XXX
201007cLinking Habitat Restoration to Bioenergy and Local Economies MN DNR$600,000XXX
201008cConnecting Youth with NatureMN DNR$160,000X
201008fExpanding Outdoor Classrooms at Minnesota Schools MN DNR$300,000XXX
201103aMinnesota County Biological Survey MN DNR$2,250,000XXXX
201103b2County Geologic Atlases for Sustainaable Water ManagementMN DNR$600,000XX
201103dUpdating the National Wetland Inventory for Minnesota - Phase IIIMN DNR$1,500,000XX
201103fDetermining Causes of Mortality in Moose Populations - RESEARCH MN DNR$600,000XX
201103jInformation System for Wildlife and Aquatic Management AreasMN DNR$500,000XX
201104aState Park and Recreation Area OperationsMN DNR$3,627,000X
201104bState Parks and Trails Land AcquisitionMN DNR$3,000,000XXX
201104dRegional Park, Trail, and Connections Acquisition and Development GrantsMN DNR$2,000,000XXX
201104eScientific and Natural Area Acquisition and RestorationMN DNR$1,640,000XXXXX
201104hNative Prairie Stewardship and Native Prairie Bank AcquisitionMN DNR$1,000,000XXX
201104i3.5MeCC VI - Aquatic Management Area Acquisition (3.5)MN DNR$300,000XXXX
201104j2gHCP VII - Restoration & Management - Wildlife Management Areas (2g)MN DNR$30,000XXX
201104j2hHCP VII - Restoration & Management - DNR Fisheries (2h)MN DNR$200,000XXXX
201104j4iHCP VII - Habitat Acquisition – DNR Professional Services (4i)MN DNR$20,000XX
201104kNatural and Scenic Area Acquisition GrantsMN DNR$1,000,000XXX
201104mConservation Easement Stewardship and Enforcement Program - Phase IIMN DNR$500,000XXX
201104qRestoration Strategies for Ditched Peatland Scientific and Natural Areas - RESEARCH MN DNR$200,000XXXX
201104sLand and Water Conservation Account (LAWCON) Federal ReimbursementMN DNR$750,000XX
201105b1Trout Stream Springshed Mapping in Southeast Minnesota - Phase IIIMN DNR$220,000XXX
201109bChronic Wasting Disease and Animal HealthMN DNR$1,200,000XX
201109cAquatic Invasive SpeciesMN DNR$5,690,000XXXXX
201110bContract AdministrationMN DNR$175,000X
201303aMinnesota Biological SurveyMN DNR$2,650,000XXXX
201303cCounty Geologic Atlas - Part BMN DNR$1,200,000XX
201303dUpdating the National Wetland Inventory for Minnesota ‐ Phase IVMN DNR$1,000,000XX
201303eConservation Easement Stewardship Program - Phase IIIMN DNR$200,000XXX
201304aState Parks and State Trails Land AcquisitionMN DNR$1,000,000XXX
201304bScientific and Natural Areas Restoration, Enhancement and Citizen EngagementMN DNR$1,500,000XXXXX
201304cNative Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement AcquisitionMN DNR$750,000XXX
201304iConservation Grazing to Improve Wildlife Habitat on Wildlife Management AreasMN DNR$600,000XX
201305aSustaining Lakes in a Changing Environment - Phase II - RESEARCH MN DNR$1,200,000XXXX
201306eBiological Control of Garlic Mustard - RESEARCH MN DNR$140,000XXX
201308bContract ManagementMN DNR$135,000X
201405bState Spring Inventory for Resource Management and ProtectionMN DNR$200,000XX
201405gAssessing Contaminants in Minnesota’s Loons and Pelicans – Phase 2MN DNR$260,000XX
201405iWild Bee Pollinator Surveys in Prairie-Grassland HabitatsMN DNR$370,000XX
201405mMoose Decline and Air Temperatures in Northeastern MinnesotaMN DNR$600,000XX
201407aScientific and Natural Area Acquisition, Restoration, Improvement and Citizen EngagementMN DNR$2,540,000XXXXX
201410aContract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000X
201503bCounty Geologic Atlases - Part BMN DNR$2,000,000XX
201503cMinnesota Biological Survey MN DNR$2,450,000XXXX
201503eUpdating the National Wetland Inventory for Minnesota - Phase VMN DNR$1,500,000XX
201503hReintroduction and Interpretation of Bison in Minnesota State ParksMN DNR$600,000XXXXX
201503iEndangered Bats, White-Nose Syndrome, and Forest HabitatMN DNR$1,250,000XXX
201503jAssessing Contaminants in Minnesota Loons and Pelicans - Phase IIIMN DNR$141,000XX
201503kMovement and Seasonal Habitat Use of Minnesota ElkMN DNR$200,000XXX
201505aTrap Shooting Sports Facility GrantsMN DNR$132,000X
201508hImproving Community Forests Through Citizen EngagementMN DNR$800,000XXXX
201509aState Parks and State Trails Land AcquisitionsMN DNR$1,500,000XXX
201509cSNA Acquisition, Restoration, Enhancement and Public EngagementMN DNR$4,000,000XXXXX
201509dNative Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement AcquisitionMN DNR$3,325,000XXXX
201509hMetro Conservation Corridors Phase VIII - Wildlife Management Area AcquisitionMN DNR$400,000XXX
201511bContract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000x
201603bNative Bee Surveys in Minnesota Prairie and Forest HabitatsMN DNR$600,000xx
201603c2Prairie Butterfly Conservation, Research, and Breeding - Phase IIMN DNR$329,000xxx
201603dStatewide Monitoring Network for Changing Habitats in MinnesotaMN DNR$500,000xx
201603eCompleting National Wetland Inventory Update for MinnesotaMN DNR$1,500,000xxx
201603gSentinel Lakes Monitoring and Data Synthesis – Phase IIIMN DNR$401,000xx
201603hState Spring Inventory for Resource Management and Protection - Phase IIMN DNR$370,000xx
201603iEnhancing Understanding of Minnesota River Aquatic EcosystemMN DNR$500,000xxx
201603nEvaluating Insecticide Exposure Risk for Grassland Wildlife on Public LandsMN DNR$250,000xx
201603oDevelopment of Innovative Cost-Saving Methodology for Forest InventoryMN DNR$800,000xx
201604cRestoring Native Mussels in Streams and LakesMN DNR$600,000xxx
201604wRoseau Lake Watershed Targeted Water Quality ImprovementMN DNR$65,000x
201605bSchool Forests Outdoor ClassroomsMN DNR$440,000x
201609aScientific and Natural Area Acquisition and RestorationMN DNR$1,386,000xxxxx
201609bMinnesota Point Pine Forest Scientific and Natural Area AcquisitionMN DNR$500,000xxxx
201610aContract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000x
201703dMinnesota Biological Survey - ContinuationMN DNR$2,900,000xx
201705bIncreasing Diversity in Environmental CareersMN DNR$487,000xx
201706cInvasive Bighead Carp and Silver Carp and Native Fish Evaluation – Phase IIMN DNR$500,000xxx
201708dState Park Pollinator Habitat RestorationMN DNR$672,000xxx
201709bScientific and Natural Areas Acquisition, Restoration, Citizen Science and EngagementMN DNR$2,500,000xxxxx
201709cMinnesota State Parks and State Trails Land AcquisitionMN DNR$1,500,000xxx
201709dMinnesota State Trails Acquisition, Development and EnhancementMN DNR$1,038,000x
201709eNative Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement AcquisitionMN DNR$2,675,000xx
201710aContract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000x
201812Contract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000x
201805lIncrease Diversity in Environmental Careers to Serve Minnesota’s Changing DemographicsMN DNR$550,000x
201808aNongame Wildlife Program AccelerationMN DNR$220,000xxx
201808eRestoring Forests in Minnesota State ParksMN DNR$250,000xx
201808gRestoring Wetland Invertebrates to Revive Wildlife HabitatMN DNR$400,000xxx
201809aGrants for Local Parks, Trails, and Natural AreasMN DNR$2,000,000xxx
201809iEasement Program for Native Prairie BankMN DNR$2,000,000xx
201809jMinnesota State Trail DevelopmentMN DNR$2,500,000x
201809kMinnesota State Parks and State TrailsMN DNR$2,500,000x
201809lScientific and Natural Areas ProgramMN DNR$3,250,000xxx
201903aMinnesota Biological SurveyMN DNR$1,500,000xxxx
201903bRestoring Native Mussels in Streams and LakesMN DNR$500,000xxxx
201903hAccelerated Aggregate Resource MappingMN DNR$700,000xx
201903oCounty Geologic Atlases - Part B, Mapping Aquifer HydrologyMN DNR$2,400,000xx
201903sNative Bee SurveyMN DNR$600,000xx
201904pMinnesota Spring Inventory Final PhaseMN DNR$71,000xxx
201905dIncreasing Diversity in Environmental CareersMN DNR$250,000x
201906dEmerald Ash Borer Response GrantsMN DNR$300,000xx
201908eNongame Wildlife Program AccelerationMN DNR$513,000xxx
201909aMinnesota Scientific and Natural AreasMN DNR$3,500,000xxxx
201909bGrants for Local Parks, Trails and Natural AreasMN DNR$3,000,000x
201909cMinnesota State Parks and State Trails In-HoldingsMN DNR$2,000,000xxx
201909dMinnesota State Trails DevelopmentMN DNR$5,000,000x
201909fAccessible Fishing PiersMN DNR$320,000x
201910aContract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000x
202003bExpanding Minnesota Ecological Monitoring NetworkMN DNR$800,000xxx
202003cCounty Groundwater AtlasMN DNR$1,125,000xx
202003dFoundational Hydrology Data for Wetland Protection and RestorationMN DNR$400,000xx
202003mEnhancing Bat Recovery by Optimizing Artificial Roost StructuresMN DNR$190,000xx
202003nTools for Supporting Healthy Ecosystems and PollinatorsMN DNR$198,000xxx
202006bProtect Community Forests by Managing Ash for Emerald Ash BorerMN DNR$3,500,000x
202006dApplying New Tools and Techniques Against Invasive CarpMN DNR$478,000xx
202009aDNR Scientific and Natural AreasMN DNR$3,000,000xx
202009bPrivate Native Prairie Conservation through Native Prairie BankMN DNR$2,000,000xx
202009cMinnesota State Parks and State Trails InholdingsMN DNR$3,500,000xx
202009dGrants for Local Parks, Trails, and Natural AreasMN DNR$2,400,000xx
202009iMinnesota State Trails DevelopmentMN DNR$994,000x
202011Contract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR$135,000x
202210aAggregate Resource MappingMN DNR$500,000xx
202210dForest Data InventoryMN DNR$500,000xx
202210fGroundwater Storage and Recovery DatatbaseMN DNR$400,000xx
202210gRural and Farmstead Ring LeveesMN DNR$360,000xx
201103pSpecies of Concern; InvestigationsMN DNR / Audubon Minnesota$500,000XX
202109jSNA Acquisition, Restoration, Citizen-Science and OutreachMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$3,336,000xxx
202109hNative Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement AcquisitionMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$1,341,000xx
202203cModernizing Minnesota's Digital Lake InventoryMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$787,000xx
202103bProtecting Minnesota's Beneficial Macroalgae: All Stoneworts Aren't StarryMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$811,000xx
202103cCounty Groundwater AtlasMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$1,875,000xx
202103eMinnesota Biological SurveyMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$1,500,000xx
202208cCreating Seed Sources of Early-Blooming Plants for PollinatorsMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$200,000xx
202205cExpanding Access to Wildlife Learning Bird by BirdMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$276,000xx
202103iCollaborative State and Tribal Wild Rice Monitoring ProgramMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$644,000xxxx
202209eNative Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement AcquisitionMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$1,353,000xx
202209hSNA Habitat Restoration and Public EngagementMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$5,000,000xxx
202108bRestoring Mussels in Streams and Lakes - ContinuationMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$619,000xxx
202203bEnhancing Natural Resource Conservation Through Species Distribution ModelingMN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division$200,000xx
202209cLocal Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas Grant ProgramsMN DNR, Grants Unit$3,560,000x
202211Contract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR, Grants Unit$210,000x
202109dLocal Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas Grant ProgramsMN DNR, Grants Unit$2,250,000xx
202110aContract Agreement ReimbursementMN DNR, Grants Unit$135,000x
202205hIncreasing Diversity in Environmental CareersMN DNR, Operational Services Division (OSD)$500,000x
202109vAccessible Fishing Piers and Shore Fishing AreasMN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division$340,000x
202109sMinnesota State Trails DevelopmentMN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division$4,266,000x
202209fMinnesota State Parks and State Trails Maintenance and DevelopmentMN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division$3,783,000x
202209gMinnesota State Trails DevelopmentMN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division$7,387,000x
202109uState Parks and State Trails InholdingsMN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division$2,560,000xx
201409dDiversifying Involvement in the Natural Resources CommunityMN DNR U of MN$500,000XX
200804hSouth-Central MN Groundwater Monitoring and County Geologic AtlasesMN DNR / U of MN$1,600,000XX
20037.00E+01Wastewater Phosphorus Control and Reduction Initiative - RESEARCH MN Environmental Science and Economic Review$296,000XX
202020a4Chloride Pollution Reduction MN PCA$500,000x
201403jIdentifying Causes of Exceptionally High Mercury in FishMN Pollution Control Agency$743,000XXXX
199106fCommunity Gardening Program   MN State Horticultural Society$110,000XX
201703eMinnesota Wildflowers Online Botanical Reference – Phase IIMN Wildflowers Information$270,000xx
201508gMinnesota State University Moorhead Prairie and Riparian Restoration and MonitoringMoorhead State University$527,000XXXXX
201906bOak Wilt Suppression at its Northern EdgeMorrison Soil and Water Conservation District$100,000x
202106cOak Wilt Suppression at the Northern Edge - Phase IIMorrison Soil and Water Conservation District$423,000x
202103jMorrison County Performance Drainage and Hydrology Management IIMorrison Soil and Water Conservation District$197,000xx
201604rMorrison County Performance Drainage and Hydrology ManagementMorrison SWCD$209,000xxx
201103eGolden Eagle SurveyNational Eagle Center$60,000XXX
201909eNational Loon CenterNational Loon Center Foundation$4,000,000xxx
201803jDevelop Sonar Data Mapping on Three Rivers to Assess Suitability for Native Mussel HabitatNational Park Service$200,000xxx
202203mBeavers, Trees, and Climate - Increasing Floodplain Forest ResilienceNational Park Service, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area$430,000xxxxx
200803c2iHCP V - Set Out Seedlings (2i)National Wild Turkey Federation$15,000XXX
199312eWild Turkey Hunting Safety/Education National Wild Turkey Federation$39,000XX
200704b2i/4fHCP IV - Set Out Seedlings and Acquisition (2i/4f)National Wild Turkey Federation$35,000XXX
200505a2iHCP III - Set out Seedlings (2i)National Wild Turkey Federation$50,000XXX
200904e2iHCP VI - Bluffland Restoration/Set Out Seedlings (2i)National Wild Turkey Federation$85,000XXX
200505a4fHCP III - Minnesota NWTF Super Fund (4f)National Wild Turkey Federation$20,000XXX
200104e2i/4fHCP I - Set Out Seedlings/Minnesota NWTF Super Fund (2i/4f)National Wild Turkey Federation$140,000XXX
200305a2i/4fHCP II - Set Out Seedlings/Minnesota NWTF Super Fund (2i/4f)National Wild Turkey Federation$99,120XXX
200803c2pHCP V - Bluffland Restoration (2p)National Wild Turkey Federation$70,000XXX
201004f2pHCP VI - Bluffland Restoration (2p)National Wild Turkey Federation$50,000XXX
202203dHow Do Prescribed Fires Affect Native Prairie Bees?Negaunee Institute for Plant Conservation Science and Action at the Chicago Horticultural Society$500,000xxx
199307jNicollet Conservation Club Swan Lake Interpretive Room Nicollet Conservation Club$18,000X
199310qAgassiz Recreational Trails (A.R.T.) Norman County Soil and Water Conservation District$650,000X
202005hEngaging Minnesotans with Phenology: Radio, Podcasts, Citizen ScienceNorthern Community Radio, Inc.$198,000x
199505tRecycled Biosolids Product used to Reclaim Disturbed Areas - RESEARCH   N-Viro Minnesota$200,000X
199107hGeneric Environmental Impact Statement on Timber Harvesting   Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning$400,000X
201603sPineland Sands Lands and Water Study - - GOVERNOR VETO - Open$1,500,000
201603rAggregate Mapping - - GOVERNOR VETOOpen$1,500,000
201605jWildlife Science Center - - GOVERNOR VETO - Open$500,000
201609iDouglas County Regional Park and Trail Planning, Development or Acquisitions - - GOVERNOR VETOOpen$400,000
201609hState Park and Trail Enhancement - - GOVERNOR VETOOpen$1,228,000
201603tNatural Resources Research Institute - - GOVERNOR VETOOpen$1,100,000
201608jPollinator Highway Demonstration Projects - - GOVERNOR VETOOpen$2,200,000
202205bIncreasing K-12 Student Learning to Develop Environmental Awareness, Appreciation, and InterestOsprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center$1,602,000xx
202109aPerham to Pelican Rapids Regional Trail (Mcdonald Segment)Otter Tail County$2,245,000x
202009nPerham to Pelican Rapids Regional Trail (West Segment)Otter Tail County$2,600,000x
199717gMinnesota Point Protection Park Point Community Club$75,000XXX
199312kTheodore Wirth Park Tamarack Bog Preservation Project People for Parks$40,000XXX
201409gMinnesota Pollinator PartnershipPheasants Forever$100,000XXX
200104eRestoring Minnesota's Fish and Wildlife Habitat Corridors Pheasants Forever Inc$11,745,000XXXXXXX
200904e4aHCP VI - Critical Lands Conservation Initiative - Acquisition (4a)Pheasants Forever Inc$350,000XXX
199717dPrairie Heritage Fund Pheasants Forever Inc$500,000X<