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2010 Proposals

2010 Proposals

In response to the 2010 Request for Proposal (RFP) due May 1, 2009, 240 proposals requesting a total of approximately $163.8 million were received. $25.6 million is available to recommend for projects beginning July 1, 2010, so this represents a ratio of more than 6:1 on dollars requested versus dollars available. On 07/28/09, the LCCMR selected 86 proposals to receive futher consideration and be invited in to present before the Commission.

2010 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page

Note About Proposal Listings
All proposals received in response to the 2010 RFP are listed below. Proposals that were selected on 07/28/09 for further consideration and to present before the Commission are indicated with an "X" in the left-most "Selected to Present" column.

Print-Ready List of Proposals Selected to Present to the LCCMR
Click here for 2010 Proposals selected to present to the LCCMR - listed by category and proposer last name with project summaries (10-page PDF file)

Viewing Proposals

  • To view a PDF of a full proposal, click on the proposal "ID #".
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Selected to Present ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization Requested
A. Water Resources (44 proposals/subtotal = $23,614,402)
A1. Groundwater Sustainability (8 proposals/subtotal = $4,148,752)
9/21 - 9:00 AM 001-A1 Elvrum Chris Measuring Groundwater Flow Using High-Precision River-Flow Metropolitan Council $176,050
  002-A1 Leete Jeanette Capture and Use of Groundwater Sustainability Data DNR $700,000
9/21 - 9:30 AM 003-A1 Setterholm Dale MGS County Geologic Atlases and Related Hydrogeologic Research U of MN - Minnesota Geological Survey $1,130,452
9/21 - 10:00 AM 004-A1 Reeves Laurel Next Generation in Water Supply Management-Pilot Studies DNR $945,500
9/21 - 10:30 AM 005-A1 Nieber John Quantifying Flows -The Missing Link in Managing Water U of MN $646,000
  006-A1 Zabel Mark Protecting Vermillion River Trout from Gravel Mining Impacts Vermillion River Watershed JPO $148,000
  007-A1 Nash Geoffrey Groundwater Sustainability Through Resource Monitoring Pilot Project Ramsey Conservation District $96,000
  008-A1 McCabe Joe St. James Wellhead Protection Project City of St. James $340,450
A2. Estrogenic and Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Surface and Ground Waters (10 proposals/subtotal = $4,117,582)
9/21 - 11:00 AM 009-A2 Arnold William Dioxins Derived from Antibacterials in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $287,000
9/21 - 11:30 AM 010-A2 Kiesling Richard Estrogenic and Pharmaceutical Septic System Discharge to Lakes USGS $594,500
9/21 - 1:00 PM 011-A2 Novak Paige Fate and Ecological Impacts of Industrial Phytoestrogens U of MN $340,000
9/30 - 9:00 AM 012-A2 Swackhamer Deborah Understanding Sources of Aquatic Contaminants of Emerging Concern U of MN $917,432
  013-A2 Fulton David Social and Economic Strategies for Reducing EDCs U of MN $459,247
9/21 - 1:30 PM 014-A2 Goeden Helen New risk assessments for endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals MN Department of Health $250,000
  015-A2 Schuler Kathleen Green Chemistry for Cleaner Minnesota Waters Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $341,659
  016-A2 Sadowsky Michael Use of Woodchip Bioreactors to Maintain Minnesota's Resources U of MN $244,826
  017-A2 Lehman Clarence Sustainability Through Waste Streams: Cleaning Water with Bioenergy U of MN $444,000
  018-A2 Bistodeau Lucas Endocrine disrupting chemicals in the Cannon River watershed Cannon River Watershed Partnership $238,918
A3. Aquatic Habitat Protection (26 proposals/subtotal = $14,432,988)
9/21 - 2:00 PM 019-A3 Kloiber Steve Updating the Minnesota Wetlands Inventory: Phase 2 DNR $2,222,820
9/21 - 2:30 PM 020-A3 Hanson Mark Sustainable, Cost-Effective Approaches to Management of Shallow Lakes DNR $262,880
9/21 - 3:00 PM 021-A3 Colman Steven Physics to Fish: Lake Superior Ecosystem Health Transects UMD - Large Lakes Observatory $512,480
9/21 - 3:30 PM 022-A3 Henderson Carrol Lakescaping: Buffer Zones and Technology Transfer DNR $497,000
  023-A3 Johnson Lucinda Adapting Aquatic Resource Management to a Changing Climate U of MN - NRRI $599,345
9/21 - 4:00 PM 024-A3 Vondracek Bruce Assessing the cumulative impacts to near-shore, in-water habitat U of MN $402,876
9/22 - 11:00 AM 025-A3 Wheeler Phil Identify and Protect Southeastern Minnesotas Rare Groundwater-Fed Wetlands Olmsted County $479,992
9/30 - 9:30 AM 026-A3 Ferrington Leonard Predicting and Mitigating Vulnerability of Trout Streams U of MN $434,238
  027-A3 Radomski Paul Intra-Lake Zoning to Protect Sensitive Lakeshores DNR $680,000
9/29 - 5:00 PM 028-A3 Berndt Michael Mineland Sulfate Release in Saint Louis River Basin DNR $270,000
  029-A3 Peterson Joel Optimizing Side Inlet Design to Improve Water Quality Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $465,000
  030-A3 Bowe Shane Assessment of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Shallow Lakes Red Lake Department of Natural Resources $272,906
9/30 - 10:00 AM 031-A3 Herb William Protection of Trout Streams from Adverse Land-use Impacts U of MN - St. Anthony Falls Lab $370,438
  032-A3 Otterson Peder Revising Local Shoreland Ordinance for Water Quality Preservation DNR $309,200
  033-A3 Thomas Douglas Middle Rice Creek Resotration Rice Creek Watershed District $2,784,352
  034-A3 Simcik Matt Transport and Creation of Contaminants from Ethanol Spills U of MN $250,000
9/30 - 10:30 AM 035-A3 Austinson Craig Mapleton Agricultural/Urban Runoff Water Quality Treatment Analysis Blue Earth County Drainage Authority $485,000
  036-A3 Meyer Ronald Reduction of Phosphorus Exported From Bungo Creek Watershed Pine River Watershed Alliance $242,300
  037-A3 Baker Lawrence Targeting and tailoring landscape management to reduce polluton U of MN - Water Resources Center $229,370
  038-A3 Strock Jeffrey Fecal Bacteria in Soil and Subsurface Drainage Water U of MN $381,604
  039-A3 Fisher Shannon Wakanda Lake Chain Integrated Shallow Lake Conservation Plan Minnesota River Board $431,140
  040-A3 Linnell Stan Demonstration of Best Management Practices for Shoreline Restoration DNR $950,000
  041-A3 Montgomery Bruce When Nitrogen BMPs Falter: Innovative, Low-Cost Solutions MN Department of Agriculture $340,770
  042-A3 Boyer Treavor Floating Island Phosphorus Removal University of Florida $283,817
  043-A3 Voit Jan HLWD - Community Effort to Enhance Fulda Lake Heron Lake Watershed District $226,924
10/01 - 2:30 PM 044-A3 Otto Ronald Sibley County Filter Strips and Tile Alternatives Sibley SWCD $57,500
B. Renewable Energy Related to Climate Change (37 proposals/subtotal = $36,908,049)
B1. Evaluate Applicability and Effective Implementation (14 proposals/subtotal = $10,808,191)
  045-B1 Moeger Cathy Renewable Energy Assessment/Implementation at Closed Landfill Sites MPCA $494,000
9/23 - 9:00 AM 046-B1 DAmato Anthony Evaluating Impacts of Biomass Harvests on Minnesota Forests U of MN $397,352
  047-B1 Ross Brian Climate Protection, Renewable Energy, and Community Development Minnesota Renewable Energy Society $190,500
9/23 - 9:30 AM 048-B1 Tilman David Sustainable Biofuels: Impacts of Climate Change and Management U of MN $264,000
9/23 - 10:00 AM 049-B1 Bowyer Jim An Analysis of Biofuel Alternatives for Minnesota Dovetail Partners, Inc. $150,000
  050-B1 Heger-Christopherson Sara Septic System Greenhouse Gases: Measurement, Reduction and Energy U of MN $470,000
9/23 - 10:30 AM 051-B1 Kittelson David Dimethyl Ether A Renewable Biofuel Meeting Minnesota Needs U of MN $230,000
  052-B1 Schilling Jonathan Robust bioconversion approaches to make crop polycultures viable U of MN $298,098
9/29 - 9:00 AM 053-B1 Wyse Donald Year-round Produce Production: Using Waste Heat and CO2 U of MN $416,506
9/23 - 11:00 AM 054-B1 Tschirner Ulrike Non-Food Based Biofuels to Augment Corn Ethanol U of MN $379,117
  055-B1 Daniels Lisa Windustry Minnesota Renewable Resource Assessment Program Windustry $420,618
  056-B1 Madole John Optimizing Biomass Procurement & Digestion for Renewable Energy John Christopher Madole Associates, Inc. $5,158,000
  057-B1 Robertson Anna Brushland Harvesting and Equipment Development Week DNR $1,905,000
  058-B1 Nelson Steve BioFuel Research & Forest Management E C Minnesota E. Central Woodland Owners Council Ch. MFA $35,000
  240-B1 Pollak Melisa Lifecycle Analysis of Options for Minnesota's Energy Needs U of MN $143,000
B2. Encourage Adoption of Community-Based, Locally-Produced Renewable and Innovative Clean Energy (15 proposals/subtotal = $17,261,396)
9/29 - 9:30 AM 059-B2 Hamerlinck John Colleges Partner with Cities to Cut Greenhouse Emissions Minnesota Campus Compact $350,000
  060-B2 Pawlisch Melissa Clean Energy Resource Teams Community Energy Action Program U of MN $528,000
9/29 - 10:00 AM 061-B2 Beckius Pete Developing Native Grasslands for Energy and Environmental Services Scott Soil & Water Conservation District $881,000
  062-B2 Bilek Amanda Scaling-up Biogas: Anaerobic Digestion Technical and Policy Tools Great Plains Institute $401,605
  063-B2 Stockwell Ryan Methane from Waste for Clean Energy and Environment The Minnesota Project $292,000
9/29 - 10:30 AM 064-B2 Spears Barb Linking Habitat Restoration to Bioenergy and Local Economies DNR $1,508,000
  065-B2 Edens Jason Residential-Scale Solar Thermal Systems for Low-Income Rural Renewable Energy Alliance $615,500
9/29 - 11:00 AM 066-B2 Postiglione James Urban Anaerobic Digester and Community Greenhouse Linden Hills Power & Light $1,950,000
  067-B2 Ouska Kath Strategically Reshaping DNRs Energy and GHG Emissions Footprint DNR $2,500,000
9/29 - 11:30 AM 068-B2 Blackmer John Alternative Energy: Implementing and Educating Shattuck-St. Marys School $754,900
  069-B2 Carman Bruce Community Wind Development Pilot Project, Silver Bay, MN City of Silver Bay $227,500
  070-B2 Martinez Cecilia The Sustainable Energy Utility Demonstration Project: Phase II Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $316,189
  071-B2 Houck Bruce RTR eliminates Carbon Footprint Russell-Tyler-Ruthton Public Schools $5,194,702
  072-B2 Beiswanger Sarah R9 Renewable Wind Energy Community Based Proposal Region Nine Development Commission $242,000
  073-B2 Michalski Maureen East Bank Mills Energy Center Demonstration Project Schafer Richardson, Inc. $1,500,000
B3. Develop Innovative Pilot or Demonstration to Reduce Carbon Emissions (8 proposals/subtotal = $8,218,462)
9/23 - 11:30 AM 074-B3 Ruan Roger Algae for Fuels Pilot Project U of MN $1,833,425
9/29 - 1:00 PM 075-B3 Deden Joe Residential Environmental Learning Centers (RELCs) Sustainable Energy Project The Minnesota Coalition of RELCs $2,975,032
9/29 - 1:30 PM 076-B3 Saar Martin Combined CO2-sequestration and geothermal electricity generation in MN U of MN $997,000
  077-B3 Reese Michael Maintaining Grassland/Prairie Restorations via Harvest/Transport BMPs U of MN $316,005
  078-B3 Williams Mike Green Scoring Tool for Existing Homes Minnesota GreenStar $985,000
  079-B3 DenHerder-Thomas Timothy Expanding home energy efficiency through on-bill finance Cooperative Energy Futures $217,000
  080-B3 Walinski Joel Creating a Clean Energy economy in Northfield City of Northfield $595,000
  081-B3 Port Ryan School of Environmental Studies - Wind Jet Pilot Wind Jet Inc $300,000
C. Habitat Restoration, Enhancement, and Acquisition (29 proposals/subtotal = $53,957,895)
9/22 - 9:00 AM 082-C Galatowitsch Susan Ecological Restoration Training Cooperative U of MN $621,016
9/29 - 4:30 PM 083-C Shaw Ruth Conserving prairie plant diversity and evaluating local adaptation U of MN $572,000
9/30 - 2:00 PM 084-C Harper Jane Washington County St. Croix River Land Protection Washington County $3,000,000
  085-C Arends Andrew Improving the Health of Minnesota's Family Forests DNR $300,000
9/22 - 10:00 AM 086-C Larson Kris The Future of Wild and Scenic River Protection Minnesota Land Trust $375,000
9/30 - 11:00 AM 087-C Booth Peggy SNA & Native Prairie Restoration, Enhancement & Acquisition DNR $8,000,000
9/22 - 10:30 AM 088-C Steward Daniel RIM Leveraging Federal Funds For Migratory Flyway Conservation Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $1,000,000
9/30 - 1:30 PM 089-C Mattice Marc Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park Acquisition 2 Wright County $7,800,000
9/22 - 9:30 AM 090-C Peterson/
Larry/Stan State Parks and Trails Land Acquisition DNR $5,000,000
  091-C Carlson Daren Prairie monitoring of trends and management effectiveness DNR $650,000
9/30 - 2:30 PM 092-C Chaplin Steve Reconnecting Minnesotas Fragmented Prairie Landscapes The Nature Conservancy $983,189
  093-C Frelich Lee Climate change adaptation planning for Border Lakes forests U of MN $175,000
  094-C Peterson Richard Protecting and Conserving Forest Blocks for Multiple benefits DNR $2,775,000
9/30 - 3:00 PM 095-C Kalahar Thomas Protection of Granite Rock Outcrop Ecosystem Renville Soil & Water Conservation District $4,038,000
9/30 - 3:30 PM 096-C Sames Wayne Natural and Scenic Area Acquisition DNR $1,000,000
9/30 - 4:00 PM 097-C Sumption John Conserving Sensitive and Priority Shorelands in Cass County Cass County Environmental Services Dept $570,800
  098-C VanOffelen Henry Strategic Wetland Restoration in the Red River Basin MN Center for Environmental Advocacy $438,800
  099-C Gustafson Jim Itasca Private Forest Land Practices Implementation Pilot Project Itasca Cty Soil & Water Conservation Dist. $298,000
  100-C Hobbs Steve Valley Creek Protection Initiative Belwin Conservancy $1,058,000
9/30 - 5:00 PM 101-C Holland Matt Minnesotas Habitat Conservation Partnership Pheasants Forever (on behalf of all partners) $8,272,890
9/30 - 4:30 PM 102-C Sames Wayne Metropolitan Conservation Corridors Phase 5 Supplemental DNR $3,115,000
  103-C Michaud Gerald S. Lake Marion Shoreline (3,300 feet) Acquisition City of Lakeville $1,030,000
  104-C Morrison Dwight Duluth Healthy Loop Trails (DHLT) Universal Trail Project Wheels On Trails $153,400
  105-C Kortebein Paul Big Woods Heritage Forest Restoration Three Rivers Park District $237,800
  106-C Peterson Joel Evaluating Wetland Restoration Effectiveness to Improve Future Efforts Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $395,000
  107-C Albertson Dean Lake Zumbro Conservation Corridor Restoration Lake Zumbro Forever, Inc. $149,000
  108-C Konewko DuWayne Fish Creek Greenway Corridor Land Acquisition City of Maplewood $1,500,000
  109-C Hastings Teri Lake Margaret Protection Acquisition-the Douglas Preserve City of Lake Shore $375,000
  110-C Gansen Peter Shoreland Peformance Incentive Standard Aitkin County Planning & Zoning $75,000
D. Invasive Species (14 proposals/subtotal = $4,135,148)
9/29 - 2:00 PM 111-D Skinner Luke Biological Control of European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard DNR $300,000
9/29 - 2:30 PM 112-D Reich Peter Healthy Forests to Resist Invasion U of MN $359,584
9/29 - 3:00 PM 113-D Mensinger Allen Bioacoustic traps for management of the round goby U of MN - Duluth $175,500
  114-D Davis Mark Managing Invasive Plants in the Mississippi River Blufflands Macalester College $227,000
9/29 - 3:30 PM 115-D Kowalczak Courtney Strengthening the Frontline to Prevent Aquatic Invasive Species Minnesota Waters $199,290
  116-D Becker Roger Integrated Management Systems for Invasive Herbaceous Plants U of MN $500,000
  117-D Wyse Donald Rapid Inventory of Invasive Herbaceous Plants U of MN $494,787
  118-D Jones Alan Reducing Emeral Ash Borer Impacts in Minnesota DNR $500,000
  119-D Ostlie Wayne St. Croix Corridor Invasives - Early Detection/Rapid Response Great River Greening $514,400
  120-D Bucklin David Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation Plan for Urban Forests Greater Blue Earth River Basin Alliance $149,700
  121-D Erdmann Paul Invasive Plant Management Partnerships:Prevention, Education, & Research Ramsey Conservation District $173,844
9/29 - 4:00 PM 122-D Krischik Vera Reducing spread of Japanese beetle and emerald ashborer U of MN $317,643
  123-D Zanko Lawrence Controlling Invasive Purple Loosestrife Seeds in Recycled Sediment UMD - NRRI $130,000
  124-D Moechnig Howard Invasive Species Control for Watershed Protection Belle Creek Watershed District $93,400
9/22 - 11:30 AM 239-D D'Amato Anthony An addition of a research proposal on Emerald Ash Borer and its impacts to the Black Ash Forest Community has been requested. U of MN $636,435
E. Natural Resource Conservation Planning and Implementation (39 proposals/subtotal = $19,483,683)
E1. Community-Based Planning and Implementation (16 proposals/subtotal = $8,098,367)
10/1 - 9:00 AM 125-E1 Pfeifer Sharon Community Conservation Assistance: Strengthening Local Gov. Cons. Capacity DNR $827,000
10/1 - 9:30 AM 126-E1 Fuchs Dennis Central Minnesota Mississippi River Regional Implementation and Planning Stearns Cty Soil & Water Conservation Dist. $313,000
  127-E1 Chatfield Kurt Collaborating to Improve the Minnesota River Valley Dakota County $950,000
  128-E1 Hills Cheryal Protection of critical conservation areas in central MN Region 5 Development Commission $595,000
  129-E1 Homuth Dale Sustaining Healthy St. Croix Basin through Local Conservation DNR $1,400,000
  130-E1 Bilotta John NEMO: Non-Point Education for Municipal Officials U of MN $203,000
10/1 - 10:30 AM 131-E1 Eckman Karlyn Building Local Partnerships to Enhance Shoreland Conservation U of MN - Water Resources Center $269,677
  132-E1 McGuiness Dan St.Croix Targeted Natural Resource Conservation Project St. Croix River Association $181,000
10/1 - 11:00 AM 133-E1 Stokes Susan E. "Green Acres" and Farmland Conservation in Minnesota Farmers Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG) $224,950
  134-E1 Coleman Jean Planning as if Nature Mattered CR Planning, Inc. $472,025
  135-E1 Conrad Julie Blue Earth County Greenprint - Phase II Blue Earth County $137,000
  136-E1 Vogel Mary Saint Croix Blue/Greenprint: Wateshed Strategy/Local Action U of MN $634,000
10/1 - 11:30 AM 137-E1 Ronnenberg Jennifer Lower Mississippi River Habitat Restoration Program Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc. $740,000
  138-E1 Glaesman Matt St. Cloud Urban Area Mississippi River Corridor Plan Cities of St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids $200,000
  139-E1 Eibenholzl Justin Mid-Cities Natural Resources Plan (Southeast Minneapolis) Southeast Como Improvement Association $23,675
  140-E1 Kell William WITHDRAWN - Minnesota River Living Systems Project MPCA $928,040
E2. Natural Resource Inventory and Assessment for Planning and Implementation (23 proposals/subtotal = $11,385,316)
10/1 - 1:00 PM 141-E2 Bauer Marvin Monitoring and Modeling Minnesota Landscapes and Ecosystem Services U of MN $390,000
10/1 - 1:30 PM 142-E2 Mulla David Strategic Planning for Minnesota's Natural and Artificial Watersheds U of MN $327,000
9/21 - 5:00 PM 143-E2 Martell Mark The Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Audubon Minnesota $372,856
  144-E2 Pierce Ann Climate Variability Impact Assessment for Habitats/Species DNR $765,000
10/1 - 2:00 PM 145-E2 Pfannmuller Lee An Integrated, Operational Bird Conservation Plan for Minnesota Audubon Minnesota $151,440
  146-E2 Zandlo Jim Climate-Grade Observation System by Enhancing Existing Stations DNR $780,000
9/21 - 4:30 PM 147-E2 Brady Valerie Statewide Prioritization of Wetland Restorations for Water Quality UMD - NRRI $465,683
  148-E2 Reich Peter Collaborative landscape management to enhance northern forest resiliency U of MN $388,554
  149-E2 Hrubes Jeff Developing Lake Protection Strategies Using Resource Assessment Metrics Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $1,866,500
  150-E2 Niemi Gerald Conservation Planning Along Lake Superior's North Shore UMD - NRRI $203,941
  151-E2 Barnard Rebecca Evolving Forest Certification: Rare Features Identification and Management DNR $572,000
  152-E2 Chisholm Ian Support Decision Makers in Watersheds with System-Level Science DNR $1,540,000
  153-E2 Manolis Jim Climate Change Adaptation Plans for Minnesotas Natural Resources DNR $635,000
  154-E2 Moeckel Jason Delineating Priority Aquatic Habitat Investment Opportunities DNR $519,400
  155-E2 Benson Steve Wildlife/Aquatic Management Area Work Planning Information System DNR $545,000
  156-E2 Leibfried Bob Ecosystem Monitoring DNR $500,000
  157-E2 Arndt Pat New Vision for State Parks and Trails System DNR $175,000
  158-E2 Gutierrez Ralph Influence of Forest Landscapes on Ruffed Grouse Numbers U of MN $103,400
  159-E2 Wisenden Brian Conservation planning for hornyhead chub MN State University - Moorhead $96,962
  160-E2 Linnell Stan Building Next Generation Nature-based Parks, Trails Open Spaces DNR $530,000
  161-E2 Hurt Robert CapX2020 Routing: Blufflands & Mississip[pi River Robert J. Hurt Landscape Photography $127,680
  162-E2 Preece Kathleen Minnesota Forests: A Strategic Investment Investment Plan Minnesota Forest Resources Partnership $110,000
  163-E2 Keehn Rob Hok-Si-La Park Trail Extension City of Lake City $219,900
F. Environmental Education (51 proposals/subtotal = $16,697,714)
  164-F Corney Jeffrey Ecology of Climate Change School and Community Partnership U of MN $225,000
9/22 - 1:30 PM 165-F Lais Greg Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures (UWCA) Wilderness Inquiry $557,500
9/22 - 2:00 PM 166-F Woods Steve Minnesota Conservation Apprenticeship Academy Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $368,500
  167-F Fredin Tracy School and Community Energy and Climate Change Education
[Project manager and sponsoring organization changed 07/14/09]
Hamline University $640,682
  168-F Thomas Larry Climate Change Education for Middle School Students Science Museum of Minnesota $294,163
  169-F Cavender-Bares Kent Climate Change in Minnesota: A Television Documentary Series U of MN $506,671
  170-F Matteson Shanai Science Cafe: Coffee and Conversation on Minnesota's Environment U of MN - Bell Museum of Natural History $132,500
9/22 - 2:30 PM 171-F Rom Nicole Minnesota's Changing Climate: Engaging Students through Adventure Learning Will Steger Foundation $250,000
  172-F Everett Leslie Education to Reduce Peak Flows and Streambank Erosion U of MN - Water Resources Center $290,000
  173-F Johnston Molly Eco Education Urban Environmental Education Initiative Eco Education $200,000
  174-F Blair Robert Climate Master Volunteers: Reducing Minnesota's Greenhouse Gas Emissions U of MN $386,000
  175-F Knutson David Climate Change Education for the Next Generation Earth Adventure $241,000
9/22 - 3:00 PM 176-F Henderson Carrol Digital Photography Bridge to Nature, teacher training DNR $230,000
  177-F Ponder Julia Expanding Access to Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning U of MN $220,905
9/22 - 3:30 PM 178-F Matthees Jenifer Youth aquatic environmental education and angling grants program DNR $625,000
9/22 - 4:30 PM 179-F Ganje Don Get Outside! Urban Woodland for City Kids City of Saint Paul $218,500
9/23 - 3:00 PM 180-F Kerber Amy Kay Expanding and Strengthening Outdoor Classrooms at Minnesota Schools DNR $400,040
9/22 - 5:00 PM 181-F Hernandez Frank K-12 Urban EnviroEd Fellowships: Enhancing Preservice Urban Teacher Hamline University $1,372,000
  182-F Kohn Janine New Curriculum and Activities for Minnesota Outdoor Classrooms Pheasants Forever $48,000
  183-F Love Stephanie Outdoor Education for Schools and Neighborhoods Positive Energy Outdoor (ed)Ventures $258,012
  184-F Genet Kristen Advancing Environmental Literacy with the Minnesota Master Naturalist Anoka-Ramsey Community College $239,000
9/23 - 1:30 PM 185-F Vang Ly Fishing: A Cross Cultural Gateway to Environmental Education Assoc. for the Adv. of Hmong Women in MN $155,830
9/23 - 2:00 PM 186-F Ortiz Mary Minnesota WolfLink International Wolf Center $231,576
  187-F Easter Fred "GrowPreneur" Student Run Ecoagri. Microbusiness Empowering At-risk Youth The City Inc. $868,375
9/23 - 2:30 PM 188-F Meyer Mary Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Land Management and Environment Education U of MN - Minnesota Landscape Arboretum $1,169,200
  189-F Pappenfus Ted Solar Energy Demonstration/Education for Minnesota Citizens U of MN - Morris $213,000
9/22 - 4:00 PM 190-F Bylander C.B. Innovative model for outdoor education in grades 7-12 DNR $300,000
  191-F Erickson Sarah Lake Superior Watershed & Stormwater Protection and Education Great Lakes Aquarium $121,196
  192-F Fischer Mike Benson Park City of North Mankato $447,500
  193-F Hahn Denis Urban Forestry Outdoor Education Three Rivers Park District $95,000
9/23 - 3:30 PM 194-F Musser Kimberly Minnesota River Experts: An educational field trip online MN State University - Mankato $124,721
  195-F Neitzel David Tick-borne Disease Prevention Programs at Minnesota Parks MN Dept. of Health $173,271
  196-F Hickman John Working Together to Restore the Minnesota River Friends of the Minnesota Valley $507,100
  197-F Dziuk Harold Northern Minnesota Site-Based Watershed Education Itasca Water Legacy Partnership $569,450
  198-F Rubin Cory Educational and Hands-on Demonstration Sites of Green Infrastructure Rochester Community and Technical College $368,197
9/23 - 5:00 PM 199-F Drake Jeff Glendalough Academy: An Environmental Education & Stewardship Model I.S.D. #542, Battle Lake Public School $118,012
9/23 - 4:30 PM 200-F Grover Sara Project Get Outdoors Toolkit Activities Project Get Outdoors, Inc. $10,000
  201-F Bomier Bruce Promoting Responsible Water Ecology among Minnesota Schools South Central Service Cooperative $35,000
  202-F Bratkovich Steve Environmental Education for Educators and Tree Care Professionals Dovetail Partners, Inc. $180,000
  203-F Fitzpatrick James Climate change programs in the St. Croix Valley Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center $55,000
  204-F Mocol-Johnson Jennifer Sand Creek Watershed Wetland Education & Restoration Project Rice County Planing & Zoning $27,500
  205-F Prescott Brinkley Environmental Learning in Minnesota (ELM) Grant Program MN Association for Environmental Education $1,000,000
  206-F Taylor Chandler AWMA-UMS K-12 Teacher Environmental Education Workshops A&WMA - Upper Midwest Section $19,200
  207-F Wymore Steve Agassiz Lowlands Environmental Learning Area Lake of the Woods School, District 390 $753,790
  208-F Carlson Stephan Assessing K-6 Classrooms to Implement GreenPrint Outcomes U of MN $368,000
  209-F Hoch Greg Nature and Technology Meet on the Prairie Friends of Detroit Lakes Wetland Management $85,000
9/23 - 4:00 PM 210-F Johnson Jay Hunting Skills Education Grants Program DNR $315,000
  211-F Guster Dennis An Environmental Education Computer Modeling/Simulation Laboratory St. Cloud State University $153,323
  212-F OReilly John W. Promote Sustainable Management Among Family Forest Owners Minnesota Forestry Association $141,000
  213-F Shmurak Susannah Northfield Community Farm Northfield Local Food Action $360,000
  214-F Eckles Klayton Good Neighbor Pledge-- Web Based Environmental Education Program Minnesota Public Works Association $29,000
G. Creative Ideas (27 proposals/subtotal = $13,301,248)
10/1 - 3:00 PM 215-G VanDerPol Terry Making ecosystem services pay in agricultural watersheds Land Stewardship Project $247,200
10/1 - 3:30 PM 216-G Gralnick Jeffrey Science and Innovation from the Soudan Iron Mine U of MN $551,451
10/1 - 4:00 PM 217-G Moen Ron Identifying Critical Habitats for Moose in Northeastern Minnesota UMD - NRRI $507,078
  218-G Wilson Bruce Pathogen Sources in Urban Runoff and Remediation Effectiveness MPCA $650,000
  219-G Zanko Lawrence CO2 Sequestration (Mineral Carbonation) Potential of Mining Byproducts UMD - NRRI $115,500
10/1 - 4:30 PM 220-G Cotner James Quantifying carbon burial in healthy Minnesota wetlands U of MN $432,000
10/1 - 5:00 PM 221-G Krischik Vera Mitigating Pollinator Decline in Minnesota U of MN $297,463
  222-G Adamek Margaret GIS Foodshed Analysis in the Red River Basin U of MN - Reg. Sustainable Dev. Partnerships $319,278
  223-G Miller Cheryl Demonstrating Carbon Sequestration in Minnesota Forests Izaak Walton League Minnesota Division $400,832
  224-G Wells John A Minnesota Water Portal for 21st Century Communication MN Environmental Quality Board $478,000
  225-G Linnell Stan Cooperative Development of Fishing Piers DNR $700,000
  226-G Wyse Donald Native Hazelnuts: A Multifunctional New Crop for Minnesota U of MN $193,968
  227-G Butkowski Ralph Characterization of environmentally sensitive aquatic insect communities Augsburg College $82,118
  228-G Vang John Ny Asian Outdoor Heritage Initiative Asian Outdoor Heritage, Inc $281,900
  229-G Mazyck David Mercury Removal from Stack Emissions from Coal-Fired Power University of Florida $1,770,621
  230-G Mazyck David Mercury Removal via STC for Compliance with Great University of Florida $683,669
WITHDRAWN/INCOMPLETE as of 06/24/09 (8 proposals/subtotal = $1,970,280)
  W-231 Sturman Joshua WITHDRAWN - Coon Lake Ecosystem Education & Outreach (Phase-1) U of MN $10,000
  W-232 Kuehner Kevin WITHDRAWN - Root River Water Quality: From Field to Watershed MN Department of Agriculture $405,080
  W-233 Hauck Steven WITHDRAWN - Geothermal Electricity Production Requires Statewide Heat Flow Mapping U of MN - NRRI $325,000
  W-234 Graham Peter WITHDRAWN - Rhizobium inoculation of Minnesota prairie legumes U of MN $342,900
  W-235 Frazell Kevin WITHDRAWN - Minimal Impact Design Standards for Urban Stormwater Runoff League of Minnesota Cities $500,000
  W-236 Esaw Michael WITHDRAWN - Lead Safe Work Practice M & J Environmental Institute< $27,500
  W-237 Dry Carolyn WITHDRAWN - Help for homeowners in erasing global-warming footprints U of MN $71,800
  W-238 Dry Carolyn WITHDRAWN - Demo: Coating Strengthens Concrete by Absorbing/Transforming Greenhouse U of MN $295,000
  GRAND TOTAL = $162,992,833

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