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2020 ENRTF Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

2020 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Proposals Received

For the FY 2020 and FY 2021 biennium (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021), approximately $61 million is available each year for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. As of April 15, 2019, the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) received 290 proposals requesting a total of approximately $203 million. This RFP process is for funding beginning July 1, 2020.

LCCMR reviews and evaluates all proposals against their 10 adopted evaluation criteria. On June 5-6, members will select a subset of high-ranking proposals to invite for presentation before the LCCMR on June 17-18 & 24-27 in order to receive further consideration. On July 17-18, LCCMR will make final selection and funding allocation decisions. These selected projects will be presented to the 2020 Minnesota Legislature as the official LCCMR recommendations for spending from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information and important process dates.

Visit the 2020 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Click here for an accessible version of the spreadsheet.

Click here for print-ready list of 2020 proposals received - listed by category with project summaries (25-page PDF file).

Click here for print-ready list of 2020 proposals received - listed by category without project summaries (18-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the "ENRTF ID #" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

ENRTF ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 46 Proposals / Subtotal - $34,157,684)
001-A Lusardi Barbara Geologic Atlases for Water Resource Management U of MN - Minnesota Geological Survey $4,121,625
002-A Texler Hannah Expanding the Minnesota Ecological Monitoring Network MN DNR $1,587,134
003-A Grinde Alexis Win-Win Forestry: Maximizing Economic and Ecological Benefits U of MN - Duluth $532,733
004-A Nieber John Minnesota; How much Water? How is it Changing? U of MN $529,139
005-A Drewitz Matt Optimizing Land Cover Data for Water Resource Analysis MN Board of Water and Soil Resources $370,000
006-A Johnson Lucinda Expanding the Interactive Natural Resource Atlas for Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $799,991
007-A Putzier Paul County Groundwater Atlas MN DNR $2,250,000
008-A Norris Doug Foundational Hydrology Data for Wetland Protection and Restoration MN DNR $461,499
009-A Host George Optimizing Management of Minnesota’s Forest Landscapes U of MN - Duluth $495,463
010-A Groten Joel Real-Time Measurements of Nitrate Pollution in Surface Water U.S. Geological Survey $631,800
011-A Petersen Jessica Completion of Wild Bee Surveys: Minnesotas Forest Habitats MN DNR $664,593
012-A Monson Geerts Stephen Detecting Road Dust Control Chemicals in Air/Water U of MN - Duluth NRRI $280,226
013-A Lord Chris Update and Expand 11-County Metro MLCCS Coverage Metro Conservation Districts $2,934,624
014-A Bump Joseph Voyageurs Wolf Project – Phase II U of MN $608,320
015-A Hernandez Daniel Comparison of Burning and Haying for Prairie Restoration Carleton College $345,599
016-A Stapleton Seth Expanding Restoration and Promoting Awareness of Native Mussels Minnesota Zoo $489,270
017-A Satyshur Colleen Improving Pollinator Conservation by Revealing Habitat Needs U of MN $615,000
018-A Schroeder Declan Bee Minnesota - Protect our Native Bumblebees U of MN $693,000
019-A Joyce Michael Bobcat and Fisher Habitat Use and Interactions U of MN $440,719
020-A Feng Xue Adjusting Crop Water Demand to Protect Minnesota Groundwater U of MN $239,211
021-A Duncan Nancy Complete Sonar Data Mapping on Three Minnesota Rivers National Park Service $525,945
022-A Cuthbert Francesca Enhancing Bird and Insect Recovery in Oak Savannas U of MN $238,000
023-A Hahn Jennifer Networking and Economics of Soil Health– Phase I Minnesota Soil Health Coalition $602,310
024-A Roy Charlotte Impacts of Conservation Grazing on Greater Prairie-chickens MN DNR $560,044
025-A Shaw Ruth Healthy Prairies III: Restoring MN prairie plant diversity U of MN $1,128,000
026-A Kiesling Richard Estimating Fish Production in Stressed Minnesota Lakes U.S. Geological Survey $416,500
027-A Kinkel Linda Soil and Plant Microbiomes: A Foundational Database for Environmental Health U of MN $758,860
028-A Mulla David Habitat Friendly Solar Impacts: Environmental and Economic Guidance U of MN $751,048
029-A Fieberg John Monitoring Carnivores Statewide: A Citizen-Science Trail-Cam Project U of MN $789,988
030-A McCann Nicholas Mapping Habitat Use and Disease of Urban Carnivores U of MN $657,159
031-A Wettstein Shannon Morrison County Performance Drainage and Hydrology Management Phase II Morrison SWCD $213,300
032-A Peterson Jeffrey Critical Insights from Historical Lake Water Quality Data U of MN - Water Resources Center $480,000
033-A Smith Timothy An Economy-Wide, Sub-Regional Tool for Economic and Environmental Decision-Making in Minnesota U of MN $597,973
034-A Ferrington Leonard Winter Dynamics of Vulnerable Trout Streams: Central Minnesota U of MN $767,060
035-A Barker Keith Malaria in Migrant and Resident Birds of Minnesota U of MN $316,000
036-A Hong Jiarong Realtime Monitoring of Statewide Pollen in Minnesota U of MN $319,133
037-A Blanchette Robert Foundational Research on Fungi and Protecting Minnesota Trees U of MN $362,196
038-A Koch Richard Taxonomic Survey of Earthworm Species in Minnesota Bemidji State University $233,501
039-A Blair Robert Minnesota Nature Trackers: A Citizen Science Project U of MN $661,855
040-A Mukku Venugopal Freshwater Sponges and AIS: Engaging Citizen Scientists U of MN $460,000
041-A Shen Lian Dangerous Current Prediction on Lake Superior Minnesota Coast U of MN $299,982
042-A Yoo Kyungsoo Building Statewide Daily Soil Temperature Maps U of MN $847,326
043-A Zanko Lawrence Fugitive Dust in Minnesota's Air: Why It Matters U of MN - Duluth NRRI $381,558
044-A Lokkesmoe Kent MN DNR Water Infrastructure Needs (WIN) MN DNR $2,000,000
045-A Crabtree Jason Collaborative Foresight: Addressing Forest-related Workforce and Recreational Challenges U of MN $300,000
046-A Singer Alan Web-based Natural Resource Information Network Model Dakota County $400,000
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 22 Proposals / Subtotal - $3,875,755)
047-AH Windels Steve Do Beavers Buffer Against Droughts and Floods? Voyageurs National Park $168,400
048-AH Quinn Ed Enhancing Bat Recovery by Optimizing Artificial Roost Structures MN DNR $190,271
049-AH Petersen Jessica Tools for Supporting Healthy Ecosystems and Pollinators MN DNR $198,397
050-AH Grinde Alexis Developing Innovative Technology to Track Wildlife Movements U of MN - Duluth $168,265
051-AH Sadowsky Michael Modern eDNA Technology for Better Game Fish Census U of MN $200,000
052-AH Roepke Scott Cannon Valley Trail Natural Resources Inventory/Management Plan Cannon Valley Trail $50,000
053-AH Arnold Todd Archiving Unreported Band Recoveries of Minnesota Birds U of MN $141,700
054-AH Reavie Euan Best Management Practices for Minnesota Coldwater Lakes U of MN - Duluth $199,653
055-AH Zobel John Rapid Assessment of Wildlife Habitat for Environmental Review U of MN $178,000
056-AH Bracey Annie Conserving Black Terns and Forsters Terns in Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $198,640
057-AH Havranek Tony Studying Solar Panel Impact on Vegetation Quality WSB & Associates $160,083
058-AH Downing John How to Save the Cisco-Trout Lakes U of MN -Minnesota Sea Grant $185,438
059-AH Filstrup Christopher Enhanced Online Tool to Track Minnesota Lake Trends U of MN $197,836
060-AH Russell Matthew Assessing Vegetation Impacts from Deer U of MN $186,460
061-AH Jones Jabari Measuring Mussel Habitat Suitability in the Cannon River U of MN $154,411
062-AH Petersen Jessica Engagement and Monitoring for the Insect Apocalypse MN DNR $191,824
063-AH Olmanson Leif Temperature and Ice Phenology Information for Lake Management U of MN $194,704
064-AH Onello Emily Environmental Factors Influencing Nutritional Content of Wild Rice U of MN $198,092
065-AH Downing John Role of Submarine Groundwater Altering Lake Superior’s Shore U of MN -Minnesota Sea Grant $198,643
066-AH Berman Jesse Understanding Environmental Factors that Impact Minnesota Tick Populations U of MN $199,938
067-AH Gustin Andrew Minnesota Public Trails and Waterways: A Comprehensive Database Outdoor Explorer $195,000
068-AH Hartman Eric Rock County Aggregate Mapping Rock County Land Management Office/SWCD $120,000
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 47 Proposals / Subtotal - $23,266,308)
069-B Mayer Terin Assessing the Value of Green Infrastructure within Minnesota’s Water Infrastructure Funding Shortfall U of MN $384,923
070-B Edlund Mark Unprecedented Change Threatens Minnesotas Pristine Lakes Science Museum of Minnesota $849,392
071-B Ebtehaj Ardeshir Microplastics: Occurrence, Toxins, and Detection with Drones U of MN $450,000
072-B Bilotta John Banking Groundwater U of MN - Water Resources Center $350,000
073-B Gulliver John Preventing Harmful Algal Blooms through Improved Stormwater Detention U of MN $619,031
074-B Elliott Sarah Trace Organic Contaminants in Groundwater from Stormwater Infiltration U.S. Geological Survey $910,000
075-B Finlay Jacques Understanding and Managing Persistent Chloride Pollution in Freshwaters U of MN $299,000
076-B Heger Sara Reducing Chloride in Minnesota’s Water from Water Softening U of MN $362,699
077-B Hu Bo Shedding Lights to Future Septic Systems U of MN $361,000
078-B Novak Paige Bacterial Starvation for Improved Toxic Contaminant Treatment U of MN $235,854
079-B DeBeer Laura Novel Field Methods to Evaluate Groundwater Quality Investments Pipestone County Soil and Water Conservation District $219,900
080-B Wright Natasha Managing Highly Saline Waste from Municipal Water Treatment U of MN $255,000
081-B Baker Lawrence Adaptive Management to Reduce Road Salt Pollution U of MN $438,000
082-B Cotner James Is Glyphosate causing harmful Algal Blooms? U of MN $427,000
083-B Novak Paige Technology for Energy-Generating Onsite Industrial Wastewater Treatment U of MN $474,939
084-B Wright Natasha Chloride-Free Home Water Treatment: Increasing Efficiency, Reducing Cost U of MN $265,000
085-B Almendinger James Our Future Drinking Water: Nitrate, Tile, and Climate Science Museum of Minnesota $330,000
086-B Hozalski Raymond Groundwater Microbiology Phase 2: Private Wells U of MN $499,196
087-B Penn Lee Microplastics: Transporters of Contaminants in Minnesota Waters U of MN $448,630
088-B Cui Tianhong Cheap Small Sensor Network for Water Pollutants Monitoring U of MN $635,000
089-B Elias Mikael Mitigating Insecticide Toxicity for Safer Waters in Minnesota U of MN $370,000
090-B Hayes Nicole Climate Impacts on Nitrogen Gas Release from Lakes U of MN $452,000
091-B Hu Bo Phytoremediation for Extracting Deicing Salt from Roadside Soils U of MN $368,000
092-B Ishii Satoshi Assessment of Water Quality for Reuse: Phase II U of MN $476,000
093-B Karschnia Maggie Innovative Phosphorus Removal Solutions for 10,000 Clean Lakes Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District $405,000
094-B Ruan Roger Full Utilization of Concentrated Livestock Wastewaters U of MN $545,000
095-B Penn Lee Storing Sulfide Produced from Sulfate-Containing Wastewater Safely U of MN $280,790
096-B Hondzo Miki Occurrence of Algal Toxicity in Minnesota Waters U of MN $351,446
097-B Pradhananga Amit Engaging Private Well Owners in Groundwater Protection U of MN $381,000
098-B Streets Summer Developing Strategies to Manage PFAS in Land-Applied Biosolids Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $1,403,556
099-B Bramburger Andrew Rapid Detection of Algal Toxins in Minnesota Lakes U of MN - Duluth NRRI $830,326
100-B Capel Paul Time-Integrated Sampling of Chemical Contaminants in Minnesota’s Streams U of MN $349,383
101-B Karwan Diana Maintaining Clean Water Supply from Working Forests U of MN $275,785
102-B LaPara Timothy Protozoan Microbes in Groundwater Used for Drinking Water U of MN $499,699
103-B Dymond Salli Timing is everything: When is Groundwater in MN Recharged? U of MN - Duluth $520,164
104-B Magner Joe Quantifying A New Urban Precipitation/Water Reality U of MN $1,377,893
105-B LaPara Timothy Cold Temperature Ammonia Consuming Bacteria during Wastewater Treatment U of MN $462,351
106-B Baker Lawrence Maintaining Pollutant Removal in Stormwater Ponds U of MN $306,683
107-B Johnson Lucinda Mobile Water Treatment Demonstration System for Sulfate Reduction U of MN - Duluth $838,401
108-B Grover Valerie Vermillion River Surface Water and Groundwater Nitrate Impacts Dakota County $268,000
109-B Osweiler Todd Protecting Natural Resources & Groundwater Aquifers in Rochester Rochester Public Utilities $537,700
110-B Johnson Heather Increased Sample Capacity for Analysis of Pesticides Minnesota Department of Agriculture $736,079
111-B Kang Peter Predicting Contaminant Transport in Fractured Aquifers U of MN $350,664
112-B Missaghi Shahram Assessing Human Exposure Risk to Harmful Algae Blooms U of MN $529,632
113-B Charleux Laure Mapping Lake Superior’s Changing Biogeochemistry U of MN $286,192
114-B Keegan Bill Innovative Solution for Protecting Minnesota from PFAS contamination Dem-Con $750,000
115-B Overholser Michelle Assess Water Quality and Flood Retention Structures Yellow Medicine River Watershed District $500,000
B. Water Resources
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 6 Proposals / Subtotal - $1,040,497)
116-BH Babcock Laura Expanding Protection of Minnesota Water through Industrial Conservation U of MN $178,430
117-BH Barry John Minnesota Sentinel Springs, Understanding Groundwater Recharge and Chemistry MN DNR $182,267
118-BH Kinney Mike Field Testing of a New Phosphorus Removal Technology Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District $150,000
119-BH Cui Tianhong Cheap Efficient Filter to Remove Organic Compounds U of MN $200,000
120-BH Knoll Lesley Cascading Effects of Ice-Cover on Summer Water Quality U of MN $191,000
121-BH Arnosti Don Temporal Analysis of Sulfate Loading Izaak Walton League of America, Minnesota Division $138,800
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 15 Proposals / Subtotal - $9,815,493)
122-C Dorn Cindy Statewide Environmental Education via Public Television Outdoor Series Pioneer Public Television $300,000
123-C Edmiston Julie Minnesota Freshwater Quest: Environmental Education on State Waterways Wilderness Inquiry $1,432,110
124-C Poppleton Kristen TeachScience: Schools as STEM living laboratories Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy $368,505
125-C Loon Deborah Mentoring the Next Generation of Conservation Professionals Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc $755,544
126-C Souza Jaime Rivers Are Alive: Inspiring Life-long Environmental Stewardship St. Croix River Association $363,900
127-C Reese Luke Jay C. Hormel Nature Center Supplemental Teaching Staff City of Austin $252,898
128-C Halvorson Joel UMD Boreal Observatory at Chik-Wauk on the Gunflint U of MN - Duluth $514,865
129-C Becker Beth 450 Underserved, Diverse Youth Gain Environmental Education YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities $428,250
130-C Yang Ce Smart Trash Sorting for Zero Waste in Minnesota U of MN $394,709
131-C Brigham Jonee MN GreenStep Schools: Statewide Launch in 12 Schools U of MN $554,313
132-C Hanson Randel LSC Living Lab: Operations and Dissemination Lake Superior College (LSC) $258,058
133-C Thompson Seth Delivering Student-Centered Environmental Education to Minnesota Students U of MN $610,000
134-C Bloome Katie Restoring Land, Reviving Heritage: Conservation Through Indigenous Culture Belwin Conservancy $606,885
135-C Daniels Lisa Connecting Tribal Communities to Sustainable Energy Pathways Windustry $2,187,669
136-C Nelson Theresa Neighborhoods Sustained: Preserving Ecosystems through Behavior Change St. Paul Transportation Management Organization, d/b/a Move Minnesota $787,787
C. Environmental Education
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 18 Proposals / Subtotal - $3,017,667)
137-CH Foster Shelli-Kae YES! Students Take on Water Quality Challenge Phase-II Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center $199,700
138-CH Montgomery Maggie Engaging Minnesotans with Phenology: Radio, Podcasts, Citizen Science Northern Community Radio, Inc. $198,478
139-CH Kalnicky Emily Driving Conservation Behavior for Mussels and Water Quality Minnesota Zoo $191,580
140-CH Putzier Paul Groundwater: Education to Action MN DNR $180,000
141-CH Wood Bryan Providing Residential Environmental Learning Experiences to Underserved Students Audubon Center of the North Woods $150,000
142-CH Knopf Chris Connecting 350 Northeastern Minnesota Students to Boundary Waters Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness $184,050
143-CH Simonson Erik Lake Superior Zoo; Water Protection Intuitive Exhibit Lake Superior Zoological Society $197,500
144-CH Rao Sujaya Environmental Education: Cricket Farming for Reducing Carbon Emissions U of MN $198,879
145-CH Suss Ted River Watch on the Minnesota River Friends of Mississippi River $100,000
146-CH Wegwerth Matt Creating Awareness About Runoff to Protect Water Quality City of Grand Rapids $200,000
147-CH Heskel Mary Carbon on Campus: Connecting Students to Minnesota Ecosystems Macalester College $134,577
148-CH Zanko Lawrence Enriching Natural Resource Knowledge for Informed Decision Making U of MN - Duluth NRRI $196,627
149-CH Wood Bryan Environmental Education through Regenerative Agriculture Audubon Center of the North Woods $80,000
150-CH Pine Adam UMD Land Lab Sustainable Food System Project U of MN - Duluth $199,860
151-CH Aro Matthew Promoting Forest Health and Reducing Forest Fire Hazards U of MN $152,373
152-CH Matemba-Mutasa Gertrude Camp Katharine Parsons Conservation and Environmental Education Initiative Phyllis Wheatley Community Center $200,000
153-CH Schultz Peter The Longspur Prairie Fund Urban Prairie Learning Lab The Longspur Prairie Fund $62,943
154-CH Mohan Ned Living Laboratory for Community Education of Solar Energy U of MN $191,100
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species (RECEIVED: 11 Proposals / Subtotal - $18,329,636)
155-D Venette Robert Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center (MITPPC) Phase 5 U of MN $7,000,000
156-D McClannahan Valerie Protect Community Forests by Managing Ash for EAB MN DNR $5,929,174
157-D Salomon Christine White Nose Bat Syndrome Biological Control: Phase 3 U of MN $444,636
158-D Nerbonne Brian Applying New Tools and Techniques against Invasive Carp MN DNR $578,000
159-D Slesak Robert EAB and Black Ash: Maintaining Forests and Benefits U of MN $774,000
160-D Chandler Monika Tactical Invasive Plant Management Plan Development and Implementation Minnesota Department of Agriculture $658,137
161-D Schrank Amy Enhancing Habitat and Diversity in Cattail-Dominated Shorelines U of MN $582,994
162-D Oliver Jonathan Ticks! A Rising Threat in Minnesota U of MN $300,000
163-D Hatch Jay Mississippi River Dams: Blocking Invasive Fish, Helping Natives U of MN $324,282
164-D Forester Jeff Stop Starry Invasion - Community Invasive Species Containment Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates $1,264,955
165-D Jensen Douglas Does AIS Outreach Lead to Behavior Change? U of MN - Duluth $473,458
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 4 Proposals / Subtotal - $700,035)
166-DH Sickmann Katie St. Croix Terrestrial Invasive Species Awareness, Prevention, and Control St. Croix River Association $191,940
167-DH Brady Valerie How Effective and Protective are AIS Removal Methods? U of MN - Duluth NRRI $110,699
168-DH Edlund Mark Invasive Rock Snot Threatens North Shore Streams Science Museum of Minnesota $197,896
169-DH Olson Eric Rainy Lake Non-native Hybridized Cattail Removal Koochiching Soil & Water Conservation District $199,500
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy (RECEIVED: 26 Proposals / Subtotal - $20,048,620)
170-E Hansen Gretchen Increasing Resilience of Lakes to Extreme Precipitation Events U of MN $323,780
171-E Rhees Suzanne Tracking Climate Benefits of Natural and Working Lands MN Board of Water and Soil Resources $390,500
172-E Chan Gabriel Partnerships with Municipal and Cooperative Utilities U of MN $448,991
173-E Herrmann Bryan Storing Renewable Energy in Flow-Battery for Grid Use U of MN - Morris $3,271,229
174-E Montgomery Rebecca Making Red Pine Forest Resilient to Climate Change U of MN $628,737
175-E Reich Peter “Climate-Smart” Trees and Forests for Minnesota U of MN $494,000
176-E Chen Paul Produce Marketable Liquid Fuels from Plastic Wastes U of MN $383,000
177-E Ramaswamy Shri Converting Forest Products Industry Waste to Value-Added Bioproducts U of MN $309,000
178-E Schweser Greg Deep Winter Greenhouses: Passive Solar Winter Food Production U of MN $1,559,706
179-E Koester Steven Power Electronics Circuits for Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Future U of MN $472,647
180-E Kortshagen Uwe Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight, Wind, and Water U of MN $240,000
181-E Mitchell William Pilot Scale Crematorium Mercury Filter Mertron, LLC $597,500
182-E Ruan Roger Nitrogen Fixation for Fertilizers and Hydrogen Fuels Production U of MN $487,000
183-E McDonald Kevin Leveraging Carbon & Stormwater to Perserve Ash Trees Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $1,013,840
184-E Barney Brett Carbon Capture through Biological Mineralization U of MN $292,500
185-E Draeger Kathryn Filling Empty Trucks: Energy Efficient Regional Food Distribution U of MN $1,058,772
186-E Schmitt Jennifer A Community Table: Food Waste and Climate Change U of MN $859,216
187-E St. Lawrence Mark St. Louis County Building Deconstruction/Materials Reuse Pilot St. Louis County $1,463,000
188-E Marr Jeffrey Coping with Cold Weather in Minnesota Wind Energy U of MN $399,562
189-E Ruan Roger Remove Airborne Contaminants from Animal Production Facilities U of MN $585,000
190-E Srinivasan Vinod Clean Combustion of Renewable Biofuels from Waste Biomass U of MN $583,000
191-E Addy Min Pilot Scale Anaerobic Digester for Mixed Wastes U of MN $250,000
192-E McCormick Alon Phase 2: Integrated Small-Scale Ammonia Synthesis U of MN $2,108,520
193-E Wang Xiaojia Multifunctional Materials for Building Energy and Power Generation U of MN $395,136
194-E Gardner Robert Minnesota Shrimp Production Using Clean Energy U of MN $1,129,000
195-E Shen Lian Prediction of Inversions for Air-quality in Cold Weather U of MN $304,984
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 11 Proposals / Subtotal - $1,718,506)
196-EH Anastasio Joel The Beltrami County Climate Vulnerability Assessment Headwaters Regional Development Commission $180,000
197-EH Blumenfeld Kenneth Visualizing projected climate information for Minnesota MN DNR $125,000
198-EH Sarkanen Simo Eco-Friendly Plastics from Cloquet Pulp-Mill Lignin U of MN $193,967
199-EH Rog April Diverting Unsold Food from Landfills, Reducing Greenhouse Gases Second Harvest Heartland $130,000
200-EH Rao Shashi Resource Recovery from E-waste to Conserve Natural Resources U of MN - Duluth NRRI $199,010
201-EH Tallaksen Joel Identifying Agricultural Energy Consumption and Impacts in Minnesota U of MN $146,791
202-EH Swanson Jacob Modelling PAH Emissions from Aircraft Surrounding MSP Neighborhoods Minnesota State University Mankato $96,400
203-EH Wright Christopher Monetizing Carbon Capture by Minnesota Forests U of MN - Duluth NRRI $161,838
204-EH OKeefe Pete Recycling Construction and Building Materials via Habitat ReStores Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Inc. $98,000
205-EH Thibert Jill Rural Distributed Renewable Energy and Back-Up Power Northwest Renewable Energy LLC $198,500
206-EH Wang Ping Cellulosic Carbon Fiber-Intensified Capture and Biodegradation of Airborne VOCs U of MN $189,000
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat (RECEIVED: 37 Proposals / Subtotal - $20,591,425)
207-F Buck Wiley Pollinator Central: Habitat improvement with citizen monitoring Great River Greening $981,000
208-F Huinker Dane Prairie to the People: Habitat Restoration and Education Wildlife Forever $441,128
209-F Shaw Dan Pollinator & Beneficial Insect Strategic Habitat Program MN Board of Water and Soil Resources $780,500
210-F Pease Lindsay Adapting 4R Management for the Red River Basin U of MN $459,218
211-F Remucal David Preserving and Learning from Minnesota’s Native Orchids U of MN $556,100
212-F Runquist Erik Saving Endangered Pollinators through Data-driven Prairie Restoration Minnesota Zoo $1,024,915
213-F Kloiber Steve Maximizing Ecosystem Benefits through Integrated Wetland-Watershed Planning MN DNR $506,517
214-F Miller Nathaniel Marsh Bird Conservation Planning in St.Louis River Estuary National Audubon Society $284,068
215-F Singsaas Eric Lignin-coated Fertilizers for Phosphate Control U of MN - Duluth NRRI $279,382
216-F Olander Keith Implementing Hemp Crop Rotation to Improve Water Quality Central Lakes College $740,000
217-F Taylor Carrie Developing a Rare Plant Salvage Program for Minnesota Anoka Conservation District $344,628
218-F Cates Anna Developing Cover Crop Systems for Sugarbeet Production U of MN $300,546
219-F Aukema Brian Native Eastern Larch Beetle is Decimating Minnesotas Tamarack Forests U of MN $398,180
220-F Barney Brett Transformation of Plastic Waste into a Valued Resource U of MN $308,000
221-F Hillard Scott Enhanced Forest Inventory Implementation for Multiple Values Management MN DNR $1,470,000
222-F Kloiber Steve Wetland and Forest Change Monitoring MN DNR $450,000
223-F Griffin Daniel Mississippi Gorge Veteran Oaks: Mapping and Preservation U of MN $239,907
224-F Ramirez Luis Habitat Associations of Mississippi Bottomland Forest Marsh Birds National Audubon Society $295,336
225-F Behrens Sebastian New Organic Fertilizer to Protect Minnesota’s Water Quality U of MN $499,000
226-F Guala Michele New Solution for Streambank Erosion and Energy Conversion U of MN $278,344
227-F Sorensen Peter Protected Areas: A New Way to Save Fisheries U of MN $499,950
228-F Barney Brett Lowering Nitrogen Requirements for Agricultural Crops U of MN $271,000
229-F Coletti Filippo Predicting Pollen Dispersal: Impact on Habitat and Population U of MN $325,918
230-F Hall Kristin Documenting Species Response to Prairie Habitat Management MN DNR $599,522
231-F Hill Kimberly Improving the Success of Shoreline Restoration Projects U of MN $335,618
232-F Zirbel Chad Bison as Keystone Species in Minnesota Savannas U of MN $344,000
233-F Jordan Nicholas Supporting Pollinators and Prairie with Beneficial Soil Fungi U of MN $331,079
234-F Herb William Reducing Sediment Loading and Temperatures in Northshore Streams U of MN $383,744
235-F Strock Jeffrey Integrated Conservation to Achieve Water Quality Goals U of MN $1,963,155
236-F Bruse Tanner Phase II: Economic Assessment of Precision Conservation and Agriculture Pheasants Forever $789,648
237-F Kaproth Matthew Shifting Savannas: Assessing Management of At-Risk Sites Minnesota State University Mankato $351,754
238-F Johnson Margaret Local Agriculture Steward Partnership: Science to Sustainable Action Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District $620,420
239-F Elias Mikael An Engineered Solution to Toxic Copper Coatings for Boats U of MN $408,000
240-F Labuz Joseph Precursors of Failure in Mine Tailings Dams U of MN $298,000
241-F Dalzell Brent Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Minnesota’s Conservation Programs U of MN $277,577
242-F Hanson Jeffrey Biological Sulfate-Reduction System Clearwater BioLogic LLC $1,268,266
243-F Pardey Philip Predicting Agriculture’s Outcomes with Sensors and Machine Learning U of MN $887,005
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 17 Proposals / Subtotal - $3,172,199)
244-FH McCormack Torin Peatland Restoration in the Lost River State Forest Roseau River Watershed District $135,646
245-FH Montgomery Rebecca Prescribed Burning for Brushland-Dependent Species-Phase II U of MN $147,428
246-FH Lynch Michael Management Strategies to Benefit Minnesota’s Forests and Birds Forest Stewards Guild $196,518
247-FH Daub Betsy Pollinator Habitat Creation Along the Urban Mississippi River Friends of the Mississippi River $129,297
248-FH Addy Min Concentrating Animal Waste for Solid Fertilizer Production U of MN $200,000
249-FH Windmuller-Campione Marcella Restoration of Floodplain Forests along the Mississippi River U of MN $199,000
250-FH Reinikainen Mike Impacts from Larch Beetle to Forests and Wildlife MN DNR $195,107
251-FH Evenson Eric Lake Minnetonka Comprehensive Plan and Civic Governance Model Lake Minnetonka Association $195,000
252-FH Addy Min Convert Solid Wastes to Protein Feed and Fertilizer U of MN $200,000
253-FH Gutknecht Jessica Identifying Prairie Mixes to Reduce Pollution U of MN $199,917
254-FH Bushley Kathryn Safe Biopesticides for Protection of Minnesota Groundwater Resources U of MN $199,000
255-FH Downing John Increase Golden Shiner Production to Protect Aquatic Communities U of MN - Duluth $188,161
256-FH Musser Kimberly Integrating Water Storage, Conservation Targeting and Civic Involvement Minnesota State University, Mankato - Water Resources Center $195,232
257-FH Fleischman Forrest Communicating about Science: Knowledge Exchange in Forest Management U of MN $199,922
258-FH Smith Patrick Comprehensive Environmental Building Site Design Using GIS Mapping U of MN $195,000
259-FH Jenkins Holly Restoring Turf to Native Pollinator Gardens Across Metro Wilderness in the City $197,000
260-FH Shen Lian Control Snowdrift Using Living Fences to Protect Wildlife U of MN $199,971
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation (RECEIVED: 24 Proposals / Subtotal - $62,810,117)
261-G Schulte Judy DNR Scientific and Natural Areas MN DNR $5,875,000
262-G Schulte Judy Private Native Prairie Conservation through Native Prairie Bank MN DNR $2,280,000
263-G Christie Jennifer Minnesota State Parks and State Trails In-Holdings MN DNR $5,000,000
264-G Mularie Audrey Grants for Local Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas MN DNR $3,000,000
265-G Arvidson Adam Mississippi River Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Mussel Reintroduction Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $2,538,000
266-G Drotts Gary Minnesota Hunter Walking Trails, Public Land Recreational Access Ruffed Grouse Society $545,000
267-G Forbes DJ Turning Back to Rivers: Environmental and Recreational Protection The Trust for Public Land $3,803,600
268-G Mullin Emmett Metropolitan Regional Parks System Land Acquisition Phase 6 Metropolitan Council $2,500,000
269-G Skaar Kent Minnesota State Trails Development MN DNR $10,000,000
270-G Tuominen Todd Elm Creek Restoration Phase IV City of Champlin $650,200
271-G Caneff Denny Superior Hiking Trail As Environmental Showcase Superior Hiking Trail Association $450,000
272-G Hopper Rachel Creating Welcoming Environments at Minnesota State Parks MN DNR $2,565,167
273-G Rosenthal Ron Red Wing Riverfront Trail Connection Project City of Red Wing $682,000
274-G Monson Kjersti Acquire Riverfront Land at Upper St. Anthony Falls Friends of the Lock & Dam $3,000,000
275-G Terrill Tim Whiskey Creek & Mississippi River Water Quality/Habitat/Recreation Project Mississippi Headwaters Board $1,470,500
276-G Grotte Charles Perham to Pelican Rapids Regional Trail (West Segment) Otter Tail County $2,836,000
277-G Simonson Ryan Crow Wing County Community Natural Area Acquisition Crow Wing County $405,000
278-G Stenson Amber Purchasing 316 acres for Conservation and Agriculture Education The Food Group $1,500,000
279-G Weber Pete Rocori Trail Phase 3 ROCORI Trail Construction Board $1,260,000
280-G Bissonette Cathy Birch Lake Recreation Area Campground City of Babbit $350,000
281-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail; New Trail and Additional Funding St. Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $6,337,000
282-G Fralich Lana Silver Bay Multi-Modal Trailhead Center City of Silver Bay $1,400,000
283-G Gautreaux Sherril Ranier Safe Harbor/Transient Dock on Rainy Lake City of Ranier $762,650
284-G Janssen Jim Crane Lake Voygeurs National Park Campground & Visitors Center Town of Crane Lake $3,600,000
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
H. Proposals seeking $200,000 or less in funding (RECEIVED: 5 Proposal / Subtotal - $699,000)
285-GH Williams Scott Chippewa Acquisition, Recreation and Education Chippewa County $160,000
286-GH Hasbargen Bruce Construction of Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge on LSSB/GRR Lady Slipper Scenic Byway, Inc. $133,000
287-GH Stahl Timothy West Fork Singletrack Trail in SW Minnesota Jackson County $194,500
288-GH Greedy Ross Enhancing Winona’s Prairie Island City of Winona $126,500
289-GH Sogard Ray Sportsmens Training and Developmental Learning Center Minnesota Forest Zone Trappers Association $85,000
I. Administration (RECEIVED: 1 Proposal / Subtotal - $135,000)
290-I Sherman-Hoehn Katherine Contract Agreement Reimbursement MN DNR $135,000

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