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Peer Review - 2013

Peer Review - 2013

Scientific research projects that the LCCMR recommends for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund have an additional requirement above and beyond what is required for other projects. Project managers of research projects recommended for funding are required to produce a research addendum that provided additional background that goes into greater detail on their proposed research. The addendums are being peer reviewed in accordance with M.S.116P.08, Subd. 6.

To see project proposals click on the LCCMR ID of the appropriation next to the project title in the column "LCCMR ID" To see the research addendums as revised through the peer review process click on the link in the column "Post Peer Review Addendum. "The see the research addendums prior to the peer review process click on the link in the column "Initial Research Addendum".

List of all 2013 recommended projects is available here.





Recommended Funding $

Initial Research Addendum
Post Peer Review Addendum
Forestry / Agriculture / Minerals
019-B Finding Disease Resistant Elm Trees in Minnesota U of MN Robert Blanchette $200,000 addendum final addendum
024-B Enhancing Environmental and Economic Benefits of Woodland Grazing U of MN Diomy Zamora $190,000 addendum pending

Information on additional research projects is pending and will be posted soon.

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