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Peer Review - 2014

Peer Review - 2014

Scientific research projects that the LCCMR recommends for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund have an additional requirement above and beyond what is required for other projects. Project managers of research projects recommended for funding are required to produce a research addendum that provided additional background that goes into greater detail on their proposed research. The addendums are being peer reviewed in accordance with M.S.116P.08, Subd. 6.

To see project proposals click on the LCCMR ID of the appropriation next to the project title in the column "LCCMR ID" To see the research addendums as revised through the peer review process click on the link in the column "Post Peer Review Addendum. "The see the research addendums prior to the peer review process click on the link in the column "Initial Research Addendum".

List of all M.L. 2014 recommended projects is available here.





Recommended Funding $
Initial Research Addendum
Post Peer Review Addendum
A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
004-A Conserving Minnesota's Freshwater Mussel Legacy: Quantifying Habitat Interactions U of MN Jessica Kozarek $350,000 Addendum Final Addendum
014-A Impacts of Forest Quality on Declining Minnesota Moose U of MN James Forester $300,000 Addendum Final Addendum
016-A Moose Decline and Air Temperatures in Northeastern Minnesota MN DNR Mike Larson $600,000 Addendum Final Addendum
017-A Prairie Butterfly Conservation, Research and Breeding Program MN Zoological Garden Erik Runquist $625,000 Addendum Final Addendum
B. Water Resources
030-B Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Minnesota Lakes U of MN William Arnold $300,000 Addendum Final Addendum
031-B Wastewater Estrogen: Removal Options, Fish Abundance, and Cost U of MN Paige Novak $500,000 Addendum Final Addendum
032-B Does Triclosan Create Super Bugs During Wastewater Treatment U of MN Timothy LaPara $380,000 Addendum Final Addendum
033-B Protecting Bacteria from Contaminants to Preserve Water Quality U of MN Paige Novak $279,000 Addendum Final Addendum
036-B Water: Solar Driven Destruction of Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Contaminants U of MN William Arnold $291,000 Addendum Final Addendum
045-B Identifying Causes of Exceptionally High Mercury in Fish MN Pollution Control Agency Bruce Monson $743,000 Addendum Final Addendum
046-B Sedimental Journey: Watershed-Scale Monitoring of BMP Effectiveness Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Watershed Research Station Daniel Engstrom $900,000 Addendum Final Addendum
048-B Estrogen Exposure Analyses in Minnesota's Shallow Lake Wildlife St. Thomas University Kurt Illig $136,000 Addendum Final Addendum
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
097-D Blocking Bighead, Silver, and Other Invasive Carp by Optimizing Lock and Dams U of MN Peter Sorensen $854,000 Addendum Final Addendum
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
121-E Demonstrating Innovative Technologies to Fully Utilize Wastewater Resources U of MN Roger Ruan $1,000,000 Addendum Final Addendum
125-E Clean Water/Renewable Energy from Beet Waste/Manure U of MN Xiao Wu $400,000 Addendum Final Addendum
133-E Next Generation Septic Tank Systems U of MN Bo Hu $258,000 Addendum Final Addendum

Information on additional research projects is pending and will be posted soon.

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