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2011-2012 Proposals

2011-2012 Proposals

In response to the 2011-2012 Request for Proposal (RFP), due April 9, 2010, 241 proposals requesting a total of approximately $162 million were received. This RFP process is for the biennium (2 years) beginning July 1, 2011. For that period, approximately $52 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund is expected to be available to recommend for project funding. The $162 million in requests represents a ratio of more than 3:1 on dollars requested versus dollars available.

On June 9, 2010, the LCCMR selected 105* proposals to invite in to present before the Commission and receive further consideration. Scheduled dates are available here. [*Note: 105 proposals consists of 82 individual proposals plus 2 partnership proposals containing a total of 23 individual sub-proposals (Metro Conservation Corridors, #104-D = 11 individual sub-proposals; Habitat Conservation Partnership, #106-D = 12 individual sub-proposals): 82+23=105.]

Through this current process the LCCMR intends to make recommendations to the 2011 MN Legislature for appropriation of the majority of the funds available during the next two years. However, the Commission may choose to retain a small portion of funds outside of this process to be available for additional appropriation recommendations to the 2012 MN Legislature for projects addressing specific time sensitive needs.

2011-2012 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page

Note About Proposal Listings
All proposals received in response to the 2011-2012 RFP are listed below. Proposals that were selected on 06/09/10 to present before the Commission and receive further consideration are indicated with an "X" in the left-most "Selected to Present" column.

Print-ready List of Proposals Selected to Present to the LCCMR
Click here for 2011-2012 Proposals selected to present to the LCCMR - listed by category and proposer last name with project summaries (10-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the "ID #" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Selected to Present ID # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization Requested
A. Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 31 proposals/subtotal = $16,062,887; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 13 proposals/subtotal = $12,604,098)
A1. Natural Resource Data and Information: Collection
(RECEIVED: 14 proposals/subtotal = $12,098,868; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 8 proposals/subtotal = $10,022,300)
001-A1 Converse Carmen Minnesota County Biological Survey (continuation) DNR $3,300,000
002-A1 Setterholm Dale MGS County Geologic Atlases for Sustainable Water Management U of MN - Minnesota Geological Survey $1,200,000
003-A1 Falteisek Jan County Geologic Atlases Part B for Seven Counties DNR $903,000
004-A1 Kloiber Steve Updating the National Wetland Inventory for Minnesota: Phase3 DNR $2,645,000
005-A1 Bauer Marvin Mapping and Monitoring Minnesota Landscapes U of MN $395,000
006-A1 Weiblen George Online Guides to Minnesota Plants, Fungi, & Lichens U of MN $373,000
007-A1 Lennon Megan The completion of a Statewide Digital Soil Survey Board of Water and Soil Resources $500,000
008-A1 Martell Mark Final Phase of the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Audubon Minnesota $664,000
009-A1 Butler Erika Determining Causes of Death in Declining Moose Populations DNR $717,250
010-A1 Lauer Jack Monitoring Minnesota River Fish Populations and Recreational Use DNR $649,075
011-A1 Pierce Ann Increased Forest Monitoring to Address Escalating Stressors DNR $400,000
012-A1 Stiras Joel Paddlefish and Sturgeon Monitoring DNR $125,000
013-A1 Mehus Scott Golden Eagle Research Project National Eagle Center $93,050
014-A1 Moen Ron Moose Foraging, Calf Survival, and Thermal Refuges U of MN - NRRI $134,493
  Sub-Category A1 Total = $12,098,868
A2. Natural Resource Data and Information: Distribution, Application, and Training
(RECEIVED: 10 proposals/subtotal = $3,964,019; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 5 proposals/subtotal = $2,581,798)
015-A2 Everett Leslie Strengthening Natural Resource Management with LiDAR Training U of MN $184,870
016-A2 Arbeit David Common Ground: The Minnesota Environmental Mapping Commons Department of Administration - Minnesota Geospatial Information Office $675,000
017-A2 Kean Allan Drainage Records Modernization and Shared GIS Database Board of Water and Soil Resources $715,000
018-A2 Polasky Stephen InVEST in Minnesota U of MN $424,928
019-A2 Fritz Charles Improving Natural Resource Conservation with Value-Added LiDAR International Water Institute $398,300
020-A2 Benson Steve WMA-AMA Work Planning Information System DNR $582,000
021-A2 Lemm Les Wetland Assessment Web-Tool Using Historic Aerial Imagery Board of Water and Soil Resources $285,000
022-A2 Dessecker Daniel Enhancing Future Forest Conservation Using Gullion's Historic Research Ruffed Grouse Society $220,271
023-A2 Sanocki Christopher Harmonized DNR and Canadian Watersheds Enhance Sreamstats United States Geological Survey $213,650
024-A2 St. Mane Ted Interactive Outreach for Statewide Conservation and Preservation Plan MLT Group LLC $265,000
  Sub-Category A2 Total = $3,964,019
  CATEGORY A TOTAL = $16,062,887
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 38 proposals/subtotal = $16,122,097; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 12 proposals/subtotal = $5,281,951)
025-B Colman Steven Ecosystem Transects to Monitor Lake Superior's Health U of MN $504,639
026-B Leete Jeanette Capture and Use of Groundwater Sustainability Data Pilot DNR $601,800
027-B Reeves Laurel New Generation in Water Supply Management-Pilot Studies DNR $986,500
028-B Sadowsky Michael Mississippi Water Quality - Deeper Look, Broader Impacts U of MN $623,445
029-B Green Jeff Innovative Trout Stream Springshed Mapping in Southeast Minnesota-Continuation DNR $676,765
030-B Wammer Kristine Minnesota River: Occurrence and Potential Significance of Antibiotics University of St. Thomas $193,840
031-B VanBuren Hanson Princesa Understanding Groundwater Sustainability in the I-94 Growth Corridor Environmental Quality Board $594,000
032-B Peterson Joel Conservation-Based Approach for Assessing Public Drainage Benefits Board of Water and Soil Resources $189,900
033-B Henschel Andy Improving Habitat/Surface Water Quality through Precision Conservation Shell Rock River Watershed District $454,000
034-B Austin David Pure Oxygen Injection Demonstration for Water Quality Improvement Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District $230,000
035-B Mohring Eric Potential Benefits of Perpetual Easements on Phosphorus Reduction Board of Water and Soil Resources $126,506
036-B Toner Brandy Minnesota Drinking Water: Reducing Arsenic in Private Wells U of MN $527,132
037-B Eadens Lisa Prioritizing Critical Restoration Sites in the Zumbro Watershed Zumbro Watershed Partnership $163,500
038-B Zanko Larry Waste Water Phosphorous Filtration Using Recycled By-Products U of MN - NRRI $185,056
039-B Dahl Linda Nitrate Removal Capacity of Minnesota's Groundwater-Fed Wetlands Southeast Minnesota Water Resources Board $902,428
040-B Kranz-McGuire Megan Nutrient Retention by Vegetation in Southeast Minnesota Streams Whitewater Joint Powers Board $436,000
041-B Johnson Gregory Quantifying Streambed Sediment to Improve Aquatic Habitat Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $450,000
042-B Bistodeau Lucas Targeted Land Management Strategies to Improve Water Quality Cannon River Watershed Partnership $134,000
043-B Kovarik Holly Crooked Lake Aquatic Habitat Re-establishment Sauk River Watershed District $512,000
044-B Brooks Ken Linking Rural Land Treatment Systems to Healthy Biota U of MN $948,000
045-B Lehr Randy Using Gene Expression to Assess Water Resource Health Three Rivers Park District $350,000
046-B Fisher Shannon Crop Residue Status and Soil Loss Outcomes Model MN State University, Mankato - Water Resources Center $628,966
047-B Chang Fu-Hsian Use of Biofilm Reactors for Water Purification Bemidji State University $375,000
048-B Convery Michael Arsenic Occurrence in Private Well Water Department of Health $86,540
049-B Lindgren John Knowlton Creek Peak Flow and Erosion Alleviation DNR $2,200,000
050-B Hubmer Todd Preservation of Natural Resources, Ecology, and Stormwater Reuse City of Afton $350,000
051-B Barten John Elm Creek Stream Bank Stabilization Project Three Rivers Park District $200,000
052-B Nordby Bev Comprehensive Hydrologic Analysis of the Cedar River Watershed Cedar River Watershed District $182,000
053-B Kovarik Holly Sauk River Watershed Strategic Modeling and Analysis Sauk River Watershed District $440,000
054-B Kennedy Jay City of Hugo Groundwater Observation City of Hugo $118,700
055-B Weiss Bret City of Rogers Groundwater Observation and Geological Investigation City of Rogers $162,200
056-B Brotzler Andy City of Rosemount Groundwater Observation Project City of Rosemount $65,600
057-B Ziemer Jason Pioneer Creek Tributary Restoration City of Maple Plain $183,000
058-B Hruska Jim Improving Woodchip Bioreactors for Nitrate Management Dodge County Soil & Water Conservation District $28,040
059-B Willenbring Peter Lake Minnetonka Water Quality Treatment System City of Minnetrista $800,000
060-B Page Jamie Schmidt Lake Restoration Schmidt Lake Association $425,000
061-B Hubmer Todd Groundwater Recharge: Nicols Fen, Kennealy/Harnack Trout Streams Gun Club Lake Watershed Management Organization $37,540
062-B Brown Timothy MPRB Loring Pond Management Plan Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board $50,000
  CATEGORY B TOTAL = $16,122,097
C. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 35 proposals/subtotal = $17,069,734; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 19 proposals/subtotal = $10,346,267)
C1+2. Protection, Restoration, and Enhancement
(RECEIVED: 13 proposals/subtotal = $5,314,342; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 8 proposals/subtotal = $4,035,192)
063-C1+2 Shaw Ruth Conserving Prairie Plant Diversity and Evaluating Local Adaptation U of MN $787,000
064-C1+2 Lehman Clarence Prairie Management for Wildlife and Bioenergy: Final Phase U of MN $1,416,000
065-C1+2 Hastings Jeff Phase II Southeast Minnesota Showcase Stream Restoration Projects Trout Unlimited, Inc. $250,000
066-C1+2 Damon Susan Conservation Easement Stewardship and Enforcement Program, Phase II DNR $750,000
067-C1+2 Perrine Rich Declining, At-Risk Native Species: A Recovery Project Martin County Soil and Water Conservation District $147,800
068-C1+2 Biesboer David D. Genetic Diversity, Conservation and Threats to Wild Rice U of MN $195,000
069-C1+2 Walker Michele Restoration Strategies; Ditched Peatland Scientific and Natural Areas DNR $248,712
070-C1+2 Zanko Lawrence Recycling Sediments to Enhance and Restore Marginal Lands U of MN - NRRI $499,750
071-C1+2 Haroldson Kurt Controlling Encroachment of Woody Vegetation in Grasslands DNR $240,680
072-C1+2 Kortebein Paul Big Woods Heritage Forest Assessment and Restoration Three Rivers Park District $300,200
073-C1+2 Drewes Annette Wild Rice Conservation Through Citizen Science and Engagement Bemidji State University $214,200
074-C1+2 Neu Dave Mississippi Bluffland Restoration National Wild Turkey Federation $200,000
075-C1+2 >Forester Jeff Preserving Public Values on Private Land Minnesota Seasonal Recreational Property Owners Coalition $65,000
  Sub-Category C1+2 Total = $5,314,342
C3+4. Protection, Restoration, and Enhancement
(RECEIVED: 25 proposals/subtotal = $11,755,392; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 11 proposals/subtotal = $6,311,075)
076-C3+4 Pfeifer Sharon Conservation Options for Urbanizing Communities DNR $824,600
077-C3+4 Rivers Erika Shoreland Incentives II: Natural Filters on Private Lands DNR $841,000
078-C3+4 Liedl Mark Brainerd Lakes Community-Based Conservation Planning Project Crow Wing County $540,000
079-C3+4 Fuchs Dennis Protecting the "Orphan Stretch" of the Mississippi River Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District $343,900
080-C3+4 Krystosek Dale Northeast Minnesota White Cedar Plant Community Restoration Project Board of Water and Soil Resources $258,750
081-C3+4 Hoek Tabor MN Conservation Assistance Project Board of Water and Soil Resources $1,500,000
082-C3+4 Ryun Deb St. Croix Basin Protection: Coordinated, Innovative, Targeted St. Croix River Association $1,180,000
083-C3+4 Lemm Les Decision Support Tools for Assessing Drainage Impacts Board of Water and Soil Resources $115,000
084-C3+4 Henderson Carrol Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality Demonstration Sites DNR $200,000
085-C3+4 Larson Kris Minnesota Conservation Training Network Minnesota Land Trust $425,000
086-C3+4 Pitt David Training for Collaborative Local Conservation and Development Planning U of MN $414,658
087-C3+4 Gustafson Jim Sensitive Lakeshore Identification in Itasca County Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District $190,000
088-C3+4 Kean Allan Update 20-year-old Minnesota Public Drainage Manual Board of Water and Soil Resources $228,000
089-C3+4 Lennon Megan Measuring Conservation Outcomes with New and Revised Estimators Board of Water and Soil Resources $340,000
090-C3+4 Thompson Molly Restoring the North Shore Lost Forest Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship Association $63,000
091-C3+4 Wyse Donald Developing Perennial Grain Crop for Working Agricultural Landscapes U of MN $674,242
092-C3+4 Zins Molly Score Your Shore: Citizens Assessing and Protecting Shoreland Minnesota Waters $81,000
093-C3+4 Chapman Kim Sustainable Land-use & Infrastructure Planning Applied Ecological Services, Inc. $385,000
094-C3+4 Sleeper Faye Adaptive Watershed Planning Tools for the North Shore U of MN - Water Resources Center $595,531
095-C3+4 Braun Lois Bush-Type Hazelnuts as an Alternative Perennial Crop U of MN $316,010
096-C3+4 Wolff Jan Working Together With Nature to Pilot Watershed Management DNR $1,382,000
097-C3+4 Meschke Linda 3rd Crop Transition Management for Increased Ecological Value Rural Advantage $312,751
098-C3+4 Niemi Gerald Tree Retention Following Harvest: Benefit or Unnecessary Cost? U of MN - NRRI $229,825
099-C3+4 Jambor-Delgado Jennifer Farmland and Resource Conservation: Making "Green Acres" Work Farmers Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG) $125,125
100-C3+4 Brown Timothy MPRB Comprehensive Vegetation Management Plan Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board $190,000
  Sub-Category C3+4 Total = $11,755,392
  CATEGORY C TOTAL = $17,069,734
D. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 38 proposals/subtotal = $52,425,220; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 32 proposals/subtotal = $46,652,220)
101-D Booth Margaret (Peggy) SNA Acquisition, Restoration, Enhancement & Citizen Engagement DNR $3,280,000
102-D Garms Jason Native Prairie Stewardship and Native Prairie Bank Acquisition DNR $1,020,000
103-D Stefferud Arne Metropolitan Regional Park System Land Acquisition Metropolitan Council $2,250,000
104-D Strommen Sarah MeCC 6 - Overall Metropolitan Conservation Corridors (MeCC) Summary
Metro Conservation Corridors
(Includes 7 partner organizations listed in 8 rows below)
104-D-1.1+1.2 Strommen Sarah MeCC 6 - Coordination, Mapping & Outreach (1.1) & Mapping and Database Work (1.2) Minnesota Land Trust $50,000
104-D-2.1 Lewanski Tom MeCC 6 - Restore and Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat (2.1) Friends of the Mississippi River $232,600
104-D-2.3 Buck Wiley MeCC 6 - Restoring Our Lands and Waters (2.3) Great River Greening $490,000
104-D-2.6+3.3 Loon Deborah MeCC 6 - Priority Expansion and Restoration MN Valley NW Refuge (2.6/3.3) MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. $1,163,000
104-D-2.7+3.7 Singer Alan MeCC 6 - Dakota County Riparian and Lakeshore Protection (2.7/3.7) Dakota County $2,700,000
104-D-3.1 Nash Becca MeCC 6 - TPL's Critical Land Protection Program (3.1) The Trust for Public Land $1,000,000
104-D-3.2 Strommen Sarah MeCC 6 - Protect Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements (3.2) Minnesota Land Trust $900,000
104-D-3.5 Halverson Mike MeCC 6 - Aquatic Management Area Acquisition (3.5) DNR $500,000
105-D Hark Peter State Parks and Trails Land Acquisition DNR $7,000,000
106-D Pavelko Joe HCP 7 - Overall Habitat Conservation Partnership Summary
Habitat Conservation Partnership
(Includes 8 partner organizations listed in 12 rows below)
106-D-1a Pavelko Joe HCP 7 - Coordination, Mapping & Data Management (1a) Pheasants Forever, Inc. $72,000
106-D-2e Mortensen Steve HCP 7 - Wild Rice/Waterfowl Habitat: Enhancement and Long-term Monitoring (2e) Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe $50,000
106-D-2g Willhite Suzann HCP 7 - Restoration & Management - Wildlife Management Areas (2g) DNR $30,000
106-D-2h Erickson-Eastwood Linda HCP 7 - Restoration & Management - DNR Fisheries (2h) DNR $200,000
106-D-2o Hoch Greg HCP 7 - Prairie Pothole Restoration on Waterfowl Areas (2o) Friends of the Detroit Lakes Wetland Management Division $75,000
106-D-3a Strommen Sarah HCP 7 - Shoreland Protection Program (3a) Minnesota Land Trust $900,000
106-D-3c Schneider Jon HCP 7 - Shallow Lake Conservation Easements (3c) Ducks Unlimited $1,650,000
106-D-3d Schneider Jon HCP 7 - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d) Ducks Unlimited $1,330,000
106-D-4a Pavelko Joe HCP 7 - WMA/WPA Acquisition beyond Boundaries (4a) Pheasants Forever, Inc. $1,750,000
106-D-4c McGillivray Robert HCP 7 - TPLs Critical Lands Protection Program (4c) The Trust for Public Land $1,000,000
106-D-4h Loon Deborah HCP 7 - Priority Acquisition, MN Valley Wetland Management District (4h) MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. $500,000
106-D-4i Halverson Mike HCP 7 - Habitat Acquisition - DNR Professional Services (4i) DNR $35,000
107-D Sames Wayne Natural and Scenic Area Acquisition DNR $2,050,000
108-D Schumann Angela Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park Acquisition City of Monticello $758,000
109-D Potter Ronald Regional Park, Trail, and Connections Acquisition and Development DNR $3,075,000
110-D Johnson Richard Minnesota's Critical Lands - Acquisition, Restoration & Research The Nature Conservancy $2,650,000
111-D Meyer Dr. Mary Property Acquisition to Complete Arboretum's Boundary Protection Plan U of MN - Minnesota Landscape Arboretum $1,750,000
112-D Schmidt Susan LaSalle Lake: Protecting Critical Mississippi River Headwaters Lands The Trust for Public Land $8,000,000
113-D Thill David Expanded Conservation Easement for Kingswood Camp in Minnetrista Hennepin County $172,500
114-D Bednarz Courtney Phase II Andover Rum River Open Space Preservation City of Andover $219,000
115-D Konewko DuWayne Protecting Fish Creek Greenway in Ramsey County City of Maplewood $300,000
116-D Cobb Brad Minnesota River Valley Green Corridor Project Phase II Green Corridor Inc. $2,699,620
117-D Henschel Andy Restoring Native Habitat/Water Quality to Shell Rock River Shell Rock River Watershed District $2,576,500
  CATEGORY D TOTAL = $52,425,220
E. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 16 proposals/subtotal = $3,342,525; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 6 proposals/subtotal = $2,982,897)
118-E Hicks Randall Improved Detection of Harmful Microbes in Ballast Water U of MN $290,801
119-E Chandler Monika Research and Implementation of Emerald Ash Borer Biocontrol Department of Agriculture $660,000
120-E Koch Robert Risk Assessment for Proactive Response to Forest Pests Department of Agriculture $566,340
121-E Chandler Monika Development of Biological Control for Common Tansy Department of Agriculture $193,600
122-E Gulliver John Phosphorus- Curlyleaf Pondweed Control by Sediment Iron Augmentation U of MN $647,000
123-E Eckberg Jim Switchgrass: A Biofuel Crop or Invasive Species? Central Lakes College $122,178
124-E Krischik Vera Landscape Management of EAB: Nontarget Consequences U of MN $343,578
125-E Brashaw Brian Microwave Heating to Kill EAB in Logs/Firewood U of MN - NRRI $220,078
126-E Jones Alan Community Grants to Suppress EAB on Private Lands DNR $1,000,000
127-E Brough Tony Innovative Aquatic Species Protection Hennepin County $300,000
128-E Koster Jeff Controlling Terrestrial Invasive Plants with Grazing Animals Hiawath Valley Resource Conservation and Development $85,000
129-E Patelke Marsha Controlling Invasive Plant Species with Portable Microwave Technology U of MN - NRRI $275,950
130-E Johnson Ted Washburn Milfoil Weevil Pilot Project Lake Washburn Association $250,000
131-E Baker Fred Recognizing Black Spruce Disease: Can Prevention Increase Harvest? Utah State University $232,434
132-E Grant Brad Pulling Together to Reduce Terrestrial Invasive Plants Becker County Soil and Water Conservation District $35,000
133-E Hugo Gina Diseased Tree Utilization and Disposal Pilot Program Sherburne County Soil & Water Conservation District $167,000
  CATEGORY E TOTAL = $5,388,959
F. Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Air Quality
(RECEIVED: 43 proposals/subtotal = $26,557,548; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 12 proposals/subtotal = $5,146,467)
F1+2+5. Climate Change and Air Quality
(RECEIVED: 5 proposals/subtotal = $1,667,484; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 5 proposals/subtotal = $1,667,484)
134-F1+2+5 Lindquist Mark Establish Scientific Foundation for Peatland Carbon Sequestration Projects DNR $493,371
135-F1+2+5 Frelich Lee Climate Change and Resilience in Boreal Forests U of MN $215,414
136-F1+2+5 Manolis Jim Building Species and Habitat Resilience to Climate Change DNR $370,000
137-F1+2+5 Engstrom Daniel Unprecedented Recent Changes in Minnesota's Wilderness Lakes Science Museum of Minnesota $321,700
138-F1+2+5 Marshall Julian Addressing Ozone Pollution in Minnesota: Equity and Efficiency U of MN $266,999
139-F1+2+5 Stefan Heinz Sustaining Lake Trout, Walleye Habitat in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $307,000
140-F1+2+5 Pierce Ann Climate Vulnerability Assessment for Minnesota Habitats and Species DNR $487,500
141-F1+2+5 Reich Peter Northwoods Warming Experiment to Inform Adaptive Management U of MN $696,799
142-F1+2+5 Droessler Bill Industry Sector and Community Emission-Reduction Program Minnesota Environmental Initiative $497,109
143-F1+2+5 Thurstin Lisa Building Minnesota's Electric Vehicle Future American Lung Association in Minnesota $1,108,500
144-F1+2+5 Treat Jessica Promoting Transportation Choices to Achieve Reduced Emissions St. Paul Smart Trips $40,000
  Sub-Category F1+2+5 Total = $4,804,392
F3+4. Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 32 proposals/subtotal = $21,753,156; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 7 proposals/subtotal = $3,478,983)
145-F3+4 LaPara Timothy Energy Conservation at Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities U of MN $163,376
146-F3+4 D'Amato Anthony Evaluation of Biomass Harvesting Impacts on Minnesota's Forests U of MN $448,152
147-F3+4 Pawlisch Lissa Statewide Lodging Facilities: Energy & Water Conservation Expansion U of MN $470,000
148-F3+4 Strack Otto Cost-Effective, Efficient Geothermal Heat Pump Systems U of MN $850,895
149-F3+4 Dirkswager Anna Woody Biomass Harvesting for the Management of Brushlands DNR $207,250
150-F3+4 Schafer Robert G. Alternative Biofuel Crops to Conserve Water and Soil Central Lakes College $344,180
151-F3+4 Hill Jason Understanding the Environmental Sustainability of Minnesota's Emerging Bioeconomy U of MN $408,926
152-F3+4 Ukena Bryan Municipal Organics: Assessing Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts Eureka Recycling $501,356
153-F3+4 Carmody John Low Environmental Impact Sustainable Neighborhoods U of MN $800,000
154-F3+4 Morrison Robert Mitigating Climate Change through Biochar, a Biomass Byproduct U of MN $729,000
155-F3+4 Svedarsky Dan Aspen Parkland Ecosystem Conservation and Biomass Use U of MN - Crookston $220,000
156-F3+4 Fernholz Kathryn Supporting Community-Driven Sustainable Bioenergy Projects Dovetail Partners, Inc. $262,160
157-F3+4 Bilek Amanda Optimizing Biogas' Role in Meeting Minnesota's Energy Goals Great Plains Institute $484,400
158-F3+4 Franzen Nathan Olmsted County Landfill Dual Use Solar Project Westwood Renewables, LLC $2,200,000
159-F3+4 Moeger Cathy Wind Meteorological Assessment of Closed Landfills Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $405,000
160-F3+4 Tallaksen Joel Identifying Marginal Lands For Energy And Environmental Services U of MN $370,810
161-F3+4 Naplin Charles Establishing a Grass-Based Bioenergy Economy in Northwest Minnesota Pembina Trail Resource Conservation and Development Council $770,600
162-F3+4 Schafer Robert G. Bio-char: An Under-utilized Resource to Enhance Biofuel Crops Central Lakes College $324,860
163-F3+4 Carman Bruce WARF Greenhouse: Renewable, Sustainable Energy & Food System City of Silver Bay $450,000
164-F3+4 Kittelson David Liquid Biofuel With Economic And Environmental Benefits U of MN $151,963
165-F3+4 Deden Jerome Sustainable Energy Practices: Residential Environmental Learning Centers (RELCs)Phase2 MN Coalition of Residential Learning Centers $930,000
166-F3+4 Goetsch Duane Gasification of Cellulosic Biomass: Mitigation of Tar Formation SynGas Technology, LLC $421,021
167-F3+4 Christiansen Sara Protecting Minnesota's Aquifers: Zero-Discharge Ethanol Plant Wastewater Reuse Southern Minnesota Association of Food and Ethanol $1,892,900
168-F3+4 Valentas Kenneth Strategically using Minnesota's Biomass for Heat and Electricity U of MN $291,000
169-F3+4 Hebert Duane Winona County Land Rehabilitation through Recovered Landfill Energy Winona County $310,500
170-F3+4 Erickson-Eastwood Linda Energy Cost Reduction for DNR Fish Hatcheries DNR $400,000
171-F3+4 Hu Bo Biofuel Production and Nutrients Removal From Manure Wastewater U of MN $154,767
172-F3+4 Ouska Kath Research and Pilot Innovative Renewable Energy Installations DNR $1,350,000
173-F3+4 Klein Peter Midway Organic Power Project Port Authority of the City of Saint Paul $5,000,000
174-F3+4 Landenberger Eddie Urban Waste to Energy Pilot Program Seward Redesign, Inc. $329,000
175-F3+4 Blake-Bradley Nicola Elk River Business Recycling Assistance Program City of Elk River $32,000
176-F3+4 Gillitzer Peter Linking Brushland Management and Bioenergy Feedstock Supply Stempower Resources $79,040
  Sub-Category F3+4 Total = $21,753,156
  CATEGORY F TOTAL = $26,557,548
G. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 38 proposals/subtotal = $11,788,127; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 9 proposals/subtotal = $4,609,770)
177-G Sierks William Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon- Conserving Energy and Water Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $1,370,000
178-G Woods Steve Minnesota Conservation Apprentice Academy Board of Water and Soil Resources $387,000
179-G Blair Robert Minnesota Junior Master Naturalist: An After-School Program U of MN $365,459
180-G Boyd-Smith Steve Minnesota Zoo Black Bear Interpretation and Outreach Minnesota Zoo $188,600
181-G Burkett Eleanor Minnesota Citizen Leadership Training Institute for Sustainable Waters U of MN $247,282
182-G Berkenkamp JoAnne State-wide Adoption of School Garden Environmental Education Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $305,097
183-G Corney Jeffrey Ecology of Climate Change School and Community Partnership U of MN $235,000
184-G Mallman James Digital Bridge to Nature - Advanced Teacher Workshops Watchable Wildlife, Inc. $90,000
185-G Karius Mary UrbanWatch: Environmental Education for Urban Youth Hennepin County $708,111
186-G Dybsetter Anne YES!(2.0) 30 Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Projects Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center $246,000
187-G Rieckenberg Cara Creating and Maintaining an Environmental Culture Prior Lake-Savage Area School District $245,953
188-G Johnson-Grass Tim Conservation Corps Statewide Low-Income Solar Home Heating Conservation Corps - Minnesota $565,000
189-G Ponder Julia Following Eagles to Link Students and Nature U of MN $177,500
190-G Kowalczak Courtney Students and Citizens Partnering to Protect Water Minnesota Waters $194,960
191-G Schuler Kathleen Community-Based Approach to Reducing Estrogenic Water Contaminants Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $299,700
192-G Groth Jamie Expanding the Energy Resource Advisor Program in Minnesota Winona - State University $563,748
193-G Ferrington Jr. Leonard C. Educating Under-represented Groups About Careers in ESPM U of MN $49,966
194-G Kohn Janine Minnesota Outdoor Classrooms: Professional Development Pheasants Forever, Inc. $48,000
195-G Smith Katy Heightened Watershed Awareness in the Red River U of MN - Crookston $184,432
196-G Matteson Shanai Creative Convergence: Art and Science for Environmental Engagement Bell Museum of Natural History $272,999
197-G Nelson Lori Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality Friends of the Minnesota Valley $364,480
198-G Cung Josee Integrating Hmong Hunting and Fishing Heritage into Management DNR $491,000
199-G Eadens Lisa Zumbro Watershed Comprehensive Water Literacy for Change Zumbro Watershed Partnership $229,500
200-G Fredin Tracy Waters to the Sea: Rivers of Minnesota Hamline University $451,494
201-G St. Clair Siah Springbrook Nature Center Natural Resource Management Education Springbrook Nature Center $55,000
202-G Matthees Jenifer MN DNR State Fair Fish Habitat Educational Aquariums DNR $1,000,000
203-G Griffith Sam Sandstone Preserve and Gardens City of Sandstone $624,200
204-G Sleeper Faye Environmental Education Grants for Youth U of MN - Water Resources Center $302,809
205-G Levenson-Falk Annie Water Quality Smartphone Application Citizens League $52,500
206-G Grose Matt Northern Minnesota Site-Based Watershed Education Itasca Area Schools Collaborative $540,698
207-G Engstrom Gretchen RELC "Gardenology" Project Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center $34,300
208-G Measells Jill Minnesota Children's Museum's Exploration of the Natural World Minnesota Children's Museum $20,000
209-G Voeltz Ami Local Communities Launch Native Garden Commons Education Sites Do It Green! Minnesota $33,000
210-G Ous Garrett Protecting, Restoring, and Managing Northeastern Minnesota's Invaluable Forests Itasca County $219,475
211-G Kudelka Scott Minnesota River Public Outreach - Restoration Success Stories MN State University - Mankato: Water Resources Center $148,880
212-G Kleist Christopher RSPT: Reaching Out to Engage & Affect Change City of Duluth $150,000
213-G Blake-Bradley Nicola Central Minnesota Audubon Society Environmental Education Outreach Activities Audubon Society - Central Minnesota $11,410
214-G Johnson Erika Community Clean Water Stewardship Collaborative Pelican River Watershed District $232,235
  CATEGORY G TOTAL = $11,788,127
H. Other Ideas
(RECEIVED: 6 proposals/subtotal = $16,512,413; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 2 proposals/subtotal = $15,075,570)
215-H Nelson Courtland Lake Vermilion State Park Development DNR $15,000,000
216-H Moen Ron Helping the Canada Lynx Population in Minnesota Recover U of MN - NRRI $75,570
217-H Eckman Karlyn Social Evaluation Toolkit for Water Resources Projects U of MN - Water Resources Center $291,451
218-H Vogel Mary Minnesota River Water Trail: Leveraging Existing Public Access U of MN - Center for Changing Landscapes $225,000
219-H Fisher Shannon Conservation Marketplace of Minnesota Minnesota River Board $670,392
220-H Vanderbosch Neil Aquaculture Reduction in Natural Wetlands DNR $250,000
  CATEGORY H TOTAL = $16,512,413
  OVERALL TOTAL = $161,926,985

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