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2009 Proposals - Phase 1

2009 Proposals - Phase 1

In response to the 2009 Request for Proposal (RFP) PHASE 1 due August 25, 2008, 56* proposals requesting a total of $49.8 million were received. The LCCMR reviewed and heard presentations on Phase 1 proprosals during September 2008. Phase 1 proposals recommended to the legislature for funding were selected December 10, 2008, alongside Phase 2 proposals.

*Total number of proposals received in Phase 1 as 56 is sum of 19 proposals plus 2 proposals, Metro Conservation Corridors (MeCC) and Habitat Conservation Partnership (HCP), that are partnerships made up of a total of 37 sub-proposals (MeCC=14; HCP=23): 19+37=56.

Note: To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Click here for printable version of 2009 Phase 1 Proposals without project summaries (4-page pdf file)
Click here for printable version of 2009 Phase 1 Proposals with project summaries (6-page pdf file)

Project # Last Name First Name Project Title Organization $ Requested
A. Natural Resource Data and Information (subtotal - $10,935,257)
A01 Converse Carmen Minnesota County Biological Survey DNR $4,200,000
A02 Setterholm
County Geologic Atlas Acceleration and Groundwater Monitoring Supplement Minnesota Geological Survey
A03 Larson Greg Soil Survey BWSR $400,000
A04 Alexander, Jr. E. Calvin Innovative Trout Stream Springshed Mapping in Southeast Minnesota-Continuation U of M $1,118,837
A05 Norris Doug Updating the National Wetlands Inventory in Minnesota DNR $1,920,220
A06 Blunck Darin Restorable Wetlands Inventory Ducks Unlimited, Inc. $301,000
A07 Hauck Steven Minnesota’s Geothermal Energy Production Requires Heat Flow Mapping UMD, NRRI $300,000
B.  State Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas Acquisition & Restoration (subtotal - $36,217,000)
B08 Peterson Larry State Parks Land Acquisition DNR $1,500,000
B09 Linnell Stan State Trails Land Acquisition DNR $1,500,000
B10 Stefferud Arne Metropolitan Regional Park System Acquisition Metropolitan Council $4,000,000
B11 Sames Wayne Non-Metropolitan Regional Parks and Natural/Scenic Area Acquisition DNR $4,170,000
B12 Booth Peggy Statewide Scientific and Natural Area Acquisition and Restoration DNR $1,200,000
B13 Peterson Richard Implementing Forests for the Future Program (Forest Legacy) DNR $6,300,000
B14 Holland Matt Minnesota Habitat Conservation Partnership (HCP) - Overall Summary Pheasants Forever, Inc. $8,862,000
Individual Partner Proposals for LCCMR ID: B14
B14.01 Holland Matt HCP - Project Coordination, Mapping & Data Management (1a) Pheasants Forever, Inc. $100,000
B14.02 Cannella Joe HCP - Melvin Slough Landscape Restoration (2a) MN Deer Hunters Association $100,000
B14.03 Myerchin Sheldon< HCP - Partners for Fish and Wildlife (2b) US Fish and Wildlife Service $75,000
B14.04 Schneider Jon HCP - Shallow Lake Enhancement (2c) Ducks Unlimited, Inc. $400,000
B14.05 Norrgard Ray HCP - Shallow Lake Assessment & Management (2d) DNR $390,000
B14.06 Willhite Suzann HCP - Wildlife Areas Management (2g) DNR $70,000
B14.07 Erickson-Eastwood Linda HCP - Fisheries Habitat Restoration (2h) DNR $200,000
B14.08 Neu Dave HCP - Bluffland Restoration/Set Out Seedlings (2i) National Wild Turkey Federation $137,000
B14.09 Henderson Carrol HCP - Lakescaping for Wildlife & Water Quality (2j) DNR $85,000
B14.10 Garms Jason HCP - Prairie Management (2k) DNR $150,000
B14.11 Pressman Michael HCP - Campaign for Conservation - Acquisition and Restoration (2n/4f) The Nature Conservancy $800,000
B14.12 Hoch Greg HCP - Prairie landscape Restoration: Oak Savanna, Grasslands, and Wetlands (2o) Friends of the Detroit Lakes WMD $50,000
B14.13 Prohaska Jane HCP - Shoreland Protection Project - Conservation Easements (3a) Minnesota Land Trust $400,000
B14.14 Schneider Jon HCP - Shallow Lake Easements (3c) Ducks Unlimited, Inc. $400,000
B14.15 Schneider
HCP - Wetlands Reserve Program (3d) Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
B14.16 Holland Matt HCP - Critical Lands Conservation Initiative - Acquisition (4a) Pheasants Forever, Inc. $975,000
B14.17 Halverson/td> Mike HCP - Fisheries Land Acquisition (4b) DNR $750,000
B14.18 McGillivray Robert HCP - Critical Lands Protection Program (4c) The Trust for Public Land $950,000
B14.19 Loon Deborah HCP - Acquisition for Minnesota Valley Wetland Management District (4h) Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust $200,000
B14.20 Hennings Kim HCP - Professional Services (4i) DNR $50,000
B14.21 Schneider Jon HCP - Pelican Lake WMA & WPA Acquisition Acceleration (5a) Ducks Unlimited, Inc. $1,000,000
B14.22 Halverson Mike HCP - Accelerated Trout Stream Easement Acquisition (5b) DNR $1,000,000
B15 Becker William Metro Conservation Corridors (MeCC) - Overall Summary DNR $8,685,000
Individual Partner Proposals for LCCMR ID: B15
B15.01 Becker William MeCC - Mapping and Coordination (1.1) DNR $150,000
B15.02 Lewanski Tom MeCC - Restore & Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat (2.3) Friends of the Mississippi River $200,000
B15.03 Pavelko Joseph MeCC - Lower Minnesota River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement (2.4) Friends of the Minnesota Valley $150,000
B15.04 Buck Wiley MeCC - Restore & Enhance Significant Habitat (2.5) Great River Greening $400,000
B15.05 Block Marybeth MeCC - Grants for Restoration, Acquisition, Easements, and Other Conservation Tools (2.6/3.4/4.1) DNR $2,695,000
B15.06 Booth Peggy MeCC - Metro SNA Acquisition,  Restoration & Enhancement (2.7/3.6) DNR $600,000
B15.07 Halverson Mike</td> MeCC - Stream Habitat Restoration (2.9) DNR $500,000
B15.08 Nash Becca MeCC - Critical Land Protection Program (3.1) The Trust for Public Land $950,000
B15.09 Prohaska Jane MeCC - Protect Significant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements (3.2) Minnesota Land Trust $1,140,000
B15.10 Loon Deborah MeCC - Fee Acquisition for Minnesota Valley NWR (3.3) Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust $900,000
B15.11 Halverson Mike MeCC - Fish & Wildlife Land Acquisition (3.5) DNR $1,000,000
C.  Water-Related Research (subtotal - $2,688,397)
C16 Novak Paige Removal of Endocrine Disruptors:  Treatment and Education / Communication U of M $312,647
C17 Johnson Lucinda Adapting Aquatic Resource Management to Climate Change UMD, NRRI $545,675
C18 Hoppie Bryce Comprehensive Contaminant Assessment in Minnesota Watersheds MN State University Mankato $190,000
C19 Nieber John Assessing and Monitoring Water Resource Sustainability U of M $717,000
C20 Lehman Clarence Cedar Creek Groundwater Project using Prairie Biofuel Buffers U of M $781,000
C21 Suh Sangwon Future of Energy and Minnesota’s Water Resources II U of M $124,075
  GRAND TOTAL $49,822,654