Schedule 07/27/2021

Day 4 LCCMR Presentation Schedule - 2022 Proposals

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Co-Chair: Della Young

through electronic means (Zoom)
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Time Proposal ID # Category Presenter Title Organization Amount Requested
8:00 AM 2022-057 G
Audrey Mularie
Local Parks, Trails and Natural Areas Grant Programs MN DNR, Grants Unit $4,000,000
8:15 AM 2022-088 G
Cliff Knettel
St. Louis River Re-Connect City of Duluth $2,000,000
8:30 AM 2022-101 G
Judy Schulte
Native Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition MN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division $1,520,000
8:45 AM 2022-158 G
Molly Roske
SNA Habitat Restoration, Public Engagement, and Protection MN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division $3,110,000
9:00 AM 2022-127 G
Lana Fralich
Silver Bay Multi-Modal Trailhead Project City of Silver Bay $3,000,000
9:15 AM 2022-135 G
Kent Skaar
Minnesota State Trails Development MN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division $8,300,000
9:30 AM 2022-140 G
Randy Erickson
Brookston Campground, Boat Launch and Outdoor Recreational Facility City of Brookston $925,000
9:45 AM 2022-143 G
Brian Silber
Silver Lake Trail Connection City of Virginia $1,275,000
10:00 AM 2022-144 G
John Geissler
Preserving the Avon Hills with Reverse-Bidding Easements Saint Johns Arboretum and University $2,507,000
10:15 AM 2022-150 G
Dave DeNoyer
Floodwood Campground Improvement Project City of Floodwood $1,600,000
10:30 AM 2022-111 G
Shelby Kok
Minnesota State Parks and State Trails Acquisitions MN DNR, State Parks and Trails Division $4,250,000
10:45 AM 2022-165 G
Tom Dougherty
Ranier Safe Harbor/Transient Dock Phase 2 City of Ranier $2,100,000
11:00 AM 2022-170 G
Ron Potter
Prospector ATV Trails City of Ely $1,851,000
11:15 AM 2022-253 G
Jim Weikum (mayor)
City of Biwabik Recreation Area City of Biwabik $1,414,000
11:30 AM 2022-217 A.
Peter Larsen
Establishing a Center for Prion Research and Outreach U of MN, College of Veterinary Medicine $4,356,000
11:45 AM 2022-048 H.A.
Fred Harris
Enhancing Natural Resource Conservation through Species Distribution Modeling MN DNR, Ecological and Water Resources Division $200,000
12:00 PM 2022-109 H.A.
Briana Gross
Status of Minnesota Blueberries and Relatives U of MN, Duluth $191,000
12:15 PM 2022-163 H.A.
Andrew Wickert
Land-Use and Climate Impacts on Minnesota's Whitewater River U of MN, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $199,000
12:30 PM 2022-047 F.
Tanner Bruse
Conservation Cooperative for Working Lands Pheasants Forever Inc $4,993,000
12:45 PM 2022-193 H.A.
Mark Westphal
Restoration of Eastern Hemlock; Minnesota's Endangered Tree Species U of MN, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences $199,000
1:00 PM Other Business TBD
2:00 PM Adjourn