Schedule 08/17/2022

LCCMR Presentation Schedule - 2023 Proposals

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Co-Chair: Rep. Rick Hansen

through electronic means (Zoom)
9:00 AM - 3:45 PM

Time Proposal ID # Category Presenter Title Organization Amount Requested
9:00 AM 2023-120 AH
Lynn Waterhouse
Predicting the Future by Understanding the Past U of MN, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences $170,000
9:15 AM 2023-139 AH
Annie Bracey
Assessing Status of Common Tern Populations in Minnesota U of MN, Duluth - NRRI $199,000
9:30 AM 2023-146 A
Sushma Reddy
Salvaged Wildlife to Inform Environmental Health, Ecology, Education U of MN, Bell Museum of Natural History $486,000
9:45 AM 2023-026 B
Jeffrey Marr
Wind Wave and Boating Impacts on Inland Lakes U of MN, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $440,000
10:00 AM 2023-222 AH
John Du Plissis
Integrating Remotely Sensed Data with Traditional Forest Inventory U of MN, Duluth - NRRI $191,000
10:15 AM 2023-004 BH
Andrew Wickert
Ditching Delinquent Ditches: Optimizing Wetland Restoration U of MN, College of Science and Engineering $199,000
10:30 AM 2023-137 B
Scott Gilbertson
ALASD's Chloride Source Reduction Pilot Program Alexandria Lake Area Sanitary District (ALASD) $765,000
10:45 AM 2023-167 CH
Victoria Hall
Reducing Biophobia & Fostering Environmental Stewardship in Underserved Schools U of MN, Raptor Center $180,000
11:00 AM 2023-229 CH
MaryLynn Pulscher
Bioblitz Urban Parks: Engaging Communities in Scientific Efforts Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $198,000
11:15 AM 2023-153 DH
Kenneth Kozak
Northward Expansion of Ecologically-Damaging Amphibians and Reptiles U of MN, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences $163,000
11:30 AM 2023-043 EH
Todd Rexine
Biochar Implementation in Habitat Restoration: Pilot Great River Greening $185,000
11:45 AM 2023-240 EH
David Bael
Economic Analysis Guide for Minnesota Climate Investments Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $54,000
12:00 PM LUNCH 12:00 - 12:30 PM
12:30 PM 2023-080 FH
Nick Kieser
Panoway on Wayzata Bay Shoreline Restoration Project City of Wayzata $200,000
12:45 PM 2023-105 FH
Rebecca Tucker
Pollinator Central III: Habitat Improvement with Community Monitoring Great River Greening $190,000
1:00 PM 2023-136 FH
Jake Kitzmann (Josh Pennington)
Pollinator Enhancement and Mississippi River Shoreline Restoration Department of Military Affairs $187,000
1:15 PM 2023-181 FH
Lisa Luokkala
Renewing Access to an Iconic North Shore Vista Superior Hiking Trail Association $197,000
1:30 PM 2023-212 FH
Adam Arvidson
Enhancing Habitat Connectivity within the Urban Mississippi Flyway Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $190,000
1:45 PM 2023-147 GH
Paul Nordlund
Grand Marais Mountain Bike Trail Rehabilitation: Phase II Superior Cycling Association $200,000
2:00 PM Legislative Adds
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2:45 PM Other Business 2:45-3:45 PM
3:45 PM Adjourn