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LCCMR Member - Shona Langseth

Shona Langseth

Appointed by the House of Representatives

Shona Langseth's love of wildlife and nature led her to pursue a bachelor's degree in Wildlife Biology Conservation and Management from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, which helped cut her teeth in field research. She worked for several years in a Marine Benthic Laboratory participating in SCUBA research of kelp forests and taxonomically identifying benthic invertebrates that make up the ocean floor. After college, Shona moved back to the Midwest to pursue a career in agriculture as her understanding of ecological systems grew to recognize the potential of improved agricultural practices for wildlife populations, water quality, sequestering greenhouse gasses and economically revitalizing our rural communities. She has been working at The Land Stewardship Project since October 2016, and deeply appreciates the work LSP does to regenerate our soils and investigate the microbiology that makes up a healthy soil biome. In Shona's spare time, she enjoys rock climbing with her partner, Jared, tubing down the Root River, caving in the karst region, and walking with her dog on a quiet, snowy night. She is appointed as a citizen member to a four-year term that ends December 31, 2025.

500 Preston St NW
Preston, MN 55965
(507) 458-0319