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Peer Review - 2011

Peer Review - 2011

Scientific research projects that the LCCMR recommends for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund have an additional requirement above and beyond what is required for other projects. Project managers of research projects recommended for funding were required to produce a research addendum that provided additional background and went into greater detail on their proposed research. The addendums were peer reviewed in accordance with M.S.116P.08, Subd. 6. The LCCMR conducted peer review for seventeen projects by engaging 43 reviewers with expertise in the specific areas of research to review and comment on up to three individual research addendums. Project managers responded to the comments and revised their addendums accordingly. The United States Geological Service and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conducted peer review for two projects each through similar established peer review processes involving a total of another 13 reviewers. The University of Minnesota-Duluth provided documentation of peer review for 5 research projects that would be done as a result of ship time to be provided to operate the Blue Heron research vessel on Lake Superior.

To see project proposals click on the subdivision number of the appropriation next to the project title in the column "Subd." To see the research addendums as revised through the peer review process click on the link in the column "Post Peer Review Addendum. "The see the research addendums prior to the peer review process click on the link in the column "Initial Research Addendum".

List of all 2011 recommended projects is available here.





Recommended Funding $

Initial Research Addendum
Post Peer Review Addendum
Subd. 3 Natural Resource Data and Information
3g* Determining Causes of Mortality in Moose Populations DNR Dr. Erika Butler $600,000 Addendum Final Addendum
3i Conserving Prairie Plant Diversity and Evaluating Local Adaptation U of MN Dr. Ruth Shaw $525,000 Addendum Final Addendum
3j Prairie Management for Wildlife and Bioenergy: Final Phase U of MN Dr. Clarence Lehman $950,000 Addendum Final Addendum
3k Evaluation of Biomass Harvesting Impacts on Minnesota's Forests U of MN Dr. Anthony D'Amato $350,000 Addendum Final Addendum
3l Climate Change and Resilience in Boreal Forests U of MN Dr. Lee Frelich $200,000 Addendum Final Addendum
Subd. 4 Land, Habitat, and Recreation
4p* Controlling Encroachment of Woody Vegetation in Grasslands DNR Kurt Haroldson $200,000 Addendum Final Addendum
4q Genetic Diversity, Conservation and Threats to Wild Rice U of MN Dr. David D. Biesboer $195,000 Addendum Final Addendum
4s Restoration Strategies; Ditched Peatland Scientific and Natural Areas DNR Michele Walker $200,000 Addendum Final Addendum
4v Tree Retention Following Harvest: Benefit or Unnecessary Cost? U of MN, NRRI Dr. Gerald Niemi $100,000 Addendum Final Addendum
Subd. 5 Water Resources
5a* Groundwater Sustainability Assessment in the I-94 Growth Corridor EQB/USGS Princesa VanBuren $450,000 Addendum Final Addendum
5b* Lake Superior Water Quality Monitoring U of MN Dr. Steven Colman $500,000 Addendum Final Addendum
5c Unprecedented Recent Changes in Minnesota's Wilderness Lakes Science Museum Dr. Daniel Engstrom $300,000 Addendum Final Addendum
5f Mississippi Water Quality - Deeper Look, Broader Impacts U of MN Dr. Michael Sadowsky $557,000 Addendum Final Addendum
5h Minnesota River: Occurrence and Potential Significance of Antibiotics U of St. Thomas Dr. Kristine Wammer $190,000 Addendum Final Addendum
5i Determination of Phosphurus Reduction from Perpetual Easements BWSR / USGS Eric Mohring / Victoria Christensen $125,000 Addendum Final Addendum
5j Waste Water Phosphorous Filtration Using Recycled By-Products U of MN, NRRI Larry Zanko $170,000 Addendum Final Addendum
Subd. 6 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
6a Improved Detection of Harmful Microbes in Ballast Water U of MN Dr. Randall Hicks $250,000 Addendum Final Addendum
6b Research and Implementation of Emerald Ash Borer Biocontrol Dept. of Agriculture Monika Chandler $500,000 Addendum Final Addendum
6c Landscape Management of EAB: Nontarget Consequences U of MN Dr. Vera Krischik $340,000 Addendum Final Addendum
6d Switchgrass: A Biofuel Crop or Invasive Species? Central Lakes College Jim Eckberg $120,000 Addendum Final Addendum
Subd. 7 Renewable Energy and Air Quality
7a Establish Scientific Foundation for Peatland Carbon Sequestration Projects DNR / U of MN Mark Lindquist / Dr. Paul Glaser $400,000 Addendum Final Addendum
7b Addressing Ozone Pollution in Minnesota: Equity and Efficiency U of MN Dr. Julian Marshall $250,000 Addendum Final Addendum

* Peer review by partnering organizations

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