Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources


Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

Materials 9/6/2006

Materials for meeting on September 6, 2006

In preparation for the meeting on September 6th here are some material for the team meetings.

NOTE: These are all documents intended only to assist in your discussions.

Team 1: Operations/Procedures

  • There are no new materials for Team 1

Team 2: Fall 2006 Activities to Accomplish

Here are the four documents that are meant as food for thought for discussion.

Team 3: RFP for Statewide Conservation and Preservation Plan

For Team 3, there is a revised RFP intended to reflect the input from the team meeting on August 30th. The changes are in red and underlined. It was also slightly reorganized for clarity by putting the "Specific Objectives" in a separate document that is labeled "additional information."

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