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2009 Proposals - Phase 2

2009 Proposals - Phase 2

In response to the 2009 Request for Proposal (RFP) PHASE 2 due October 1, 2008, 88 proposals requesting a total of $53.6 million were received. The LCCMR reviewed and heard presentations on Phase 2 proprosals during November-December 2008. Phase 2 proposals recommended to the legislature for funding were selected December 10, 2008, alongside Phase 1 proposals.

Note: To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Click here for printable version of 2009 Phase 2 Proposals without project summaries by funding priority listed in the RFP (6-page pdf file)
Click here for printable version of 2009 Phase 2 Proposals with project summaries by funding priority listed in the RFP (11-page pdf file)

Click here for printable version of 2009 Phase 2 Proposals without project summaries by project manager last name (5-page pdf file)
Click here for printable version of 2009 Phase 2 Proposals with project summaries by project manager last name (10-page pdf file)

Click on the LCCMR ID number to view the full proposal.

Project # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A1. Critical Lands Analysis - (3 proposals/subtotal = $458,157
022-A1 Klocker Julie Statewide Ecological Ranking CRP and other Critical Lands Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $275,464
023-A1 Wheeler Philip Olmsted County's Decorah Edge Olmsted County $103,380
024-A1 Maxted Jeffrey Targeting Agricultural Management Practices to Improve Water Quality The Cadmus Group, Inc. $79,313
A2. Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Lands - (1 proposal/subtotal = $3,000,000)
025-A2 Hennings Kim Rim Match - Partnership To Protect Critical Grasslands DNR $3,000,000
A3. Technical Assistance for Conserving Land - (7 proposals/subtotal = $7,582,280)
026-A3 Nelson Carmelita Roadsides for Wildlife Accelerated Prairie Seeding DNR $1,514,600
027-A3 Woods Steve Minnesota Conservation Mentor Program and Academy Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $730,000
028-A3 Kalahar Thomas Protection of Granite Rock Outcrop Ecosystem Renville Soil and Water Conservation District $2,844,750
029-A3 Hoek Tabor MN Farm Bill Assistance Project Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $1,575,000
030-A3 Sumption John Conserving Priority Land and Shorelands in Cass County Cass County Environmental Services $511,500
031-A3 Meschke Linda Technical Guidance to Perennial Establishment for Bioenergy Uses Rural Advantage $281,430
032-A3 Vogel Mary Gateway Trail Planning/Design for Recreation  & Land Protection U of M $125,000
A4. Other - Acquisition - (3 proposals/subtotal = $10,700,000)
033-A4 O'Neill Jeff Bertram Chain of Lakes Phase 2 Acquisition City of Monticello $6,800,000
034-A4 Meyer Mary Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Land Acquisition 2009 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum $2,000,000
035-A4 Martinson Tom Lake County Forest Conservation Loan Lake County $1,900,000
B1. Reduce Soil Erosion - (20 proposals/subtotal = $7,387,737)
036-B1 Mohring Eric Real-time Water-quality Monitoring in the Minnesota River Basin Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $300,000
037-B1 Gieseke Tim Certified Crop Advisors as Environmental Assessors The Minnesota Project $299,960
038-B1 Schottler Shawn Does Intensified Tile Drainage Create More Erosive Rivers? Science Museum of Minnesota $301,200
039-B1 Kuehner Kevin Root River Small Watershed Implementation and Evaluation Project MN Dept. of Ag $394,500
040-B1 Linnell Stan Cooperative Fishing Pier and Shoreline Restoration Initiative DNR $700,000
041-B1 Hora Marvin Nitrogen Contributions To the Mississippi River Basin MPCA $897,000
042-B1 Nelson Paul Reducing Stream Bank Erosion Using Fluvial Geomorphic Principals Scott County Watershed Management Organization $378,400
043-B1 Gralnick Jeffrey Scientific and Commercial Discoveries from Soudan Iron Mine U of M $523,140
044-B1 Patton Robert Targeting Water Quality Solutions to High-Contributing Areas MN Dept. of Ag $782,000
045-B1 Blaska Karen Coon Rapids Dam - Water Quality Improvement Project Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department $80,000
046-B1 Birr Adam Quantifying Soil and Water Quality Benefits of CRP MN Dept. of Ag $312,433
047-B1 Brooks Kenneth Integrating Soil Erosion Prevention in Agricultural Watershed Management U of M $584,471
048-B1 Sands Gary Reducing Stream Bluff Erosion through Hydrologic Management U of M $480,161
049-B1 Ostlie Wayne Preventing Nonpoint Pollution in Cannon, Rum, Mississippi Rivers Great River Greening $150,000
050-B1 Raines Dana Protecting Our Water- Public Boat Launch Retrofits Onanegozie Resource Conservation and Development $115,200
051-B1 McNamara Stephanie Homeowners Association Stream Bank Restoration and Stewardship Model Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization $150,800
052-B1 Sterner Robert Urban Waters: Urbanization and Metropolitan Lakes and Lakes U of M $645,210
053-B1 Baker Lawrence Reducing Lawn Pollution through Targeted Homeowner Education U of M $185,672
054-B1 Otto Ronald Sibley County Tile Inlet Alternatives Sibley SWCD $49,000
055-B1 VanOffelen Henry Mustinka River Rehabilitation, Reconnection, and Water Quality Enhancement Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy $58,590
B2. Reduce Peak Water Flows - (9 proposals/subtotal = $4,018,294)
056-B2 Wilson Bruce Minimal Impact Design Standards for Urban Stormwater Runoff MPCA $500,000
057-B2 Peterson Joel Side Inlet Controls Research and Demonstration Project Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $435,000
058-B2 Bucklin David Reducing Peak Water Flows with the Urban Forest Greater Blue Earth River Basin Alliance (GBERBA) $140,700
059-B2 Russell Trevor Municipal Stormwater Management Assessment Tool (MSMAT) Friends of the Mississippi River $34,271
060-B2 Rice Becky A Citizen-Based Approach to Stormwater Management Metro Blooms $492,023
061-B2 Warden Kelly Southport Terminal Stormwater Management Project Saint Paul Port Authority $240,000
062-B2 Doneux Mark Lafayette Campus Stormwater Management Project Capitol Region Watershed District $865,000
063-B2 Brandel Chuck Mapleton Area Agricultural/Urban Runoff Water Quality Treatment Analysis I&S Group, Inc. $485,000
064-B2 Money Dan Springbrook Coulee Protection Project Two Rivers Watershed District $826,300
B3. Minnesota Drainage Law Analysis and Evaluation - (2 proposals/subtotal = $510,124)
065-B3 Enzler Sherry Minnesota Drainage Law Analysis and Evaluation U of M $423,054
066-B3 Smith Louis Minnesota Drainage Law Analysis and Evaluation Smith Partners PLLP $87,070
B4. Deep Water Lakes - (7 proposals/subtotal = $6,178,823)
067-B4 Pereira Donald Cooperative Habitat Research in Deep Lakes DNR $1,600,000
068-B4 Kiesling Richard Vulnerability of Lakes to Endocrine Disruption USGS $297,000
069-B4 Radomski Paul Evaluating Nitrogen Pollution from Septic Systems DNR $200,000
070-B4 Steward Dan Implementing Protection Strategies for Minnesota Deepwater Lakes Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $3,422,704
071-B4 Hershfield Marc St. Louis River Sediment Assessment and Restoration Strategies MPCA $196,125
072-B4 Lotthammer Shannon Improving Monitoring of Non-Agricultural Ground Water Contaminants MPCA $413,000
073-B4 Gentz Cindy Water Quality Monitoring and Education for Lake Protection Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District $49,994
C1. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species - (16 proposals/subtotal = $4,277,106)
074-C1 Fenske Mary Jean Ballast Water Sampling Method Development and Treatment Technology MPCA $400,000
075-C1 Pelican Katharine Improving Emerging Fish Disease Surveillance in Minnesota U of M $80,101
076-C1 Voller Vaughan Controlling the Movement of Invasive Fish Species U of M $587,195
077-C1 Colman Steve Lake Superior: Invasive Species and Ecosystem Change U of M, Duluth $204,000
078-C1 Welling Chip Improved Management of Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curly-leaf Pondweed DNR $200,000
079-C1 Ciborowski Jeanne Developing and Improving the Efficacy of Biological Control MN Dept. of Ag $358,000
080-C1 Hale Cindy Prevention and Early Detection of Invasive Earthworms U of M, NRRI $182,135
081-C1 Huser Brian Controlling Invasive Macrophytes and Phosphorus using Iron Barr Engineering $462,950
082-C1 Koch Robert Pest Risk Assessment for New Invasive Species Threats MN Dept. of Ag $216,060
083-C1 Brokke Lonnie Simulating Predation of Invasive Earthworms for Woodland Restoration Harriet Alexander Nature Center (Roseville) $112,500
084-C1 Shaw Dan Cooperative Invasive Species Control and Native Plant Re-establishment Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) $230,000
085-C1 Abrahamson Mark Survey of Firewood Movement and Targeted Audience Outreach MN Dept. of Ag $549,450
086-C1 Smith Alan Invasive Plant Management: Elimination of Invasiveness through Sterility U of M $242,015
087-C1 Reynolds Kevin Emergency Delivery System Development for Disinfecting Ballast Water USGS $125,000
088-C1 Hoch Greg Native Plant Biodiversity, Invasive Plant Species, and Invertebrates Concordia College $47,700
089-C1 Zanko Lawrence Heating of Sediment to Eradicate Purple Loosestrife Seeds U of M, NRRI $280,000
D1. Renewable Energy Life Cycle Costs and Impacts - (11 proposals/subtotal = $3,858,949)
090-D1 Pollak Melisa Options to De-carbonize Minnesota's Electrical Power System U of M $144,811
091-D1 Reich Peter Projecting Environmental Trajectories for Energy-Water-Habitat Planning U of M $194,000
092-D1 Zandlo Jim 'Climate-Grade' Observation System by Enhancing Existing Stations DNR, State Climatology Office $640,000
093-D1 Fernholz Kathryn An Analysis of Biofuel Alternatives for Minnesota Dovetail Partners, Inc. $180,000
094-D1 Krischik Vera Mitigating Bee Pollinator Decline in Minnesota U of M $315,000
095-D1 Becker Dennis Forest Biomass LCA: Carbon, Economics, and Ecological Sustainability U of M $149,136
096-D1 Cotner James Minnesota Wetlands: An Important CO2 Sink? U of M $261,805
097-D1 Cuomo Greg Habitat and Bioenergy Impacts of Harvesting Minnesota Grasslands U of M $1,661,478
098-D1 Terrill Tim On-Farm Pelletizing Of Prairie For Sustainable Bioenergy Winona Soil and Water Conservation District $68,000
099-D1 Moen Ron Wind and Wildlife: Preventing Problems and Reaching Solutions U of M, NRRI $199,719
100-D1 Landfill to Energy, Catalyst to Riverfront Renaissance Shardlow John Bonestroo $45,000
D2. Residential Energy Conservation - (8 proposals/subtotal = $5,509,577)
101-D2 Strom Sheldon Energy Efficient Cities - Leading the Way Center for Energy and Environment $2,383,756
102-D2 Huelman Patrick Cutting New Home Energy Consumption in Half U of M $478,771
103-D2 Manning Christie Toolkits and Methods for Energy Efficient Communities Cooperative Energy Futures $194,000
104-D2 Duffrin Chris Home Energy Made Easy Neighborhood Energy Connection $424,340
105-D2 Shen Lester Empowering Interactive Approaches for Future Visioning, Measured Savings Center for Energy and Environment $574,000
106-D2 Goldberg Louise Demonstration of a Geo & Solar-thermal Powered Residential CHC Microgrid U of M $564,170
107-D2 Weed Newell EnerActNow Energy Managers Help Conserve Energy National Initiative for Consumers of Energy (N.I.C.E.) $795,000
108-D2 Chism Lennie Feasibility Study Solar Manufacturing, Distribution and Installation Center Glenwood Enterprises, Inc DBA Diverse Minnesota $95,540
E. Contract Administration - (1 proposal/subtotal = $158,000)
109-E1 Becker William Contract Management DNR $158,000
  GRAND TOTAL $53,639,047