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SCPP Final Plan

Minnesota Statewide Conservation and Preservation Plan
Final Plan* - Phase II June 30, 2008
Revised November 1, 2008

A draft of the Final Plan was completed on June 30, 2008 and was presented to the LCCMR on July 8, 9, and 17 (see schedule for details).  The Final Plan underwent final copyediting and layout and a final version of the Final Plan was completed and posted here in November 2008.

Documents are in PDF

Note: The Final Plan is available to download in its entirety or by section. The full document has a very large file size (75.6 MB) because of the many maps and graphics it includes. If you do not have a high-speed Internet connection, we would recommend downloading by section.

Public comments and input are welcome. Click here to provide written comments.


Appendices (List of Appendices 182 KB)

  1. Recommendations from Phase I Report (818 KB)
  2. Participant List (1.1 MB)
  3. Mercury Report (2 MB)
  4. Climate Change Report (1.1 MB)
  5. Assessment of Costs and Environmental Benefits (4.4 MB)
  6. Value and Investment Prioritization (832 KB)
  7. Public Outreach Efforts/Summary of Public Outreach Comments (9.2 MB)
  8. Sources (964 KB)
  9. Short Descriptions of Recommendations (6.4 MB)