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2015 ENRTF Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

2015 Environment and Natural Resouces Trust Fund Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

Below proposals are listed within funding priority topic areas in rank order based on preliminary staff evaluation.

In response to the 2015 Request for Proposal (RFP), due March 28, 2014, 152 proposals requesting a total of approximately $126.3 million were received. This RFP process is for funding available beginning July 1, 2015. For that period, approximately $44 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund is currently expected to be available to recommend for project funding.

The LCCMR will be reviewing, evaluating, and ranking all proposals received. On June 4, 10, or 11, the LCCMR is scheduled to select a subset of proposals to receive further consideration and to invite in to present before the Commission. Proposal presentations for those invited are scheduled to occur June 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26 - dates are as needed depending on the number of proposals selected to present to the Commission. Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information on important process dates.

Visit the 2015 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Click here for print-ready list of 2015 proposals received - listed by category with project summaries (19-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the "last name" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

ENRTF ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 32 proposals/subtotal = $19,712,775 )
001-A Setterholm Dale MGS Geologic Atlases to Support Natural Resource Management [Continuation] U of MN - MN Geological Survey $2,040,000
002-A Converse Carmen Minnesota Biological Survey [Continuation] MN DNR $3,500,000
003-A Kloiber Steve Completing the National Wetland Inventory Update for Minnesota [Continuation] MN DNR $2,772,610
004-A Baker Richard Endangered Bats, White-Nose Syndrome, and Forest Habitat MN DNR $1,269,546
005-A Barker Keith Integrating Minnesotas Biodiversity Data: a Comprehensive, Dynamic Atlas Bell Museum of Natural History $339,750
006-A Falteisek Jan County Geologic Atlas Continuation for Water Resource Sustainability [Continuation] MN DNR $2,542,389
007-A Henderson Carrol Contaminants in Minnesotas Loons and Pelicans-Phase 3 MN DNR $141,000
008-A Quinn Edward Reintroduction/Interpretation of Bison in Minnesota State Parks MN DNR $797,718
009-A Oberhauser Karen Effects of Grazing Versus Fire for Prairie Management U of MN $414,064
010-A Boe Kathleen St. Anthony Falls Lock Closure: Assessing Ecological Impact Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership $148,093
011-A Blair Robert Minnesota Native Bee Atlas: A Citizen Science Project U of MN $790,000
012-A Kapfer Paul Restoring Minnesota's Apex Weasel, the Fisher Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe $316,086
013-A Moen Ron Genetic and Camera Techniques to Estimate Carnivore Populations U of MN - Duluth NRRI $236,326
014-A Martell Mark Creating a Statewide Wetland Bird Survey Audubon Minnesota $146,520
015-A Venturelli Paul Using Angler Smartphone Data to Benefit Aquatic Resources U of MN $322,633
016-A McGuire Jennifer Turtle Population Dynamics in an Urban Lake University of St. Thomas $258,603
017-A D'Angelo Gino Movements and Seasonal Habitat Use of Minnesota Elk MN DNR $250,242
018-A Henderson Bobby Goblin Fern: Habitat Mitigation for Species Conservation Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe $61,040
019-A Casper Gary Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in Lake Superior Basin Great Lakes Ecological Services, LLC $199,204
020-A Falkowski Michael A Foundational Dataset Characterizing Historic Forest Disturbance Impacts U of MN $323,161
021-A Heinicke Matthew Conservation Genetics of Minnesotas Rare Lizards and Snakes University of Michigan (UM-Dearborn) $224,341
022-A Travis Dominic Unique Partnership Approach for Protecting Minnesotas Threatened Ecosystems U of MN $260,147
023-A Russell Matthew A Web-Based Portal for Forest Ecosystem Health U of MN $130,018
024-A Karwan Diana Hydrologic Effects of Contemporary Forest Practices in Minnesota U of MN $201,296
025-A Ferrington Leonard Evaluation of Thermal Regimes For Optimizing Trout Habitats U of MN $450,489
026-A LaRue Michelle Cougars in Minnesota: Management Strategies for Changing Ecosystems U of MN $263,230
027-A Moen Ron LiDAR for Wildlife in Northeastern Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $99,717
028-A Snell-Rood Emilie The Effect of Salt on Roadside Habitats U of MN $109,000
029-A Johnson Renee Cooperative Public Land Survey/Cadastral Spatial Data Management MN DNR $500,000
030-A ONeil Thomas Wildlife-Habitat Relationships in Minnesota Northwest Habitat Institute $397,124
031-A Montgomery Kent Enhancing Future Forest Conservation Using Gullions Historic Research Central Lakes College $75,885
032-A Wilmot Neil Silica Sand Mining and the Minnesota Economy U of MN - Duluth $132,543
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 30 proposals/subtotal = $13,497,894 )
033-B Keeler Bonnie Informed Water Management: Mapping Scarcity,Threats, and Values U of MN $234,936
034-B Hu Bo A Novel Biofilm Technology for Water Nutrient Removal U of MN $281,270
035-B Valentas Kenneth Preventing Phosphorous from Entering Water Resources Through Draintiles U of MN $355,000
036-B Schoenfuss Heiko Biological Consequences of Septic Pollution in Minnesota Lakes St. Cloud State University $364,427
037-B Smith Erik Subsurface Drainage Impacts on Groundwater Recharge: Southeast Minnesota U.S. Geological Survey $488,394
038-B Wammer Kristine Toxicity of Fragrances to Native Fish and Mussels University of St. Thomas $219,572
039-B Barney Brett Expanding Biofertilizers for Responsible Nitrogen Application U of MN $568,000
040-b Sadowsky Michael Woodchip Bioreactors Controling Sulfate, Nitrate, and Phosphorus Runoff U of MN $638,000
041-B Hobbie Sarah Determining Stormwater Pollution Sources to Improve Urban Waters U of MN $538,000
042-B Sheaffer Craig Reducing Nitrogen Pollution in Groundwater with Perennial Grasses U of MN $482,186
043-B Hondzo Miki Enhanced Microbial Nitrate Removal in Minnesota Waters U of MN $333,763
044-B Wackett Lawrence Solving Problems From Pesticides and Spills in Minnesota U of MN $440,000
045-B Ellison Christopher Using Hydroacoustics to Monitor Sediment in Minnesotas Rivers U.S. Geological Survey $455,663
046-B Abbas Abdennour Autonomous Chemical Sensor for Water Toxicants Monitoring U of MN $320,000
047-B Drewitz Matt Southeastern Minnesota Cover Crop and Soil Health Initiatives Board of Water and Soil Resources $253,000
048-B Maciej Gerry Achieving Minnesotas Groundwater Sustainability Through Irrigation Efficiencies Benton Soil and Water Conservation District $431,100
049-B Wang Ping Wireless Biosensing for Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems U of MN $981,249
050-B Zhang Kechun Integrated Algae Process for Value-Added Fuels and Chemicals U of MN $919,662
051-B Clark Ryan Conservation Reference Watersheds within the Minnesota River Basin Renville County SWCD $699,820
052-B Garono Ralph Mapping and Classifying North Shore Vernal Pools U of MN - Duluth NRRI $525,846
053-B Meschke Linda Tile Outlet Treatment Trains to Improve Water Quality Rural Advantage $514,394
054-B Small Gaston Removing Excess Phosphorus in Urban Lakes through Hydroponics University of St. Thomas $174,046
055-B Garono Ralph Nutrient Dead-Zone Interactions in the St. Louis Estuary U of MN - Duluth Large Lakes Observatory $550,200
056-B Kluckhohn Rebecca Lake Management Guidance, Strategies to Reduce Internal Loads Clearwater River Watershed District $233,900
057-B Julius Matt Reducing Dairy Plant Impact on Water Quality St. Cloud State University $499,733
058-B Montgomery Kent Developing and Implementing Watershed-level Protection Strategies for Lakes Central Lakes College $192,863
059-B Anglo Kathleen Improving Water Quality, Daylighting Trout Brook City of Saint Paul $400,000
060-B Schaum Jessica Shoreview Water Consumption and Groundwater Awareness Project City of Shoreview $54,470
061-B Innes Alister Replace Chemical Hazards in Products; Reduce Emerging Contaminants Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $1,039,600
062-B Johnson Margaret Crow River Erosion Analysis and Targeted Implementation Project Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District $308,800
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 18 proposals/subtotal = $8,384,448 )
063-C Luce Don Inspiring Citizen Action to Control Aquatic Invasive Species Bell Museum of Natural History $239,215
064-C Hamilton Patrick MNwatch: A Major New Exhibit About Minnesotas Environment Science Museum of Minnesota $1,085,000
065-C Ponder Julia Hunter's Choice: Alternative Ammunition U of MN $132,557
066-C Lenczewski John Connecting Students with Watersheds through Hands-On Learning Minnesota Trout Unlimited $437,195
067-C Svien Lawrence Building 8 Zumbro Watershed Recreational Learning Stewardship Sites Zumbro Watershed Partnership $356,920
068-C Kay Adam Stewardship Science: Enhancing education in Underserved Urban Communities University of St. Thomas $111,887
069-C Anderson Neil Reed Canary Grass Threat to the Tension Zone U of MN $538,968
070-C Vlasak Raymond Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge Outdoor Youth Learning Program Friends of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Inc. $118,600
071-C Nerbonne Julia Be The Spark: Experiential Youth Development Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light $576,377
072-C Thommes Judy Youth Energy Education: Making Energy Conservation Fun! Center for Energy and Environment $162,000
073-C Freese Joan Splash Screen: SciGirls Exploring Watersheds Using Mobile Technologies Twin Cities Public Television $187,400
074-C Mercer-Taylor Beth Water Journey Camps U of MN $25,138
075-C Martinez Cecilia Zenteotl-Community Empowerment Through Urban Agriculture Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy $382,887
076-C Hall Patricia Race to Reduce: Replicating Success! H2O for Life, Inc $82,500
077-C Eldred Craig City of Waconia Fountain Park Storm Water Education City of Waconia $52,415
078-C Kaminski Timmothy Assessing Carcass Disposal Assistance for Reducing Wolf-Cattle Conflicts Howling For Wolves $72,000
079-C Bodette Dan Community and Field-Based Environmental Learning Model School of Environmental Studies $388,274
080-C Homan Ed Regional Mattress Recycling: Reducing Landfill Use, Recovering Resources McLeod County $3,435,115
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 15 proposals/subtotal = $24,347,412 )
081-D Buhr Brian Minnesota Terrestrial Invasive Species Research Center U of MN $14,937,920
082-D D'Amato Anthony Emerald Ash Borer Ecological/Hydrological Impacts - Phase 2 U of MN $420,408
083-D Becker Roger Biological Control of Canada Thistle U of MN $300,000
084-D Blanchette Robert Preventing a New Disease of Pines in Minnesota U of MN $371,840
085-D Aukema Brian Minnesotas Newest Invasion: European Gypsy Moth is Here U of MN $350,000
086-D Henquinet Jeffrey Mobile Ballast Water Treatment System for Great Lakes Izaak Walton League of America $1,006,200
087-D Phelps Nicholas Small Fish, Big Problem: Understanding Minnesotas Baitfish Industry U of MN $236,526
088-D Hicks Randall Forecasting Microbial Invasions: Muskie Pox and VHS Virus U of MN $467,589
089-D Sadowsky Michael Biocontrol of Eurasian Water Milfoil Based on DNA Sequencing U of MN $574,000
090-D Cotner James Using CO2 to Control Fish in Shallow Lakes U of MN $505,000
091-D Frohnauer Nick Minnesota Asian Carp Action Plan Implementation MN DNR $4,359,517
092-D Hibbard Calder Minnesotas Forest Health Threats: Terrestrial Invasive Species Minnesota Forest Resources Council $308,322
093-D Matthews Thomas Treatment of Emerald Ash Borer-infested Ash Trees Phyllom BioProducts Corporation $120,000
094-D Larson Chris Ash Tree Preservation: Environmental Education & Stewardship City of Oakdale $85,590
095-D Shneider Joseph Prepackaged AIS Thermal Decontamination Program for Water-Related Equipment MN Coalition of Lake Associations $304,500
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 21 proposals/subtotal = $12,985,267 )
096-E Levenson-Falk Annie Ending Minnesota Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fossil Fuels Legislative Energy Commission $1,500,000
097-E Hu Bo Electrochemical Micro-Aeration for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Biogas U of MN $316,754
098-E Montgomery Rebecca Tree Productivity and Health Depend on Cold Winters U of MN $241,568
099-E Reich Peter Managing for "Climate-Smart" Trees and Forests U of MN $457,953
100-E David Andrew Development of Forest Seed Transfer Guidelines for Minnesota U of MN $327,602
101-E McCormick Alon Renewable and Sustainable Fertilizers Produced Locally U of MN $1,620,000
102-E Nagel Linda Making Minnesota Forests More Resilient to Climate Change U of MN $396,872
103-E Goldberg Louise Housing Clusters Consuming Less Electricity Than They Generate U of MN $195,000
104-E Dutcher Cari Lake and River Spray Impacts on Minnesota Climate U of MN $516,000
105-E Hemmingsen Richard Optimizing Environmental and Economic Value of Harvested Cattails U of MN $1,545,750
106-E Davy Ray Reducing Land Applied Agricultural Waste in SE Minnesota Agri-Waste Energy Operations $504,385
107-E Gerard Gena Reducing Wood Smoke: Protecting Our Health and Environment Environmental Initiative $1,116,570
108-E Hong Jiarong Assessing Environmental Impact of Wind Turbines in Minnesota U of MN $528,000
109-E Current Dean Zero-Waste Aquaponic System for Fish and Vegetable Production U of MN $906,400
110-E Northrop William Reducing Emissions from Open Burning through Biomass Gasification U of MN $268,188
111-E Slesak Robert Soil Frost and Sustainable Forestry Under Varying Climate U of MN $305,000
112-E Becker Dennis In-Woods Biomass Drying to Increase Energy Value U of MN $194,550
113-E Current Dean BMP Portfolio for Non-forest Biomass for Bioenergy U of MN $213,250
114-E Green Jim Duluth Steam Energy Efficiency Project City of Duluth $153,360
115-E Oskoui Kazem Restorative Integrated Resource Management at Prospect Clark Engineering Corporation $499,440
116-E Thomas Steve Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Solid Waste The NetWork for Better Futures d/b/a Better Futures Minnesota $1,178,625
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 19 proposals/subtotal = $7,211,764 )
117-F Johnson Lucinda Prioritizing Future Management of North Shore Trout Streams U of MN - Duluth NRRI $416,411
118-F Perrine Rich Thirteen Counties Propagating Native Plants, Restoring Diverse Habitats Martin SWCD $495,000
119-F Remucal David Preserving and Protecting Minnesota's 48 Native Orchid Species U of MN - Landscape Arboretum $167,700
120-F Griffis Timothy Forecasting the Intensity and Spread of Minnesotas Wildfires U of MN $184,080
121-F Buck Wiley MeCC VIII: Restoration for Climate Resilience, Pollinators, Working Lands Great River Greening $459,000
122-F Hoek Tabor Conservation Assistance Acceleration Project Board of Water and Soil Resources $1,500,000
123-F Wisenden Brian MSU Moorhead Science Center Restoration & Monitoring Moorhead State University $527,760
124-F Herb William Prioritizing Walleye Spawning Habitat Restoration in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $277,235
125-F Erwin John Building "Pollinator Friendly" Landscapes U of MN $225,714
126-F Lewanski Tom MeCC VIII: FMR Restoring Prairie and Forest Habitat Friends of the Mississippi River $276,482
127-F Rudolf Sarah Empowered Citizens Improve 5 Urban Forests: Statewide Model Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $835,342
128-F Kleist Christopher Flood Recovery on Sargent Creek Duluth Habitat Restoration City of Duluth $398,000
129-F Ryun Debra Shoreland Protection for the Lower St. Croix River St. Croix River Association $190,300
130-F Hoganson Howard Transitioning Pine Plantations to Multi-Aged, Mixed-Species Pine Stands U of MN $260,222
131-F Erwin John Building Ecologically-Sound Landscapes in Our Communities U of MN $241,828
132-F Singer Alan Integrating Agriculture with Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat Dakota County $300,000
133-F Hoganson Howard Recognizing Full Value of Pine Restoration U of MN $177,278
134-F Arvidson Adam Ecological Management Plans for Vegetation and Water Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $204,412
135-F Erickson Mark Redwood/Renville County Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Master Plan Redwood County and Renville County $75,000
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 16 proposals/subtotal = $40,057,901 )
136-G Stefferud Arne Metropolitan Regional Park System Land Acquisition Phase 4 Metropolitan Council $3,000,000
137-G Booth Peggy SNA Acquisition, Restoration, Enhancement and Public Engagement MN DNR $6,315,700
138-G Garms Jason Native Prairie Stewardship & Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition MN DNR $6,450,162
139-G Christie Jennifer State Parks and State Trails Land Acquisitions MN DNR $2,000,000
140-G Peterson Richard Protecting the Pineland Sands Aquifer MN DNR $2,006,856
141-G Loon Deborah MeCC VIII: Priority Expansion Minnesota Valley NWRefuge Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. $500,000
142-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail Development Soudan to Ely Phase 2 St. Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $1,000,000
143-G Rivers Patrick MeCC VIII: MN DNR Metro Conservation Corridors 8, Ecological Landscapes MN DNR $530,000
144-G Salus Danielle MeCC VIII: TPLs Strategic Land Protection Program The Trust for Public Land $1,000,000
145-G Curry John MeCC VIII: Ecological Landscapes - Overall, Mapping and Coordination Minnesota Land Trust $40,000
146-G Singer Alan MeCC VIII: Dakota County Riparian and Lakeshore Protection Dakota County $600,000
147-G West Paula Multi-benefit Watershed Scale Conservation on North Central Lakes Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation $1,225,750
148-G Curry John MeCC VIII: Metro Conservation Corridors 8 Ecological Landscapes Minnesota Land Trust $882,500
149-G Damon Susan Enhanced Access to Isolated State Lands MN DNR $1,017,397
150-G Johnson Mark Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water Supply Protection Project Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water System $11,460,000
151-G Vandelinde Aaron Preserving Old-Growth Forests on School Lands MN DNR $2,029,536
H. Pass-thru Contract Management
(RECEIVED: 1 proposals/subtotal = $135,000 )
152-H Graeber Amanda Contract Management MN DNR $135,000

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