Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources


Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

M.L. 2010 Language

LCCMR's 2010 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Allocation Recommendations to the 2010 Minnesota Legislature - H.F. 2624 & S.F. 2462

The Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) is recommending $26,029,000 from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for 48 natural resource appropriations to the 2010 Minnesota Legislature. The recommendations came from the 2010 proposal process in which 240 proposals requesting a total of approximately $163.8 million were received. After full consideration of all proposals received, on November 18, 2009 the LCCMR took action to recommend allocations to these 48 proposals. These recommendations ranged from full funding for the full proposal and dollar amount requested to partial funding for specific proposal elements and partial dollar amounts requested.

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$ Recommended
Percentage of Total Recommendation
Subd. 3 Natural Resource Data and Information (11 Appropriations) $4,920,000 18.90%
Subd. 4 Land, Habitat, and Recreation (8 appropriations(1)) $10,180,000 39.11%
Subd. 5 Water Resources (9 Appropriations) $3,455,000 13.27%
Subd. 6 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species (4 Appropriations) $1,470,000 5.65%
Subd. 7 Renewable Energy (5 Appropriations) $3,364,000 12.92%
Subd. 8 Environmental Education (11 Appropriations) $2,640,000 10.14%

Fund Source 
FY11 - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund $25,611,000
FY 10 - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund $418,000
Total $26,029,000

(1) There are 8 appropriations which include 18 individual projects that are part of Subd. 4e "Minnesota's Habitat Conservation Partnership - Phase VI Supplemental" (14) and Subd. 4f "Metropolitan Conservation Corridors - Phase V Supplemental" (4).

Print-ready PDF list of the 2010 projects being recommended for funding.

* Region of Impact designated in the State include Statewide, Central, Metro, NE, NW, SE, SW. Metro region includes the 11 counties of Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Washington, and Wright


Project Title




Region of Impact*
Subd. 03 Natural Resource Data and Information (11 proposals/subtotal = $4,920,000)
03a County Geologic Atlases and Related Hydrogeologic Research X U of MN, MN Geological Survey Setterholm, Dale $1,130,000   Central, Metro, SE
(Statewide effort)
03b Updating the Minnesota Wetlands Inventory: Phase 2   DNR Kloiber, Steve $1,100,000   Central, Metro, SE
(Statewide effort)
The Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas   Audubon Minnesota
Martell, Mark
Niemi, Gerald
$372,000   Statewide
03d Integrated, Operational Bird Conservation Plan for Minnesota   Audubon Minnesota Pfannmuller, Lee $151,000   Statewide
03e Mitigating Pollinator Decline in Minnesota
U of MN Krischik, Vera $297,000   Statewide
03f Science and Innovation from Soudan Underground Mine State Park
U of MN Gralnick, Jeffrey $545,000   Metro, NE
03g Quantifying Carbon Burial in Wetlands
U of MN Cotner, James $144,000   Statewide
03h Strategic Planning for Minnesota's Natural and Artificial Watersheds   U of MN Mulla, David $327,000   Statewide
03i Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Watersheds   Chippewa River Watershed Project Olson, Kylene $247,000   Central
03j Farmland Conservation in Minnesota   Farmers Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG) Jambor-Delgado, Jennifer $100,000   Statewide
03k Identifying Critical Habitats for Moose in Northeastern Minnesota
UMD, NRRI Moen, Ron $507,000   NE
Subd. 03 Natural Resource Data and Information Subtotal = $4,920,000 $0  
Subd. 04 Land, Habitat, and Recreation (8 proposals/subtotal = $10,180,000)
04a Ecological Restoration Training Cooperative for Habitat Restoration   U of MN Galatowitsch, Susan $550,000   Statewide
04b Scientific and Natural Areas and Native Prairie Restoration, Enhancement and Acquisition   DNR Booth, Margaret (Peggy) $1,750,000   Statewide
04c State Park Land Acquisition   DNR Peterson, Larry $2,200,000   Central, Metro, NE
(Statewide effort)
04d Protection of Rare Granite Rock Outcrop Ecosystem   Renville SWCD, BWSR Kalahar, Thomas $1,382,000 $418,000 Central, SW
04e Minnesotas Habitat Conservation Partnership Supplemental (HCP)   6 Non-profit, 1 State, 1 Federal, and 1 Tribal Agency Partners of the HCP   $1,400,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Shallow Lake Assessment & Management   DNR Norrgard, Ray $45,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Shallow Lakes   Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Mortenson, Steve $50,000   Central, NW
  HCP - Fisheries Habitat Restoration   DNR Erickson-Eastwood, Linda $100,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Prairie Management   DNR Garms, Jason $63,000   Central, NW, SW
  HCP - Acquisition and Restoration   The Nature Conservancy Johnson, Rich $210,000   Central, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Working Lands Partnership   Friends of the Detroit Lakes WMD Hoch, Greg $45,000   NW
  HCP - Bluffland Restoration   National Wild Turkey Federation Neu, Dave $50,000   SE
  HCP - Conservation Easements   Minnesota Land Trust Strommen, Sarah $102,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Shallow Lake Easements   Ducks Unlimited, Inc. Schneider, Jon $75,000   Central, SE, SW
  HCP - Wetlands Reserve Program   Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Schneider, Jon
Koehler, Tim
$350,000   Central, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Fisheries Land Acquisition   DNR Mike Halverson $100,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Critical Lands Protection Program - Acquisition   The Trust for Public Land McGillivray, Robert $200,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
  HCP - Professional Services   DNR Halverson, Mike $10,000   Central, NE, NW, SE, SW
04f Metropolitan Conservation Corridors Supplemental (MeCC)   4 Non-profits Partners of the MeCC   $1,800,000   Metro
  MeCC - Lower Minnesota River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement   Friends of the Minnesota Valley Nelson, Lori $50,000   Metro
  MeCC - Critical Land Protection Program   The Trust for Public Land Nash, Becca $915,000   Metro
  MeCC - Protect Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements   Minnesota Land Trust Strommen, Sarah $485,000   Metro
  MeCC - Fee Acquisition for Minnesota Valley NWR   MN Valley Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Trust Loon, Deborah $350,000   Metro
04g Conserving Sensitive and Priority Shorelands in Cass County   Cass County Ringle, John $300,000   Central
04h Reconnecting Fragmented Prairie Landscapes   The Nature Conservancy Chaplin, Steve $380,000   Central, NW, SE, SW
Subd. 04 Land, Habitat, and Recreation Subtotal = $9,762,000 $418,000  
Subd. 05 Water Resources (9 proposals/subtotal = $3,455,000)
05a Understanding Sources of Aquatic Contaminants of Emerging Concern
U of MN Swackhamer, Deborah $640,000   Metro, SE
05b Managing Mineland Sulfate Release in St. Louis River Basin
DNR Berndt, Michael $270,000   NE
05c Ecological Impacts of Effluent in Surface Waters and Fish
U of MN Novak, Paige $340,000   Statewide
05d Agricultural and Urban Runoff Water Quality Treatment Analysis   Blue Earth County Drainage Authority Austinson, Craig $485,000   SE
05e Assessing Septic System Discharge to Lakes
U.S. Geological Survey, MN Dept. of Health, St. Cloud State University Kiesling, Richard $594,000   Statewide
05f Evaluation of Dioxins in Minnesota Lakes
U of MN Arnold, William $264,000   Statewide
05g Assessment of Shallow Lake Management
DNR Hanson, Mark $262,000   Statewide
05h Assessing Cumulative Impacts of Shoreline Development
U of MN Vondracek, Bruce $300,000   Statewide
05i Trout Streams Assessment
U of MN Ferrington, Leonard $300,000   SE
Subd. 05 Water Resources Subtotal = $3,455,000 $0  
Subd. 06 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species (4 proposals/subtotal = $1,470,000)
06a Biological Control of European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard
DNR Skinner, Luke $300,000   Statewide
06b Ecological and Hydrological Impacts of Emerald Ash Borer
U of MN D'Amato, Anthony $636,000   Statewide
06c Healthy Forests to Resist Invasion
U of MN Reich, Peter $359,000   Statewide
06d Bioacoustic Traps for Management of the Round Goby
UMD Mensinger, Allen $175,000   NE
Subd. 06 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species Subtotal = $1,470,000 $0  
Subd. 07 Renewable Energy (5 proposals/subtotal = $3,364,000)
07a Algae for Fuels Pilot Project   U of MN Ruan, Roger $900,000   Statewide
07b Sustainable Biofuels
U of MN Tilman, David $221,000   Statewide
07c Linking Habitat Restoration to Bioenergy and Local Economies   DNR Spears, Barb $600,000   Central, Metro, SE
Demonstrating Sustainable Energy Practices at Residential Environmental Learning Centers (RELCs)   Audubon Center of the North Woods
Deep Protage Learning Center
Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
Laurentian Environmental Learning Center
Long Lake Conservation Center
Wolf Rige Environmental Learning Center
Bryan Wood
Dale Yerger
Deden, Joe
Nick Temali
Todd Roggenkamp
Kimberly Skyelander
$1,500,000   Central, NE, SE
07e Analysis of Options for Minnesota's Energy Independence   U of MN Pollak, Melisa $143,000   Statewide
Subd. 07 Renewable Energy Subtotal = $3,364,000 $0  
Subd. 08 Environmental Education (11 proposals/subtotal = $2,640,000)
08a Minnesota Conservation Apprenticeship Academy   BWSR Woods, Steve $368,000   Statewide
08b Engaging Students in Environmental Stewardship through Adventure Learning   Will Steger Foundation Rom, Nicole $250,000   Statewide
08c Connecting Youth with Nature   DNR Henderson, Carrol $160,000   Statewide
08d Urban Wilderness Youth Outdoor Education   Wilderness Inquiry Lais, Greg $557,000   Metro
08e Get Outside - Urban Woodland for Kids   City of Saint Paul Ganje, Don $218,000   Metro
08f Expanding Outdoor Classrooms at Minnesota Schools   DNR Kerber, Amy Kay $300,000   Statewide
08g Integrating Environmental and Outdoor Education in Grades 7-12   Dept. of Education Aune, Beth $300,000   Statewide
08h Project Get Outdoors   Project Get Outdoors, Inc. Grover, Sara $15,000   SE
08i Fishing: A Cross Cultural Gateway to Environmental Education   Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women in MN Vang, Ly $155,000   Metro, SE, SW
08j Minnesota WolfLink   International Wolf Center Nelson, Frances $193,000   NE
08k Online Field Trip of the Minnesota River   MN State University - Mankato Musser, Kimberly $124,000   Central, SE, SW
Subd. 08 Environmental Education Subtotal = $2,640,000 $0  
OVERALL TOTAL = $25,611,000 $418,000  
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