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Peer Review - 2010

Peer Review - 2010

Scientific research projects that the LCCMR recommends for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund have an additional requirement above and beyond what is required for other projects. Recommended research projects must produce a research addendum providing additional background and going into greater detail on the research to be completed, and the projects must undergo peer review in accordance with M.S.116P.08, Subd. 6. The LCCMR will conduct the peer review or may be done by a partnering organization that is also funding the research project. When the LCCMR conducts the peer review, a group of experts in the specific research areas are asked to peer review the research addendums. Of the projects recommended for funding by the LCCMR in 2010, it has been determined that fourteen scientific research projects will be peer reviewed through the LCCMR process.

On the table below to see the work program click on the "Subdivision Number" of the appropriation next to the project title. To see the research addendums prior to peer review click on the "Initial Research Addendum" . To see the research addendums as they were revised as a result of peer review click on the "Post Peer Review Addendum".

List of 2010 recommended projects is available here.

Work Program by Subd.

Project Title


Project Manager

$ Recommended
Initial Research Addendum
Post Peer Review Addendum
Subd. 3 Natural Resource Data and Information
3e Mitigating Pollinator Decline in Minnesota U of MN Dr. Vera Krischik $297,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
3f Science and Innovation from Soudan Underground Mine State Park U of MN Dr. Jeffrey Gralnick $545,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
3g Quantifying Carbon Burial in Wetlands
(peer reviewed by the National Science Foundation - NSF)
U of MN Dr. James Cotner $145,000   Research Addendum
3k Identifying Critical Habitats for Moose in Northeastern Minnesota U of MN, NRRI Dr. Ron Moen $507,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
Subd. 5 Water Resources
5a Understanding Sources of Aquatic Contaminants of Emerging Concern U of MN Dr. Deborah Swackhamer $640,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
5b Managing Mineland Sulfate Release in Saint Louis River Basin DNR Dr. Michael Berndt $270,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
5c Ecological Impacts of Effluent in Surface Waters and Fish U of MN Dr. Paige Novak $340,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
5e Assessing Septic System Discharge to Lakes
(peer reviewed by the United States Geological Survey - USGS)
USGS Dr. Richard Kiesling $594,000   Revised Addendum
5f Evaluation of Dioxins in Minnesota Lakes U of MN Dr. William Arnold $264,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
5g Assessment of Shallow Lake Management DNR Dr. Mark Hanson $262,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
5h Assessing the Cumulative Impacts of Shoreline Development U of MN & USGS Dr. Bruce Vondracek $300,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
5i Trout Streams Assessment U of MN Dr. Leonard Ferrington $300,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
Subd. 6 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
6a Biological Control of European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard
(3rd funding cycle - peer review completed at the beginning of the first funding cycle)
DNR Dr. Luke Skinner $300,000   Research Addendum
6b Ecological and Hydrological Impacts of Emerald Ash Borer U of MN Dr. Anthony D'Amato $636,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
6c Healthy Forests to Resist Invasion U of MN Dr. Peter Reich $359,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
6d Bioacoustic Traps for Management of the Round Goby U of MN, Duluth Dr. Allen Mensinger $175,000 Addendum Revised Addendum
Subd. 7 Renewable Energy
7b Sustainable Biofuels U of MN Dr. David Tilman $221,000 Addendum Revised Addendum

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